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"Public beta" 1.0.2

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by pankykapus, Jun 7, 2019.

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  1. magzire

    magzire Alien

    Even with mouse support in VR how can I edit the pit menu if I want to change to wets during race.
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  2. Sandorkan

    Sandorkan Rookie

    Did another test on Paul Ricard changing settings mention in (1) and got another "sound gone - freeze" crash while switching from Q3 to race. When this happens, my memory has roughly 11 GB of 32 GB RAM allocated - my pagefile settings are managed by Windows and set to around 4-5 GB.

    Any more information requiered, just let me know.

    //Edit: On both SSD, approx. 100 GB free space is available.

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    • AC2.zip
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      1.5 MB
  3. Daniel Costa

    Daniel Costa Racer

    My framerate tanked hard with this update. Same settings, same engine.ini, 99% of GPU usage when is was 60% before
  4. Neilski

    Neilski Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah, as far as I can tell my system hasn't ever got anywhere near the maximum commit either, before the freezes. However they are not really frequent enough for me to do testing to see if the frequency changes (also don't have time today).
    If you can give us a hint @evil I'd be intrigued to know about your suspicions as to the cause of this.
  5. lordpatou

    lordpatou Racer

    Crash on CP server a few minutes ago, first crash i encounter.
    Sound disapeard , then maybe 30 sec after the game freeze.

    Config :
    17 8700k
    gtx 1070
    16 Go Ram DDR5

    i try to reproduce in single player without sucess.
    the copie log was done just after the freeze.

    Attached Files:

  6. morpwr69

    morpwr69 Racer

    Good job on this one!! Mouse support for vr and ffb post processing.:) I know you guys are going nuts right now but is in car gains coming back too? Please put that back in for those of us with DD wheels especially the larger ones.
  7. Tiger Feet

    Tiger Feet Gamer

  8. Tiger Feet

    Tiger Feet Gamer

    I use my funky switch on the wheel...

    Bring up the menu... Then I think it's greyed out until you select swap tyres... Then you back up to where it says Dry/wet.. then im pretty sure I push left on the funky to swap
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  9. Turbo_Dad

    Turbo_Dad Racer

    Had a few crashes pre-beta, but since then, no crashes at all. Good work
  10. lordpatou

    lordpatou Racer

    Another crash at Brand hatch , this time was watching relplay of an online race, via the "gallerie".

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  11. fsuarez79

    fsuarez79 Racer

    Ok, fair enough. My specs:

    CPU: i7-6700 @3.4GHz
    GPU: GIGAGYBTE GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
    RAM: 16GB
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Page file size for all drivers: 3200 MB (haven't changed that).

    I read someone said he changed the page file size and that solved his freezing problems. Should I try that and test Paul Ricard? If so, what should I change it to?
  12. evil

    evil Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Well, could be useful. I would try with 16Gb if you have enough space on the disk, 8 if not. Thanks.
  13. fsuarez79

    fsuarez79 Racer

    Unfortunately it didn’t work.

    EDIT: I might have done it wrong.
    What values should I use as initial size and maximum size?
    Where should the 16000MB go? Initial or max?
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
  14. evil

    evil Staff Member KS Dev Team

    ok, your freeze is a bit weird precisely because is so reproducible. Could you attach a couple of logs when this happens? Thanks.
    ps: could you try to reduce the number of ai cars? (and did you already tried to lower every graphics settings and switch fullscreen to windows mode or vice-versa, right?)
  15. fsuarez79

    fsuarez79 Racer

    You probably missed my edited post. I might have set the initial and max numbers wrong.
    Can you advise what goes in each box? I do have enough space for 16Gb
  16. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    Anyone has managed to make direct shortcuts working? Whatever I have tried just launches the game in nohmd mode. When I click in the shortcut Steam asks me to confirm if I want to execute it with the additional parameters, but when I confirm, it just run in normal mode, not Oculus VR.

    Right now the only way I have to launch ACC in Oculus mode is using the steam launcher.
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  17. Red Or Dead

    Red Or Dead Racer

    Set 16276 in both boxes
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  18. fsuarez79

    fsuarez79 Racer

    Cheers. I’ll try that
  19. Thug

    Thug Simracer

    Well I had a go today (single player practice in storm, Brands) and it crashed.

    Attached Files:

  20. R1-Limited

    R1-Limited Racer

    Found in 1.0.2 for me the entire package seemed slow motion. Frame rates the same but enire feel was at a crawl. change several cars same results, just feel was way of very indescribable actually. Reverted back to 1.0.1 and back to normal. odd, but best descibed like I have my FOV way way Way off which can give that very slow motion un-realistic sense of speed

    fanatec Club Sportv2
    Fanatect Elit base
    Win10 1903
    16 gig g.skil vengiounce 3200
    Ryzen 7 1700x
    Asus x470 Prime
    MSI rx470 8gb OC Amour

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