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PHYSICS Race weekend tyre sets management, pitstop strategy and fuel load testing

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Aristotelis, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Found that tyre sets selected in the strategy are reset each time you select wets, or, you go through wets to dries or vice versa.

    Example. Rain is forecast at pit stop time. So, you select pit stop 1 to wets and pit stop 2 to dries but set 4 in case its dry. By selecting between pit stop 1 and 2, it resets the dry tyre set to 1.

    Is there a possibility to have a pit stop to repair damage only? So, if your in the mid-pack and think there's a high chance of a crash on lap 1, such as in the wet around tight circuits/corners like Brands or Misano or Monza, then, your first stop can be repair damage only without fuel or tyres. Then, if you dont get damage, you select pit stop 2 for your first stop to change tyres as normal.
  2. Crt_Jokinnen

    Crt_Jokinnen Racer

    The criterion of the pit-stop numbers in the setup menu or in the track hud can be chosen in order different from their number?
    that is to say, I set the pit stop number in the setup with different pressure criteria or gasoline, etc.
    I can decide to go to race or practice session or chrono with what you set in the start setup and once on the track when you make a pit stop I can select the pit stop No. 3 in the 1st stop and the second repeat the pit -stop nº3 and in the third stop put the pit-stop nº1 for example?
    If in the second stop change for example the set of wheels of pit-stop No. 3 I understand that I will ignore the change .... if I later decided to use pit-stop No. 3 again in the third stop I would award the modification with the changed wheelset or would they put the initial set of wheels in the pit-stop configuration-nº3?
    Thank you
  3. Zotac Ten80

    Zotac Ten80 Rookie

    How can i scroll the MFD when i’m already in a race. I can see the menu but cant scroll up or down. What button do i map to change this?
    Thanks in advance. The Netherlands
  4. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    What about the pit-stops duration? I read the Blancpain regulation and didn't find a given value. As long as it is managed by the game it's shall be ok, but I'm trying to figure out why I was second in a sprint race (during career) and my pit lasted 39s whereas all the the other cars (AI controlled) were much faster, so that I ended up 13th. Also seems that the MDF menu cannot be changed on the fly (can scroll but cannot uncheck repairs for example). Thanks
  5. pigsy

    pigsy Racer

    Can someone please help me to pit! Ran my first full Championship race at Zolder. Setup my pit strategy to change to new tires under the setup menu. Ran the race. Raced for a full half hour until the pit window opened. Entered the pit (pit limiter set to auto). Pulled up at my pit board and told to turn engine off. Pressed S. Then nothing. Car just sat there. Pressed S again. Moved my car forward and back still nothing. Finally after an eternity I just drove off in last place. Wasn't disqualified for not changing tires. Pressed Quit and ended the game in disgust.
    What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug? No documentation as to how to pitstop. Kuno you're losing a loyal early access supporter here. Hate to think what new users must be thinking.
    FlashLB likes this.
  6. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Is S the key you have mapped to start/stop the engine? Ignition stays on during the pit stop but engine needs to stop. I have engine start mapped to one of the keys on the wheel, when I pull in to the pit I hit that key (hold for half a second or so) and the engine cuts out, then the pit stop process starts. Once done I hold that same button to crank the engine back to life.
  7. pigsy

    pigsy Racer

    Yes, I have S mapped as start/stop (I think it's the default key for it anyway). I think the problem though is more about where the car is located in the pitbox. Seems to be too fine a line getting the car positioned.
  8. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    This use to be bad but seems OK now, my most recent try at this was Barcelona and Hungaroring and seemed fine, if you are off by a bit the car gets moved in place for you once you turn the engine off, just lose a few seconds of time. You do still need to be close ish on the marks though, if you are too far out it probably won’t work
  9. Does anyone have an answer how to deal with if the tire temps and pressures are too high on one side of the car and low on the other?
  10. Aristotelis

    Aristotelis Will it drift? Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Just set them asymmetrical. You should only care to have them correct when they are on their operating range while driving.
    Metzger likes this.
  11. Perell0ne

    Perell0ne Racer

    I figured out was a key assignement the problem with scrolling-selecting and extra time was given by bodyworks repairs. Issued closed.
  12. Why is the check box not default to change tyres in a pit stop but repairs is? Also last race it seemed to be greyed and unable to check the box?? Frustrating after doing 45min of racing only for the pit stop to not go as planned and ruin the race. Unbelievable something so simple.
  13. Rolz

    Rolz Alien

    you get caught once with this silliness that for sure
    buellersdayoff likes this.
  14. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Lets be honest, the UI and the MFD needs a polish.. I am hopeful of some workflow changes and additional functionality in 1.0.8. Fingers crossed.
    buellersdayoff and warth0g like this.
  15. is there a fix or a work around? i get caught out every time
  16. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    Nope. For now just remember to do it like you would the pit limiter.
    buellersdayoff likes this.
  17. The keyboard is a little out of reach and when pressing select on the wheel it brings up the chat box instead of checking that box.....un....be....lievable.
  18. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    You have a d pad or joystick on the wheel? I use a button box that has a joystick as well to navigate and select things. It’s fairly workable in VR if not ideal
    buellersdayoff likes this.
  19. Yes I can navigate the menu no problem but as I mentioned when I go to select the check box it brings up the chat window and by then it's too late, I've already rage quit lol. I'll look at what buttons are set up in the config, because right now pressing "ok/select" on the wheel is "enter". Why can't the check box to change tyres be on by default? Thanks guys
  20. Oblit0r

    Oblit0r Alien

    Just press right on the d-pad to check the box and left to uncheck it. No need to have a different keybind for 'OK'.
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