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Race Department Interview about ACC

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Orne, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. warp9engage

    warp9engage Racer

    From recent interviews, including this one, it seems it won't be possible to do a 24-hour race on any track, or a Sprint-Race on an endurance track. Is this a restriction imposed by the SRO?
  2. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien


    I think it was already confirmed that you will be able to do 24hrs if you want :D
    ACC will feature full 24hrs day and night cycle

    GRFOCO Alien

    Maybe i've missed the point.
    Where\when do they say it?
  4. warp9engage

    warp9engage Racer

    Yeah, but it mentions Spa 24 Hours only. I'm wondering if the SRO imposed that the only 24 hour race be at Spa. Hope not.
  5. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Also this:

    And if you watch this interview:
    ...I think with talk about saving the state of a race it's quite clear that 24 hour races are a thing (why wouldn't it be? AC1 already has technically up-to-12 hour sessions).

    The question of custom 24 hour races or just Spa 24 will be answered once we know more about Free Play offline mode and online dedicated server hosting.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  6. TheBoss

    TheBoss Hardcore Simmer

    I would like to know if the rain will be changing, if there will be drying of the track, if the water will accumulate in the potholes creating aquaplaning, is any of this known? I think that in nkpro the water accumulated in the bumps of the track, they were not random puddles. This project looks very good, it seems to have everything we wanted in AC.
  7. what recent intervews? Link?
  8. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    It’s the internet “news”. :D
    If one follows those “internet news” will come to the conclusion that a good part of the news doesn’t have Kunos as source and another good part are just wishful thinking and guessing exercises.:D
  9. warp9engage

    warp9engage Racer

    I may be interpreting wrong and I'd be glad to be corrected on it, but you've been saying that what you can do depends on the driver you choose and you only mention Spa being the only 24 Hour race in your site. I really hope that isn't how it goes and you can have flexibility on your single-player race choices.

    EDIT: Yeah, I might be confused by some net news. Just looking for some dev assurance.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  10. I guess you missed this screenshot of Brands Hatch at night:
  11. so perhaps next time, instead of starting your own personal conspiracy theory and piss the very people you are expecting an answer from.. learn to ask a question, and you might be given an answer.
  12. Luis Branco

    Luis Branco Alien

    Actually I do have a comment/question regarding the number of AI cars.
    If I’m not mistaken the Blancpain races, either Sprint or Endurance, usually have an entry list of more than 30 cars. Although there are some races with around 30 cars or less classified at the end of the race there are other races with up to 40 cars classified.
    For ACC isn’t a number of AI cars fewer than the number of cars in the entry list/race classified going to to be an issue to choose which cars/teams/drivers are going to be used in ACC?
  13. warp9engage

    warp9engage Racer

    This is embarassing... I totally saw that screenshot, got blown away by it, and for some reason I thought it was Spa! But no, it's 100% Brands Hatch, I can see the Indy layout.

    Yes, I apologize for not being more direct in my question, that one's on me.

    That said, for your own benefit as a developer, please tone down the anger. I had zero malice in what I was trying to ask. Not everyone who asks you questions is trying to poke holes in your game. Once again, I apologize for my writing mistakes. So far, based on everything I've seen, I'll be in on Early Access.
  14. Naer

    Naer Gamer

    Hi Lord Kunos, two questions about liveries editor.
    Can you give us a bit more details about liveries editor?
    Can we expect custom liveries that looks like officials ones?

    The Forza series has an amazing editor

    TheBoss likes this.
  15. warp9engage

    warp9engage Racer

    @Lord Kunos

    More direct on the questions this time, if you guys have already decided this and if you are allowed to answer.

    About collision damage, will we have more advanced deformation, parts loss and carbon-fiber bits flying off?

    And replays. In AC1, I think you had a limitation on the amount you could save in memory. Will we be able to save, a full 24 hour race replay, for example?
  16. magzire

    magzire Alien

    I wonder if this spa build is completely new or just updated from AC
    Stepy likes this.
  17. guys the game is currently in development. As soon those questions will have a precise answer we'll give it to you.
    At the moment there is only what we "want to do" which very often does not align with what we "can do" given the time available... so patience.

    My suggestion would be not to go wild with dreams, this is usually what happens with a new product, we create this perfect image in our head that is impossible to match for the actual software when it's released.
    Our plan is to improve over what we have in AC, if and how much we'll be able to do that is something we'll know later this year.
  18. Naer

    Naer Gamer

    Yes, you are right... But we are hunger and June it's too far haha
  19. TheBoss

    TheBoss Hardcore Simmer

    I would say that June is too close and there are many unknowns, unless the development team is very large I think that the first months will not get a full experience.

    It seems early to know the features that we will have fully operational in Early Access, we just have to wait.
  20. Of course not, that's the reason it will be in Early Access.
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