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Real Head Motion for ACC is here!

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by WallyM, Apr 8, 2020.

  1. moeppling

    moeppling Gamer

    Nice app, but i encountered a problem. Inceasing "Pitch Filter" actually inceases the amount of horizon lock - not the pitch dampening. The amount of pitch dampening seems to be fixed at 100% for me. This actually makes me kinda dizzy from the camera swinging up and down (following the track surface "horizon") on Kyalami :confused:


    rhm settings:
    Last edited: May 19, 2020
  2. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    That's as per the original RHM for AC - more pitch filter gives you more lock to horizon. I have 0.5 for the Min Angle next to Pitch Filter, where you have 2.00. The larger you make the Min Angle, the more the view moves up and down as you go up and down slopes.

    This the original RHMAC description of the setting: "Pitch/Roll Min Angle : the angle when the head start to catchup the car orientation, before that it stay lock to world horizon."

    See my own settings in the 1st post.
  3. moeppling

    moeppling Gamer

    I figured min angle sets the pitch offset. It's working fine now, thanks!
  4. Olivier Prenten

    Olivier Prenten Simracer

    What’s the difference with the embedded LWW option?
  5. vortex19

    vortex19 Simracer

    RHM is much more configurable and, in my opinion, gives a more natural head movement than the in-game option.
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  6. AusWilko

    AusWilko Rookie

    Forgot to say Thanks for this, wonderful app that I have enjoyed alot
    LATE4APEX and WallyM like this.
  7. GCCRacer

    GCCRacer Simracer

    Interesting app.

    Would it be possible to enter ACC executable path, and have the app start it by itself? That would remove the need to start two things all the time.
  8. WallyM

    WallyM Alien

    See 1st post for a new version.

    I have added an option "Run ACC When RHM Starts". When ticked, RHM will automatically run ACC when RHM starts (you have to restart RHM for this to take effect).
    moeppling likes this.
  9. GCCRacer

    GCCRacer Simracer

    Cool, thanks. I might just change my ACC shortcut towards RHM then, and its super integrated ..
    WallyM likes this.
  10. SpiNz

    SpiNz Rookie

    I used this in AC with great success, what a wonderful addon, but in ACC the up and down motion of seems to be very jerky, I am not sure why this is, all acc setting are at 0

    Edit: It seems to be fine when the game is tabbed out, I was looking a the debug, I am not sure why this is, switching between fullscreen and windowed doesnt help either
  11. Olivier Prenten

    Olivier Prenten Simracer

    Thanks a lot @WallyM for having ported this for ACC.
    WallyM likes this.
  12. Olivier Prenten

    Olivier Prenten Simracer

    Definitely a must have app for non VR drivers.
    Thank you @WallyM !
    WallyM likes this.
  13. [ATF]Shanti

    [ATF]Shanti Racer

    Trying trackhat, and tobeys eye tracking before (not what I expected in term of smoothness) I was skeptical first, now I don't wanna miss it, so far best stuff!
    Thx Mr. WallyM!
    WallyM likes this.
  14. Brilliant, transformed my enjoyment on a 2.5m wide projector. Couldn’t get the right balance between too much look-to-horizon and not enough with the stock controls, this hits the sweet spot for me. Thanks.
    WallyM likes this.
  15. SYBER1AN

    SYBER1AN Rookie

    Great program! Good alternative to trackir. I use it for a long time (earlier with AC). My only little wish is the camera movement (not roll and pitch) from G-forces. ;)
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