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Q1 release promise broken, yet no new date communicated? EDIT: there is a date now

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by mkotechno, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    "i didn't make any excuses" sounds like someone who is making excuses.
    You wanna use assist use them it's just a game enjoy.
  2. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Hardcore Simmer

    You tell me I make excuses, I just explained the situation. I'm not ashamed of the assists kicking in.
    And I will definitely keep on using the assists, especially in wet conditions. Maybe you should watch this morning's Blancpain qualification and you'll understand why.
  3. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    They use assist just because of rules says and they say so because there are lots of gentlemen drivers who are competing in same race it's more for safety because let's be honest these assist make drivers life wayy easier.
    No pro driving series(dtm,f1,rally) use abs or tc because they got skills and want to make individual drivers make their impact more big.
    Assist are good for road but if you are into racing then it's your job to drive car fast and by doing that you are actually agreeing to any future problems,risks etc.
    You wanna use cuz they make game easier and you don't have to be that careful or that precise throttle control.
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  4. henri

    henri Hardcore Simmer

    DTM had ABS back in the days (not sure about TC), F1 used to have TC and rallying had both (wasn't very useful though). They are banned for cost cut reasons, not for some "driver impact" things. When series has car development allowed these can get very costly and make gaps between teams bigger.
    If you just smash the inputs you are using TC/ABS wrong. They can save you in difficult conditions but mostly they help you to optimize your inputs close to limits.
  5. I'm not sure about DTM because barely watched but like I said:
    In F1 ABS and TC are forbidden to slow down the cars. For no other reasons.
  6. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    So post same lap timed without any tc and abs.
    TC and ABS takes CORE driving skill away if you can't realise that you either lack knowledge or just are ashamed to use TC and ABS and justifying it in racing.
  7. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    Thats one way of saying that it helped drivers to gain speed.
    They are called as ASSIST so it makes car driving easier FACT.
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  8. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    Rally never had any TC and ABS thats one of the major reason people have mad respect for them

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Correct, as in the Blancpain series, it is allowed to help less than professional drivers compete.

    With DRIVER ASSISTS, you wouldn't be hearing the term, "rain master" as much at all.
    A-Jin likes this.
  10. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    ****in finally someone who gets it.
    Yes with TC and ABS you have to drive the car but without them it's whole different story.
    If i have to use tc and abs in a ****ing video game then how good of a driver am i?
  11. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Never ending discussion about the abs and tc lol

    If you dont want to use them dont use them nobody is forcing you. If you loose because other guy used the tc and abs dont bi*ch about it. If you win gj. End of story.

    LATE4APEX Alien

    Mostly agree.

    Now if you are competitive and or winning without any DRIVER ASSISTS in ACC, then that is making a statement.
    And I'd be shouting it to the world, but I don't think that would happen.

    I don't think anyone is saying you HAVE TO use DRIVER ASSISTS, just that you will be at a big disadvantage.

    I personally use ABS and TC, at very low values, because without some, would be impossible to compete in the rain for example, or even AI at 100%.

    Do I like having to use DRIVER ASSISTS, no, I think lowers the drivers skill requirement.

    Am I being stubborn by using low TC, and then have to watch how I apply throttle, sure, but I enjoy that challenge.

    ABS in F1 did not make the cars faster, sure the driver could brake later , but they were still limited to ultimate cornering capability of the car for the speed through a corner.

    Dude, friendly advice, you don't need the **** to make your point.
  13. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    I don't race i just drive in practice and do some hotlaps not to compete but just for fun.
    My ping is very bad for online
  14. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien


    Also you have to check:



    the process is very simple. Basically it's a 3-steps process.

    Your forum user has its own password in order to log on this forum. Remember it.

    Go on the external accounts page and click "Associate with Steam". You will be automatically redirect to the official Steam website. Here you need to log in with your Steam credentials (that you use with Steam client too). Done that, you will be automatically redirect on our forum again. Last step: it will ask for your FORUM PASSWORD. Put it into the text field and the process is done.
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  15. anthonylroy

    anthonylroy Simracer

    Just because you don't use ABS and TC does not mean you are a better driver, F1 does not use them Primarily for cost reasons ,it gives to many advantages to teams with more money , GT3 cars have theses assists because the production cars have them. I get sick of people boasting about how they don't use traction or ABS because they are such good drivers and don't need them. I bet every professional driver including F1 drivers would prefer TC and ABS over no TC and no ABS. there are probably 5% of the worlds real racing drivers who would put in a better time without TC and ABS. They probably make racing safer for 95% of all real racers , and who can argue with that
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  16. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    Wrong abs will always make car faster no matter which sports it is the later you brake themore speed you carry before corners less time spent on braking=more faster times simple as that.
    Have you seen f1 onboard with TC and ABS ? they lean on it everytime you can literally hear it. that ain't driving skills that's just electronic helping him.
    Still it's still f1 but for gt3 class which are not that fast compared to f1 it's meh i don't like.
    I don't race online because of my bad ping i just enjoy driving the car on different conditions doing some consistent laps thats it.
    maybe race with ai but thats taxing on fps and i don't like that.
  17. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Hardcore Simmer

    You don't even know what my throttle control is like, in those conditions TC kicks in when you barely press the throttle, long before you reach the maximum amount of throttle input before breaking traction when TC is turned off.
    I use them because they make me faster, I can drive on the limit more and because it makes me safer.

    Am I a real racedriver now?

    You oughta really get off your high horse because you come across as condescending as f**k.
  18. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    Another one who doesn't understand english.
    I never said i'm best or better than someone but i said if you can drive car FAST without assist then you are better driver.
    Yea cost is ONE of the reason but not only one to ban assist.
    Assist takes lot of driving skills out of the sports and drivers would only choose it because they want to win.
    Winning is primary goal they are not there to boast who is better driver.
    They want to win thats y they will use TC and ABS because it will make driving much easier.
  19. A-Jin

    A-Jin Gamer

    What happened man you lost so much time there.Proving my point TC makes things easy.
  20. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Hardcore Simmer

    Everyone knows it makes it easier, I even told you that you were slow because you DIDN'T use assists.

    It's like talking to a door... Good day, I'm out.
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