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Red Bull Ring Replaces Zolder for 2019

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Stig 2, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Stig 2

    Stig 2 Gamer

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  3. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Known and already confirmed by devs it will be in the game :)
    Ischemica, Coanda and Fremen_78 like this.
  4. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    But we still get Zolder since it's in the 2018 calender, right?
    Stig 2 likes this.
  5. pankykapus

    pankykapus KS Dev Team Staff Member KS Dev Team

    No, it will be perished from the face of the earth.
    Micii1, Ischemica, magzire and 14 others like this.
  6. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    Well, they can't really claim to replicate the 2018 season if they suddenly remove one of the tracks. :)
  7. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    We must campaign for Paul Ricard in Blancpain 2019 being replaced with the Nordschleife, too - then we maybe would get it in the game, too! :D Since it was said that Lunos' license is for 2018 and 2019.
    Paratus, flyingpig, Turk and 2 others like this.
  8. Stig 2

    Stig 2 Gamer

    Yes and we get season 2019 as a free update ( cool with more tracks)
    Schnipp likes this.
  9. matz_AUT

    matz_AUT Hardcore Simmer

    #rantmode ON
    What a burden, first I had to find love for GT3 cars, and now I need to engage with the RedBull ring again.
    If only T2 and T3 were not such pesky, slow, micky mouse, off camber, useless jokes of a corner
    #rantmode OFF

    P.S: Being Austrian, I reserve the right for me to rant about the RedBull Ring, specially if you know that there was the magnificent Österreichring in its place before it;)
    Freddie Seng and flyingpig like this.
  10. th3o

    th3o Hardcore Simmer

    Happy to hear that as Red Bull Ring is one of my favorite tracks for running GT 3 cars on them. Zolder is one too, although i find it a bit 'small' for GT 3, more suited for GT 4. But anyways, very nice to have both in the game, one for the 2018 season, the other 2019.
  11. Raklödder

    Raklödder Simracer

    Does this mean that the Red Bull Ring (track) is confirmed to be included in the free 2019 update?
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2018
  12. grimdanfango

    grimdanfango Gamer

    This could be a cunning new tactic for expanding the game - just convince them to change the whole real-world series over to new tracks!

    I vote for Donnington Park... I'd really love an official, laser-scanned version of that for AC/ACC :p

    Glad to have the Red Bull Ring anyway... it's also one of my favourites.
    Kopiller likes this.
  13. pons

    pons Simracer

  14. Turk

    Turk Alien

    I want to sign your petition.
  15. BrunUK

    BrunUK Alien

    I know it's not laser scanned, but have you tried the 2018 version yet?

  16. grimdanfango

    grimdanfango Gamer

    I haven't actually played in a while... what is "the 2018 version"? A mod? I know someone spent a good chunk of time making a mod between 2014 and 2016... reminds me, I really should try it out :)
  17. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Just curious. Will Kunos add variations of tracks such as RBR Natianal? I think the game really needs them considering there are only 10 tracks in the Blancepain.
  18. th3o

    th3o Hardcore Simmer

    I am almost certain that the tracks will offer only the variation that is driven by the Blancpain GT Series. It is the official game of that series, so it will have only what the series in real life has.
  19. sissydriver

    sissydriver Alien

    hmm... Lunos?

    reminds me... dunno... must have to do with magic. come on hagrid. step outta the way. wanna do some hot laps....;););)
  20. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Yea I'm almost certain of that too. Just feel it would be a good idea for online or career mode ( not Blancpain championship mide).
  21. plaid

    plaid Alien

    Hm Zolder is one of the few tracks included I like... Would hope Catalunya or NürGP get kicked off the calendar. Wouldn't mind if the tracks would vanish, so they will never return in a game.

    Anyway, RBRing is somewhat decent.

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