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Real world car setups or guides?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by MJ911, May 1, 2015.

  1. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    Hi all,

    are there any guides to realistic settings for the various popular cars available? All the setups I find online are generally alien-esque one-lap wonders with ridiculous amounts of camber, maximum anti-roll bars front and rear, fully pumped tyres and a breath of fuel.
    Being a bit of a sucker for realism, old school and a trackday regular I wanted to adopt more realistic settings for my favourite cars, that will work for race lengths, or in the case of the Nordschleife, better to drive quickly and consistently.
    For instance, last night I wanted to lap the Nords in the E30 BMW GrpA. Is there a general setup guide for it (ie this car suffers oversteer and benefits from a softer rear end blah blah) or some recommended settings? It seems we always have to guess at what works best for a particular car. The defaults are always too generic and the online setups alien hot lap wonders. Theres always a big spring range to choose from, yet most setups are set to softest, despite real race cars being usually stiffly sprung, likewise ARB's...should they be high, medium or low?
    It seemed no matter what brake balance I set for it, the front tyres kept locking up. etc etc.
    That's a fairly simple car I chose as an example, but the problem gets ramped up even further when you want to try out more exotic machinery like a F458 speciale etc. How do you know where to start with the really faster cars rather than wasting hours of lapping just to get a basic compromise? As a f458 will probably be very different to a Vette C7 in setup. A car guide would help to tell you say, a vette suffers from heavy understeer, or benefits from extra wing etc etc...
    I know each cars setup will need tweaking for each track you race at, but a more useful realistic baseline setup would be great to start with.
    Do any of you guys bother to try and create realistic race setups or just adapt alien/default setups? I don't think ive seen a setup yet in AC that didn't run well over -3 camber no matter the track or car. Isnt -3.5 to -4.5 front and rear camber far too much? Just asking. :)

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  3. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Kunos tries to give us the most realistic setup available. But that will for sure change depending on the racing team and the racing series. They can't give us all setups from all teams using the nismo gtr gt3 for example, because teams setup the car differently adapted to the driver and the track/ambient conditions. So is just a matter of interpretation from the teams and driver. You will need to do the same, so I think you'll need to gather some knowledge on how to setup a racing car or street car for track racing, use the tips from the setup menu, or search online. There should be a thread in this section which has good info and good links to learn more.
  4. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    As always, personally I think making setups is not a 1 lap process, just like those 30 day abs exercise programs, never really works. If you are new to tuning various settings, go hit up RD forums, there are a lot of stickied topics that tell you which setting affects which car behavior and in what way. Then take out the car that you wish to set up for a given track onto the track and do a lap or two on the baseline to get the general idea of what the car's handling characteristics are and how your driving style affects the car's own behavior. First of all personally I fiddle with the tire pressures, go back out on track for a lap or two, see how it affected the car's dynamics, if you like it that way then move over to the various advanced settings like camber and spring rates and such to fine tune the car and if you weren't happy with your pressures then go back change the pressures, rinse and repeat. I stress about the pressure settings because most of the time a slight variation to the pressures can actually alter the car's nature by quite a bit to make it suit your needs given any track, and most of the race trim setups that I use don't even go too deep into the aggressive suspension settings since they thoroughly destroy the tires so making those setups fairly useless in long stint races. You could adjust the gearing as well to suit the track which is a fairly simple process... like for spa in the 458 GT2 I prefer having a slightly longer 5th so that I don't bounce on the limiter at Eau Rouge or having to go into 6th early and bog down the speed through that steep uphill climb.

    But generally if you know what you are doing, which usually comes with practice, you can easily set up any car for any type of lap for any track within 10 laps or so of fiddling. That is my personal process for car setups, might not be a quick way but it sure as hell makes you work on the car and lets you know about its personality in good detail, which makes it easier the next time you want to set it up for a different track. :p
  5. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    I know nothing about setup in general but you cant really go wrong with trial and error. lap until you are consistently at your best, change something, rinse and repeat.

    if your locking the fronts alot try moving the brake balance rearward? or some positive toe for stability? or lower your camber for more grip when braking, or the balance between front and rear camber needs changing? a different front / rear psi can give better feel at 1 end of the car or the other.
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  6. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    sorry, yes should clarify ive been setting up cars since Geoff Crammond F1 days! via several sims over the years, but AC has so upped the ante in car physics and broadened the range of machinery available, that its a little bewildering where to start on some cars. I used to use Motec for GTR2 sometimes, for dampers and ride height, brake balance etc. In AC its not even always apparent when the cars bottoming out. Some telemetry for the exotic stuff would be great.
    In my tests with the E30 last night, once I reduced the crazy camber and took the braking a few clicks further rearward the braking was a whole lot better but still fairly easy to flat spot the fronts. But again, was still left wondering what the optimum spring & ARB rates should be from the range available. Why is default always at softest spring or say alien setup at max ARB/soft spring?
  7. Rodrigo Pires

    Rodrigo Pires Simracer

    To me it looks like you want a magic solution with this talk of "alien setup". Generalizations never work.

    Without hard evidence its hard to say what you´re talking about. A setting is doing the opposite that it was suposed to?

    I use the same techniques as i did in any other sim and it works, there is no magic trick in AC. You just need to figure out what is going on with the car.

    Set for the Bmw DTM.

  8. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    But they don't do they? They just provide one default setup which is usually just a dumbed down stable setup with understeer to use anywhere.
    Aliens tend to just give a car setup max ARB/sway front and rear and high negative camber (in nearly all the setups I have downloaded) which are useless for racing but fine for 1 lap RSR time ;-)

    Thanks for the bmw link Rodrigo. Not looking for a magic fix, I actually enjoy setting up a car but I feel like there is no guidance on the big variety of cars, all with their own unique handling or aero traits, especially cars like say the C9 Merc...where do you start?
  9. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

  10. Rodrigo Pires

    Rodrigo Pires Simracer

    Thats the cool thing about making setups to me, you´ve got to find out where is the biggest gain, and focus on that.

    I had a C9 race at monza some weeks ago, what was my "workflow"?

    1) Top speed / wings, a quick search on rsr solves that, then just adjust the gearing to 70% boost.

    2) Stability through kerbs. Initially i set the car very high trying to hop on the kerbs at the first and second chicanes, then i figured out that i was losing time doing that. After that i set it just high enough to have a very stable car at ascari.

    3) Diffs and gearing to put the power down with the right rpm at the right places.

    Just with those settings the setup is already decent, the car has the correct aero and its not a death machine on bumps that can end your race.

    4) Set springs and arb to help a bit more on ascari and general balance.

    5) camber, pressure and tire wear.

    All that always with full tanks.

    If you look at this video, the car looks very "easy", because since the begining i was looking to let the car like that, stable through ascari and with good exits from the chicanes. I didn´t even try to go for "max attack" hotlap "alien" setup, for a race security pays off a lot more then blind pace. And it still managed a 42,4 with hard tires and full tank 70% boost (in 43 laps) against a 39,xx wr with softs, low fuel and 100% boost, not bad.

    But the thing is, monza is a lot different then mugello for example, there i would focus a lot more on springs/arb/overrall balance then ride height/bumps.
    Last edited: May 2, 2015
  11. MJ911

    MJ911 Racer

    Wow, really? Must confess I did not know that. Been a long while since I tried a default setup as I was sure they were too safe and slow? Sure they were like that in the early beta release. Will have to reinvestigate!

    Good write up and video on the C9 Rodrigo, thanks for taking the time to explain. will give that a try at Monza.

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