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Discussion in 'ACC Tools' started by ㄻ-Defragler, Apr 25, 2022.

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  3. Release notes for, and

    - Added screen that pops-up after importing liveries, allowing you to tag them.
    - Setup conversions added by KrisV147:
    - BMW M2 Cup 2020.
    - Lamborghini Huracán ST Evo2 2021.
    - Porsche 992 GT3 Cup 2021.
    - All existing in-game cars are now supported for the setup viewer/comparison.
    - Decrease draw rate for tyre pressure trace by 90%.
    - Updated system.net.http reference due to possible vulnerability.
    - The Livery browser will re-expand previously expanded items after refreshing.
    - Added hotkey(Delete) to quickly open up the delete livery interface.
    - HUD: Certain overlays can now be repositioned, this position will be automatically saved.
    - HUD: Enabled overlays will be re-enabled during the next start of ACC Manager.

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    - HUD: Added Track Info overlay.
    - HUD: Added Accelerometer overlay.
    - HUD: Some overlays can be configured.
    - HUD Tab: Added design.
    - HUD: Added option to input trace for disabling steering input.

    - About Tab: Added information about HUDs.
    - Added Play ACC Button, launches Assetto Corsa Competizione using the steam link.
    - HUD: Added Fuel Info Overlay (By KrisV147).
    - HUD: Added Lap Delta Overlay.
    - HUD Tab: Some overlays are now scalable.
    upload_2022-5-13_16-29-13.png upload_2022-5-13_16-29-13.png
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    - HUD Tab:
    - Scroll the scale control to adjust the scale.
    - Click Scroll/middle mouse button overlay lines to enable reposition.
    - Left Click overlay line to toggle.
    - HUD: ECU Map Overlay can now be scaled and repositioned.
    - Trees in the GUI now expand on single click.
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  9. Even though I probably wont use half of it this looks pretty cool :cool:
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    - Integrate broadcast data, available for overlay developers.
    - HUD: Added Car Info Overlay.
    - HUD: Accelerometer Overlay is now scalable.
    - HUD: Fuel Info Overlay:
    - Fuel bar turns red when fuel tank reaches 15% or lower.
    - Fuel Time is green if you have enough for stint/session and red if not.
    - Suggested fuel no longer shows negative values.
    - Fuel buffer laps now user selectable. Choice of 0-3 laps (Default: 0)
    - HUD: Lap Delta Overlay:
    - Added configurable Lap Type (in/out/regular).
    - Added configurable Max Delta value.
    - Added tooltips.
    - HUD: Track Info Overlay:
    - Added configurable Time of Day information.
    - Added tooltips.

    - HUD: Added hotkey (Ctrl + Shift + M) for enabling the reposition of overlays
    - HUD: Overlays can now be scaled on with 1% steps, providing more precision.
    - HUD: Overlays can now be moved with the arrow keys as well for finetuning of position.
    - Added startup argument to start in minimized window state: ( /StartMinimized ).
    - Added Tyre Info overlay, this can be placed on top of the kunos tyre info.

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  12. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    hotkey ctrl+shift+m is default in discord for un-/muting microphone.
    could you make the binding a user setting?
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  13. I could change it to something that isn't offsetting anything, but it's difficult since every app is using some kind of hotkey.
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  14. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    This is exactly the reason for my suggestion to make it a user setting, so that each user can change it as it suits them.
  15. That will require a lot of time which I sadly don't have, though I will look into it in the future, remember that this tool is written in my spare time and it's open source.

    I will change the key-binding to Ctrl + Home, that doesn't seem to be a global hotkey for any application.
    Last edited: May 24, 2022
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    - Liveries tab: Added tree item in tag tree showing all cars that aren't tagged yet.
    - HUD: Reposition hotkey has been changed to (Ctrl + Home), it was conflicting with other global hotkeys.
    - HUD: Changed font for values in the info panel and added drop shadow.
    - HUD: Lap Delta overlay now displays sector delta based on your fastest sectors.
  17. bensdale

    bensdale Rookie

    I have a problem with the overlays. I use my PC for Simracing and Office. So I connected two monitors that show the same image (one on the rig and one on the table). As soon as I start ACC, the image can only be seen on the main monitor (rig). Unfortunately, I no longer see any overlays on this monitor. I think the overlays are on the second screen, but I don't know how to see them on the rig screen.

    Is there also the possibility to start ACC and CrewChief at the same time?

    Many thanks for this great tool and your efforts!!!
  18. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    Windows mirrors the screen of monitor 1 to the second monitor in fullscreen, that's why you can't see the widgets if they are positioned on the second screen because they would be behind the fullscreen display which is always topmost.
    The widgets only work if the game is in windowed mode so they can get over as an overlay.

    I suggest to turn of mirroring, set up your widgets (overlay) positions and turn on mirroring again.
  19. bensdale

    bensdale Rookie

    Hi Andy
    Thanks for your answer. I will try this;)
  20. In terms of starting crewchief + ACC Manager + ACC at the same time. You could make a batch file with any text editor.

    For ACC Manager the /StartMinimized parameter allows you to start the app in minimized state.
    Obviously change the PATH_TO_FOLDER... etc..
    START "ACC Manager" "PATH_TO_FOLDER_OF_ACC_MANAGER\AccManager.exe" /StartMinimized
    START steam://rungameid/805550
    I don't know the exact .exe name for crewchief but it should work in the same way as the line for acc manager.
  21. bensdale

    bensdale Rookie

    thanks for the tip

    one more question... Sorry :(
    I think the overlays only work in ACC windowed mode. Can it be that DLSS has a problem with the window mode?

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