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Quest 2 VR - RTX 3080 Settings

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Ramensito, Mar 9, 2021.

  1. Ramensito

    Ramensito Rookie

    Hey all,

    Sorry for the extra post. I'm attempting to get download privileges so that I can try out the settings in this forum:

    They are uploaded as post attachments, which I am unable to download. Other threads suggested you need to post first and this seemed as good as any place. (ACC General Discussion didn't allow me)

    Hope this works, and if you have ideal Quest 2 - 3080 VR settings I would love to try them. Hoping for 70-90 fps.

    Thank you,

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  3. syd2o2

    syd2o2 Rookie

    Hm. I seem to have the same problem. I just got a Quest 2, and wanted to download some settings from the forum, but didn't have the rights. While searching, I came accross this post. Hopeing this will help me as well.
  4. Ramensito

    Ramensito Rookie

    Posting here did the trick for me! Not sure if your reply to the thread will do it or if you'd need to post separately. Good luck!
  5. imalik

    imalik Rookie

    I'm also trying to download the settings file lol, hopefully this reply will do the trick :) oh btw I have a gtx 1070, hopefully it wont drop the performance..
  6. ma rugby

    ma rugby Rookie

    Same bere! :)
  7. Zaino

    Zaino Rookie

  8. mister dog

    mister dog Alien

  9. lolqq

    lolqq Rookie

    Same here!
  10. Lee Haynes

    Lee Haynes Rookie

    Same here
  11. Lee Haynes

    Lee Haynes Rookie

    Does anyone know how you get permission to download the settings?
  12. Odirse

    Odirse Rookie

    I have the Quest 2 VR headset, and a 3070, and I have no problems running AC at 90 fps with a resolution of 5408x2736 and 1.2 supersampling... no one should have any problems with a 3080, regardless of their settings...
  13. What CPU? I have a 5900x and can also run those settings, but i have to much microstutters. Can you please check running the game with OTT performace Visual HUD ON and see if the fps is constant at 90 fps? Mine keep changing to 87 every 10 seconds and that cause the microstutters i believe.
  14. Odirse

    Odirse Rookie

    I'm afraid I'm on holidays and away from home at the moment, but I can tell you I don't suffer from microstutters at all. My CPU is an i5 10400, nothing really special although it performs really well on games that only make use of one of its cores, I've got to say.

    Do you have it installed in a HDD or in a SSD? I would normally say you might want to check your ram or VRAM usage, but I don't think that would be the issue with this game at all really...

    Also, you might want to try that "little trick" of changing the FOV settings, that has given me an insane boost in performance in other titles, although you shouldn't really need it in this game. Also, try deactivating ASW, that might be the issue if you computer keeps activating and deactivating it if you have it in "Auto"
    Frank Alexandre likes this.
  15. I think i have fixed it. The microstuttering are gone after updating my motherboard chipset drivers and disabling HPET in Windows. 90 fps rock solid now. I a am using the fov trick already, 0.7h 0.5v. And i just noticed this is AC forum, not ACC...hahaha...i am talking about ACC.
  16. Odirse

    Odirse Rookie

    I actually thought you might be talking about ACC, which is very very poorly optimised for VR... Because in AC it doesn't matter what your settings are with such a GPU really.

    As for ACC, I have discovered that is a very CPU intensive game indeed. I use the FOV trick in ACC as well, although with values of 0.8 & 0.65. and then I used to get much better performance lowering the screen resolution (the monitor), because it didn't use to mirror VR headset, but to render it apart again, I think that issue was dealt with anyway, or at least I think it doesn't make much of a difference anymore. I have also discovered that I get better performance tuning the game directly through the Oculus app instead of using Steam VR in this case.

    Anyway, glad your stutters went away!
  17. TeaKave

    TeaKave Rookie

    Same issue here.

    Sorry, already fixed by posting this. Thanks.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2021
  18. NetLuis

    NetLuis Rookie

    Same issue
  19. Posting so I can download too.
  20. Milky82

    Milky82 Rookie

    ok thought I had posted before

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