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Quick change options between VR, Triple and desktop

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by Taylan Benker, Mar 8, 2021.

  1. Hi all,

    Currently i am upgrading my rig with triple screen (3x 2K 32" requires DP or HDMI). At the same time I have Vive pro (requires strictly DP) and a 4K 41" Desktop (requires DP or HDMI) .Unfortunately i can not offered to have a sim dedicated PC and My EVGA RTX 3080 only have 3 DP and one HDMI outputs.

    As my room is rather small and the PC' back panel is in a hard to reach spot Changing cables will be quite a choir. I am not sure what is available in our market but I saw some DP splitters, Male /Female extension cables as option on Youtube.

    Note: I will prefer to save one DP out for desktop/VR. will 2DP + 1 HDMI negatively effect the outcome?

    What do you prefer for such quick set up changes?


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  3. 87 views but not yet anyone chimed in. I guess not many have similar problem. No Problem. Here is my update for future reference to anyone who may need it.

    Based on internet there are several (1>2, 1>3, 1>4, 1>8) switch boxes for Display port. These boxes seems like not only work as a A/B Switch or Splitter but also allow to build Wall of Displays. PC recognizes all monitors at ones and with NVidia Surround you can easily configure. Unfortunately non of these are available in our market due to international sale restrictions after COVID 19. There was only one option 1>2 and that was extremely expensive (EUR 700 or so). I may get one Chines clone once the pandemic ends.

    Although there are many HDMI>DP DP>HDMI and miniDP>DP cables available, a female to male cable was not in the market. Only option i found was a a small box with two female slots. So i had to go with this one. In order to avoid reconfiguring display settings in windows every time, ı plugged different configurations to 3 different power hubs with on/off switches. Win 10 automatically selects the the configuration that is powered on. (YES even if all are on win can can configure them as Triple, 4K and VR but try to output display to all. 3x 2K or Vive Pro are already taxing for GPU just by themselves) So final inputs look like this.

    4K Desktop ----> HDMI

    (Along with all wheel and accessories)

    2K -----------> DP1
    2K2-------> DP2
    2K3 -------> F/F box-<---short DP Cable-----> DP3 *

    VR -------> F/F box-<---short DP Cable-----> DP3 *
    * Whenever I want to to use VR I will pull out the 2K3 cable from the box and insert VR's cable. The box is imbedded to side of desk for easy access.

    This option is suboptimal as plugs will ware quickly and not quick as switch boxes. I will buy one once cheaper options are available.


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