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Redline Motorsport's Multiclass Endurance Championship

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by M700N, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. M700N

    M700N Rookie


    Sign up to our team on our website, and then head over to our Discord channel for all of the information on how to join this championship.

    Website: https://www.redlinemotorsport.co.uk/

    Discord: https://discord.gg/tDkBq7b

    Server Name: RLM Multiclass Endurance Championship 2019
    Class/s: LMP1, GT3, GT4
    Number of Drivers: 32
    Start Date: 23rd February 2019
    Practice Start Time: 19:00UTC
    Practice: 70 Minutes (Joining Time)
    Qualify: 20 Minutes
    Race Duration: 120 Minutes
    Mods Required: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2butxn8ph1mdyq7/AAD6DiIZVVs0x3_D3FHByPV2a?dl=0
    DLC Required: Dream Pack 1,2 and 3, Porsche Pack 1,2 and 3, Red Pack, Ready to Race Pack

    Championship Calendar;

    23rd February 2019 - Barcelona GP
    2nd March 2019 - Imola
    9th March 2019 - Monza
    16th March 2019 - Nordschleife Endurance
    23rd March 2019 - Red Bull Ring GP
    30th March 2019 - Silverstone GP
    6th April 2019 - Spa
    13th April 2019 - Circuit de la Sarthe (Le Mans)

    19:00 UTC - Practice (70 Mins)
    20:10 UTC - Qualifying (20 Mins)
    20:30 UTC - Race (2 Hours)
    22:30 UTC - Finish

    As the clocks go forwards 1 hour on the 31st of March. The start time will be bought back 1 hour, for the remaining 2 events. This means the start time after the 31st of March will be 18:00 UTC.

    The cars available in this championship are;

    Audi R18 E-tron Quattro
    Porsche 919 Hybrid
    Toyota TS040 Hybrid

    Porsche 911 GT3 R
    BMW Z4 GT3
    Audi R8 LMS 2016
    Ferrari 488 GT3
    Lamborghini Huracan GT3
    McLaren 650S GT3
    Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3
    Nissan GT-R GT3

    Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4
    Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
    Lotus 2-Eleven GT4
    Ginetta GT4 2017

    There are 10 slots available for each class.

    As there are 32 slots available, the class that fills up first will be allocated the additional 2 slots to make it up to 32.

    There will also be a Constructors Championship. The teams will be made up of 2 drivers, both drivers must be in the same class. The teams will be decided before the championship is underway and will involve everyone who has signed up to this championship, to take part in a Practice event that will decide who the faster and slower drivers are. We will then decide which players to put into which teams, to make it as fair as possible.

    The League Points System and Constructors Point System are as follows;

    1st : 25 points
    2nd : 21 points
    3rd : 17 points
    4th : 13 points
    5th : 10 points
    6th : 8 points
    7th : 6 points
    8th : 4 points
    9th : 2 points
    10th : 1 point

    Ballast will also be applied to the 3 top runners in each class, in the following allocations;

    1st: 70kg
    2nd: 60kg
    3rd: 50kg
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2018

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