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Really bored of people ruining online racing

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by ACJJ619, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. ACJJ619

    ACJJ619 Racer

    We need to start naming and shaming the clowns who constantly ruin the online racing. Too often I spend an evening qualifying and racing only to be binned out of the race by some bitter ***** who is too incapable to race so he resorts to binning me.

    This is too much of a serious game to be dealing with these people. I'd expect it from Need for Speed but this? No way.

    Here's one clown from earlier:

    And another from the same race:

    The voting system needs changing. I've seen hundreds of voting initiated and not once has it succeeded. I've never seen a person kicked, a session skipped or a session restarted. What does it take to follow through the vote? 100% of people voting yes? Or just 50% of the players?

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  3. Guy Moulton

    Guy Moulton Racer

    The problem with sim racing is that by its nature it does not lend itself well to pick-up, casual or pubby racing. If you want clean, fair racing you need to race with a group of people who are practiced in that track with that car. Try league racing.
  4. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    Ugh... Not a solution. A few tweaks to the mp system will solve 80% of the problems
  5. Snjper

    Snjper Hardcore Simmer

    Really the only 'fix' for this is by joining a group racing with like minded people. You can find many here.

    Sadly the same goes for every game.. It's not just AC...

    No amount of tweaks, rules, grass glue, invisible walls, flags, or car bombs... will cure this cancer in online racing... never had and never will.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
  6. ACJJ619

    ACJJ619 Racer

    I'd have thought people playing a racing sim would be interested in racing though. Who would buy a realistic racing sim (and probably a wheel) just to mess about? I understand Forza or NFS because they're easier for casual players who just vaguely like cars and going fast. Assetto Corsa is for racing enthusiasts. Why are racing enthusiasts waiting for the leaders to lap them so they can bin them?
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  7. Guy Moulton

    Guy Moulton Racer

    A lot of it is unintentional. Some people just suck at racing. It's easy to put up one good lap then think you have it down and you're ready to race! I see that in pubbies all the time esp. when there is limited practice time or you jump on the server late in practice. When you hop on a server when practice is almost over or in quali, you should really just leave- but most people have an over-inflated sense of their own talent level and and lack the self control to find another race. Sim racing is difficult therefore it is not conducive to positive public or pick up racing experiences. Like Snjper said- it goes for all [sim racing] games.

    In fact part of being practiced with that car/track combo is knowing what the car is like on cold tires with cold brakes with low grip (T1 in the race), with hot tires, hot brakes good grip (Lap 3 with most cars) and with worn tires, hot brakes and a rubbered in track (end of race). Most of the idiots you see racing online are well intentioned but like they say- the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Join a league.
  8. Senna5150

    Senna5150 Gamer

    Don't get me wrong I really enjoy AC but if I want to enjoy a competitive race online, iRacing is the solution for me.
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  9. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    The thing about games like forza, gt, nfs etc.. is that even if you crash and hammer other cars, no one's gonna lose the race because of it. A perfect race in those games mean you "are supposed" to race dirty. It is totally the opposite in sim racing games, but some people don't understand that, so they find it funny when they get a chance to screw over someone's race, but in the end is only sad.

    Yes but not at rookie levels, because when you race in those ranks you get the same level of multiplayer as here. Basically the clean races in iracing are equal to organized races in assetto, which aren't open to all the public, same way as in iracing the clean races aren't open to everyone, just to who earned it.
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  10. Fairbanks

    Fairbanks Simracer

    I can feel your pain. I've only started out with "serious" simracing in Assetto Corsa and, judging by my own observation, I have dramatically improved my skill over the last couple of months (nothing worth mentioning among the hardcore simmers). But nevertheless, my expectations have grown bigger, and I tend to get upset whenever people park their cars on the track, cut chicanes, punt people off the tarmac in order to overtake, let alone drive in the opposite direction. Mostly I just sneer and leave the server because the whole session is ruined, and you cannot undo the damage done, and you have technically wasted your time trying to qualify up in the good places.

    League racing would be the best choice, however I myself haven't taken that final step yet. I'm afraid I'd be left in the dust when the "real" racers get to work, or that I'd be just in the way of everybody and get kicked out. But I like the idea of a few nice people practicing and racing on a private server, giving each other advice and, of course, explanations, reasons, and apologies for mess-ups. That's something you only rarely see on public servers.

    I think that is an interesting notion. Gaining trust and acknowledgment is something that I feel whenever I get into close encounters with people who react consciously, give me something to remember positively.
  11. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee Alien

    Its been discussed before, but there are several things that can make public racing cleaner;

    - A on-board admin, who can warn people or kick people at will (this would need global chat enabled too).
    - A ban list for repeat offenders.
    - Better netcode for collisions. Right now the cars "pinball" off one another, causing more collisions.
    - Removal of 5 second throttle cut, it causes more accidents from people rejoining at like 50kph.
    - Louder opponent cars so that I can hear when another car is close.
    - And lastly, from the community it needs better road manners. Don't just dawdle in the middle of the track during qualifying, or go into Eau Rouge at 100kph slower than race pace with cars behind, it just causes incidents and is rude to other racers. I forget the number of times that people have been just wandering around across the track in qualifying, totally oblivious to the fact that ive just rocked up behind them doing 50kph faster. Rule of thumb should be, if you are on a lap, put your lights on, then its up to other people to move out of the way.
  12. Dean Ogurek

    Dean Ogurek Alien

    Some organized racing clubs or leagues can provide excellent racing with like-minded people. Accidents will still happen occasionally but, it's not so bad when you know people are sincere and apologetic when they make mistakes. I'm sure many here can recommend some options for Club & League Racing. I have been involved in Club Races organized by Race Department. They are great fun and have scheduled races in various countries.
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  13. Nekrobob

    Nekrobob Hardcore Simmer

  14. Nyowa225

    Nyowa225 Hardcore Simmer

    Any time you have a group with over maybe 20 people you're guaranteed at least one idiot that will ruin it for everyone else. As has been discussed endlessly, until we get proper blacklists or at least tools to kick people, the only way you're going to race online in AC and have fun is with a league or with friends.

    Making the millionth thread this week about how annoying the immature children online are isn't going to solve anything. Instead of wasting your time here, make another thread about starting a league saying you'll only accept people who race cleanly. Then make an invite-only steam group and create a password protected server to race on, and change the password every day only posting it on the steam group's page. Then kick out anyone you feel is ramming on purpose. Eventually you'll get enough players that race cleanly to have fun.
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  15. Stereo

    Stereo Alien

    Maybe if your iRating drops in your first races... if you're fast enough to keep it at or above where it starts (1300), you drive with the other competent rookies. Not perfect but it's more 'racing incident' than 'intentionally ruining your race'.
  16. Rayrush

    Rayrush Gamer

    When their is a deliberate driver ruining games, and their are many it shouldn't take so many to have to press kick to get them out. Why does such a high percentage of drivers have to kick before a bad driver is removed?
  17. Luigi Gianni Vollaro

    Luigi Gianni Vollaro Hardcore Simmer

    Oh, the whole join a 'league join a league join a league join a league' mantra repeated again gets really tiresome.

    I've played in dirty leagues, many leagues meet once a week when I'm at work or asleep or at the pub. I've also played clean public racing. Maybe if you live in Europe you've got some real options that suit your timezone or ping, but don't presume everyone is in your boat.

    You don't need a league just some more code and some imagination. Because ideas haven't been implemented yet or have only been on one simulator doesn't mean it's impossible.
  18. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Or, you simply just get better and smarter racing on public, I've gotten pretty good at avoiding T1 crashes, drivers using blinkers, noob brakers etc, and simply get to and stay in top 5 for usually good racing. Sometimes I get in top 5, or pole, by lap 1. Sometimes I do get pushed off, fall back to 22nd and just do a Hamilton back to top 5, that's fun too. Even to push off the wreckers trying to wreck me when I lap them has made me feel like the Chuck Norris of pubby servers at times, I know I'm not alone on this ;)
    In the end, they give up, or if you stay on the server for maybe 1-2 races, the more fair/good drivers will fill the grid, and the easier to actually get the votesystem to work.
    Plz, it's been like this since dawn of simrace and I think the message has gone through to the small team that just got over alpha.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2014
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  19. ACJJ619

    ACJJ619 Racer

    Joining a league is impractical though, because it's scheduled. What if I wanna jump on and race say...now? I don't wanna have to dedicate a certain timeslot in my life to have a decent race. This is a racing simulation game directed at racing enthusiasts. I should be able to jump online whenever I want and more-often-than-not have a good race. At the moment, whether it's because the game lacks the features or the community just isn't what I thought it would be - I can't do this. I jump online and find myself surrounded by 9 year olds who appear to have spent £250 on the game and a wheel to completely ignore the brake pedal at turn 1.
  20. 1karl1

    1karl1 Simracer

    Publicness = nuttyness . Bad side is the unpredictability of it but that's also the good side . Just upgraded from dfgt to g27 3 days ago and although i'm still feeling like i'm trying to text on 8 fones simultaneously while doing a crossword i've managed to win a couple of races in public lobbies which is encouraging and need all i can get atm ;)
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  21. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Why, just because OP couldn't read forum rules or use search function?:)
    No one else seem to care and rather be eager to help. So pls relax;)

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