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Question for these tired old eyes

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by Zinny, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. Zinny

    Zinny Gamer

    I currently use 3 24" @ 5760 X 1080 75Hz FPS range in mid 7o's
    Looking at maybe getting 1 monitor @ 3840 X 1080 144Hz really think I would miss the triples , but.:confused:

    When driving these old eyes looking down at the dash (static) the view is perfect and clear.
    When looking above the dash (non static), I have movement set to as low as I can, I find my eyes just get tired. As if they are always trying to catch up or something and just not as clear.

    My question is nothing to do with ACC ( they have made a great product) but rather will switching to 144Hz make it a lot easier on these old eyes for non static views. 75 Hz VS 144 Hz ?

    Thank you:)

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  3. MABR

    MABR Gamer

    I hope I understand you correctly...
    I also have "old" eyes. ;) I use Look to Horizon 40% and Movement 20. Otherwise my eyes will fall out at Silverstone. The change from a 4K TV to a 100Hz Gsync Monitor has been very successful. Especially the motion blur was reduced. I also deactivate Bloom and temporary upsampling. Resolution Scale I have at 120%. That brings some sharpness. Sharpness ingame 80% and in the Nvidia driver at 33%. The most important thing for my eyes is brightness, with relatively little contrast. I have ingame contrast at 0.30, brightness at 0.50 and dynamic compression ACES. Sometimes too bright and low contrast, but it is the best setting for my eyes. Furthermore I activate the "night mode" in Windows about 17%. That reduces the blue part a little bit. I must say that I have a VA Panel, which has very strong black values. Then the default setting ingame is too dark and the contrast is too strong. Also don't place the monitor too close, even if the FOV is not correct. But better for my eyes.
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  4. Zinny

    Zinny Gamer

    Thanks for the reply and some ideas , I have also played with many of those settings. I guess I was just wondering if going to a higher refresh rate 144Hz would make the movement seen on screen easier on the eyes.
  5. MABR

    MABR Gamer

    I think, if your PC is capable of 100-144 FPS, then yes. 70 FPS will not look any different at 144Hz. The difference from 4K TV at 60HZ-60FPS to G-Sync at 100Hz is quite clear. Much more fluid and due to the variable Hz number, 70-82-69 also seem fluid at times. Mostly I have then nearly 100 and that is then for the eyes already better. But when my computer reaches its limits, e.g. Rain-Night-Nürburgring, 25 KI and it's only 60 FPS, it looks like 60 FPS again. So I think, if your PC is running in 144 FPS, it would bring something. If not, then it could be a disappointment to do without your tribles. Would it make any difference if you have 72 FPS at 144hz and a picture is displayed "twice"? No idea. But like I said, if I have 60 FPS at 100Hz GSync, it doesn't look like "100 Hz". You probably won't get around a test.
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  6. Beef36

    Beef36 Rookie

    I find that it is the Adaptive Refresh Rate that aids eye fatigue more than higher Hz.

    If I had a Nvidia graphics card, I would rather have a 27" 75Hz G-Sync monitor rather than a 32" 144Hz non-G-Sync monitor from an eye-fatigue perspective.
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  7. Zinny

    Zinny Gamer

    MABR i see what you are saying, I think.
    I suppose my FPS will increase some by going down to the 3480 x1080 resolution and also just being one monitor vs three.
    Then again maybe I am wishing too hard to make the single monitor look and be better on the eyes.
    I will look a lot more closer at your suggestions on adjustments on my monitors to ease things.
    Thanx for the info guys.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2020
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  8. MABR

    MABR Gamer

    I have tried the antialiasing type KTAA again. I think this one has improved a lot. Hardly any edge flickering and a sharp picture for me.
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  9. MABR

    MABR Gamer

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  10. Zinny

    Zinny Gamer

    MABR thanx
    Did you use the settings shown in the first post or did you change it?
    If so, would you mind letting me know what you changed.
    Thank you again
  11. MABR

    MABR Gamer

    Hello, Zinny. These are my settings.... Because the picture is so nice and quiet, I have now increased ingame contrast to 40 and brightness to 50. All sharpness settings ingame at 0 or off. Only in the NVIDIA driver Sharpen to 0.59 and Film grain 0.17. I also deactivated the Windows night mode again, but reduced the brightness of my monitor. Until a white image no longer dazzles me. In addition, the monitor color setting "warm" was selected. Instead of KTAA again TAA. And Bloom I also activated again, but only on the second lowest level. I am quite satisfied with that.
    Desktop Screenshot 2020.04.16 -
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  12. Zinny

    Zinny Gamer

    Wow I appreciate all the info and I will make some changes for sure.
    Thank you
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