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Real deal mofo hill climb series

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Myself9, May 18, 2015.

  1. Myself9

    Myself9 Gamer

    Assetto Corsa Hill Climb events at VirtualHillClimb.com

    ONE RUN.

    That’s it. No second chances.

    DATE: MAY 30, 2015
    20:00 – 22:00 GMT
    Krajiska Zmija Hillclimb
    SERVER NAME: virtualhillclimb.com
    COURSE GRIP: 90%
    DRIVING ASSISTS: Auto clutch allowed, auto shifting allowed, all others set to FACTORY or OFF


    The race server will be open for 2 hours.
    Within that period of time, sign in, get in line, and do your best to get to the top of the mountain.
    (Drivers do NOT need to be on the server the entire 2 hours — join and leave whenever works best for you)
    Each driver runs SOLO — one driver at a time on course.
    If anyone reaches the summit, fastest time wins.

    The lobby will be up and running between 20:00–22:00 GMT on May 30th.

    Drivers may log into the server and take their run at any point during that time.

    Start order will be “first come first served”. Once you are on the server, please don’t exit and come back. This could cause lag which will interfere with drivers on the course.
    12 people per hour can complete runs in this format. So, no need to show up immediately after the server is up.

    After the first driver begins, other drivers will begin their runs in 5-minute intervals.

    Drivers must come to a complete stop at the starting line before starting their run.

    If a driver is caught by the driver who started behind them, the slower driver MUST yield the course to the approaching quicker driver.

    Once you’ve finished your run (or crashed, blown your engine/tranny/etc) stay on the server until a race official has recorded your time or DNF.

    Feel free to stick around after your run and watch other drivers. That’s part of the fun. If there are drivers who have not yet driven and are waiting for an open spot on the server, please exit the server if you’ve already driven and have been spectating for a while.

    Official times will be posted on VirtualHillClimb.com as they become available, so those who are not on the server will be able to keep up to date.

    ALT/TABBING — just a note on the temptation to ALT/TAB out of Assetto Corsa while you’re waiting for your turn. If you can’t resist the temptation, there’s a 99% chance you’ll experience screen tearing and stuttering once you’re on course. So, don’t do it. :) There are no restarts available, so you’ll either have to live with the glitchiness or retire.

    Disconnects or other technical problems will be counted as a mechanical failure/dnf.

    Drivers must sign up in the forum thread here.

    The hill climb server will be available for practice up until race day.
    Look for the virtualhillclimb.com server in the Assetto Corsa public server listings. No password.
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