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Racing...no, even practicing against the AI sucks in wet conditions!

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Axel Vogelsang, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Some thoughts about my last ride in Monza with 100% wetness and 50% standing water some moments ago...

    As much as I love the well balanced pace of the AI at 100% in dry conditions (where I used to reach somehow the top 10 everywhere), I really hate it in the wet. With a severe amount of water on the track, it is really no fun to compete with the AI.

    There are several reasons why:

    1. Aquaplaning
    The AI seems not to have any issues with aquaplaning. While I wiggle from side to side on the straights and especialy under breaking, the AI keeps running on a railroad because they are so quick catching every single slide. They don't seem to slide at all!

    2. Breaking distance
    Even using the same setup does not mean having the same breaking performance in the same car. Not only the fact, that they are completely stable under breaking while I really have to struggle even to keep the car on the track. I also wonder how the AI is able to break easily 30m later than me without any trouble to get the apex.

    3. AM-Skills in the wet

    As I said, the margin from the fastest to the slowest AI in dry conditions is quite realistic. But it is definitely not in the wet. Like in yesterdays race in Monza there is a much larger gap between first and last in the wet compared to dry conditions. Not only my lack of pace is frustrating being about 6 seconds slower than the top of the field, it is even more frustrating being the only scrub out there with multiple seconds between me and the next one on top of me on the time table!

    4. Confidence in the spray
    The AI doesn't have to be careful in the spray, because they don't have to "see" anything to know, where they are.

    5. Boneyard T1
    After some laps, almost the whole field sticks together outside T1 (at least in Monza and on the Nurburgring).

    No mater if accelerating, breaking or just running straight forward, their superhuman skills to recover keep them always stable so that you do not recognize the same trouble for the AI.
    Only when they try to take the most extreme breaking point (which is quite often at both tracks), they loose the car.
    I am busy enough not to go off the track while I try to be as fast as I can. To see the AIs performace at the same time is really a mess.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019

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  3. isma_c_r

    isma_c_r Gamer

    It is absolutely true that IA behaviour has to be polished under certain circumstances, i.e when there's a weather change the can keep up with the pace, while you struggle to stay in the black, or under heavy rain... etc.

    But we're still in 0.7 beta, guys, let's wait for the 1.0 at least
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