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PHYSICS Race weekend tyre sets management, pitstop strategy and fuel load testing

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. pankykapus

    pankykapus KS Dev Team Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Please stay on topic guys.
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  2. pales.

    pales. Racer

    Why was my original post deleted?
  3. Sentry87

    Sentry87 Gamer

    This is sort of on topic. But any chance of offline driver swaps being implemented during pit stops at some point? Having a.i. take over driving duties when you swap drivers? Currently this option does not do anything besides change driver name.

    Makes it impossible to do any real enduros offline.
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  4. Znam Neznam

    Znam Neznam Hardcore Simmer

    You guys need to add all these explanations into the game.

    Create a separate menu or something.

    Call it tutorial and explain the rules in there.

    It super frustrating that I need to constantly alt+tab have firefox open so I can know which car has the correct ecu map.

    tire rules, etc.

    Its missed opportunity imho.
    Wouldn't be hard to have tutorial section where you categorize everything.
    Engine, Aero, Suspension, Tyres etc.
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  5. Yep and singlplayer can start to shine with smth like Blancpain gt school :)
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  6. iNyroo

    iNyroo Rookie

    Hey, how does it show the stages of flatspots/graining/blisters on the hud? And also is there a way to see how much of the tread is left in mm or is it only visual?
    Thanks in advance
  7. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    No we do not show flatspot/graining/blistering and wear while you drive. As in real life, it is impossible to tell except from what you feel. You need to go back to pits and see in the setup page, after a stint.
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  8. Captain Barracuda

    Captain Barracuda Hardcore Simmer

    What are the finer details of the rules around stint times? eg Earlier I did a 3h Endurance condensed to 1h. Stint times were 20 mins. I was careful not to exceed 20 mins per stint meaning there was a couple of minutes left at the end where a 3rd driver swap would be necessary. Can you stay out on track until the stint time hits zero and then pit the next time around? Or do you need the driver physically (virtually) out of the car before the 20 mins is up?
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  9. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    In endurance races, no single stint may exceed 65 minutes, or 70 minutes if a safety car is deployed.
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  10. warth0g

    warth0g Hardcore Simmer

    First off, this is amazing, thanks for bringing this to our attention during the middle of what I imagine is a crazy time. This level of detail in simulating endurance racing is amazing and is exciting to even an occasional driver like me, as work and family sadly mean I really own drive at the weekends.

    I generally play against the AI because of this (because when I can race, I just want to go there and then). I would love to be able to do driver swaps with AI team-mates - but I don't want to sit there and watch the AI race for the next hour. So I was wondering if we could see a highlights reel while the AI is driving? Essentially we see the 60 minute (for example) AI stint condensed to a couple of minutes of highlights and then the AI driver returning to the pits. Would be amazing :)
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  11. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    All such Aris posts should definitely be sticky, as they make up "The Manual", and people need to find them all in one place without having to hunt for the information.
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  12. Tophercheese

    Tophercheese Simracer

    Just to clarify regarding fuel loads, the amount you set in the pitstop menu will add that much fuel to your current fuel load? Or will it add enough (or deduct) fuel to reach the specified value?

    For example, I come into the pits with 30L left in the tank. I have set the pitstop to "50L".

    Will I exit the pits with 50L, or 80L?

    Apologies, I would absolutely test this, but I'm at work :(
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  13. Captain Barracuda

    Captain Barracuda Hardcore Simmer

    It will add, so you will have 80L in the tank
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  14. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    Yes, he should make a book with them.
    "The ACC Manual"
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  15. isma_c_r

    isma_c_r Gamer

    @Aristotelis I am completely aware that you are focused on more important things and it will be like this for a while. No problems on that, I'm also busy driving and driving this fecking good piece of art you guys created.

    However, please, even if it's in 6 months or one year... write us posts about the cars just like you did with the BMW, Bentley or Lambo. I DO need that information in my brain, it's hard drug to me
  16. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    If this does not tingle my dev blog comming senses nothing will

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  17. iNyroo

    iNyroo Rookie

    Oh ok cool where do i find it in the setup screen?
  18. pazzi008

    pazzi008 Racer

    In the "strategy" page, you have to select the tyre set you were using since the game automatically gives you new tyres when you are back to pits
  19. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    I even post screenshots...
  20. Wolf WolfZ

    Wolf WolfZ Gamer

    It only has 1 save option the last save. Can you improve that to multiple saves eg: save for championship mode save for career mode and single race etc.? please? Also can you add the pit menu into the pause menu so we can adjust pit options during pause for offline races?
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