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"Public Beta" 1.0.7

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by pankykapus, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. jarrconn

    jarrconn Rookie

    Championship-Mode isn't playable at the moment. In Sprint-Race i got disqualified because i exceeded the maximum stint-time (???). In an 60 minutes endurance-race the first stint was set to 25 minutes (???) and i got disqualified even i did the pitstop.
  2. for me it is the same. but I always used 5_5 as the minimum. no change in that
  3. I'd confirm this behavior of the Ferrari's TC. Normaly I drive 3/3 and now I'm still stuggling at 5/5. There was a guy in a race at Spa in front of me. Same game version (1.0.7) same car and same behaviour. He almost lost the rear end in every slower corner.
    I don't know it's a bug or the normal RL behaviour. So I try to deal with it.
  4. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I'll have a look at it
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  5. Thank you very much :)
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  6. icemanzp

    icemanzp Racer

    Will 1.0.7 fix replay autosaving bug? Because beta is not.
    It's very stgrange.that even those features that worked well now are not.
  7. F1Aussie

    F1Aussie Racer

    I noticed your sharpness is quite low, is it best to do that when you increase the resolution scale? What differences are there between the two?
  8. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Yeah spot on matey and I also have the advanced sharpness filter turned on.
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  9. I also got the feeling it is a bit more stable
  10. Exigeous

    Exigeous Rookie

    And still no word on RTX / Ray Tracing support/features? You know, the feature that was advertised with NVIDIA almost a year ago? The feature we've gotten dead silence on since then?

    (and yes, I'm sure you think "RTX sux", "RTX is dead", etc - but many of us have RTX cards and some of us even bought this since it was supposed to have RTX support. I have half a dozen racing sims I like better but grabbed this as I wanted to see that RTX beauty)

  11. trasgu

    trasgu Simracer

    Kunos never said that RTX would be a feature. So I don't see it happening, it would be a performance killer, and a slightly better reflection and marginally better shadow won't be noticed at 200km/h.
  12. M96

    M96 Racer

    Having the same feeling, before the Ferrari was the car that suited me best, now it is quite undriveable for me..

    Inviato dal mio ONEPLUS A5010 utilizzando Tapatalk
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  13. uros76

    uros76 Rookie

    Hmmm, should I go for 1.0.7 or not if I drive mainly Ferrari? Looking above replies some folks have TC problems on it :(
  14. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

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  15. Should that TC behavior be a bug, it will be fixed. Should the car be working as expected like that, the sooner you step in and tune it to your liking, the better..
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  16. Karolinis

    Karolinis Racer

    You did not change the driver in pit settings window.
  17. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Noticed a bug in this version, in a 90 minute MP race I had to stop early for damage repair but after that the pit MFD wouldn't appear so I couldn't do a second pit stop. Also the MFD live timing is a complete mess and really tells you nothing about live gaps to cars more then a couple seconds ahead.
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  18. edit: nvm, unneeded off topic
  19. iVG

    iVG Alien

    I can confirm that the AMG also has weird TC scaling. Not sure whether it is by design or not but basically on setting 6 the car literally doesn't move and feels very planted but going 1 notch lower and it sort of goes in a different TC mode. Rear slides a lot more and you've gone 3-4 notches down rather than just 1. I assume other cars are affected too. May be worth a check. Other than that TC permits a lot more slip now which is good but you can't really play as much with it now since there's that massive gap from going down to 5. I used around 7-8 on 1.0.6 and now 6 is where the balance is but I wish it wasn't as steep drop off.
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  20. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Strange I only ever used 1, 2, 3 in the dry higher then that only when very wet. Im amazed people were going reaonably quick with such high TC like 7-8 in 1.0.6 :eek: For me 2 in the AMG is now very nice and feels much less restrictive then it did in 1.0.6.
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