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Redline racing league [gt3 series/cups/endurance events]

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Sba, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Sba

    Sba Racer

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  3. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer


    Saturday 30 Jan, starting 17:00 GMT - Circuit of Road America


    Practice - server will be up the 2 days before the race and on Saturday morning
    Qualify - 30', starting 17:00 GMT
    Race - 2 hours - 55 laps, race will begin under a rolling start

    Details at

    Fuel and tyre usage will be doubled to ensure the utility of numerous pit-stops and different race strategies.


    Redline Racing League Rules apply
    (see here: http://redlineracingleague.co.uk/forum/m/35078184/viewthread/25450039-redline-racing-league-rules)


    Drivers will be able to choose a car amongst the following:

    - BMW M3 GT2
    - Corvette C7R
    - Ferrari 458 GT2

    Brocookie, RRL Moderator

  4. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer


    The server is already up in Training - Session until tomorrow when the qualifying starts at 17:00 GMT.
    The Race will start at 18:00 GMT (55 laps)

    the server is open for everybody with the Minorating grade A and B, and you can join it just in time for the race.
    However, to get detailed information, it is best if you sign-up at http://redlineracingleague.co.uk/forum/m/35078184/viewthread/25760389-2-hours-road-america

    The server is called "RRL 2 H of Road America", you cannot miss it.

    See you on track, or in our forum!

  5. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer

    We are proud to say, that this event was a great success. Thanks to everybody who participated in that race!

    We will announce the next endurance event soon :)

    also, make sure to check out our GT3 league.
    1h long races, starting at 7pm GMT every sunday!

    we are in the second half of the season, now, but you can always sign up as a reserve driver and participate, since there are some slots available most of the times.
    more information at http://redlineracingleague.co.uk/gt3

    if you wanna sign up, click on the "join league" button in the navigation bar.

    See you guys on track.


  6. Sba

    Sba Racer

  7. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer

    Also, the endurance race will be open to everyone, even during the race.
    However, it will be MR-A and MR-B ONLY, so make sure you get your licence and race with us :)

    see you on track and our forum, guys!

    Brocookie, RRL Moderator
  8. Sba

    Sba Racer

    2 Hours @ Paul Ricard: http://redlineracingleague.co.uk/forum/m/35078184/viewthread/26086055-endurance-event-gt3-2hr-paul-ricard/page/1

    : Sunday, 20 March

    TRACK: Paul Ricard, 24H layout

    Practice - server will be up prior to the race, starting a couple of days before the event
    Qualify - 30', starting 18:30 GMT
    Race - 2 hours - 55 Laps, race will begin under a rolling start
    Fuel usage - 180%

    CARS: Official GT3 (DP1+DP2+DP3)

    - Audi R8 LMS Ultra
    - BMW Z4 GT3
    - Lamborghini Huracan GT3
    - McLaren MP4-12C GT3
    - McLaren 650s GT3
    - Mercedes SLS AMG GT3
    - Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3
    - Nissan GT-R GT3
    - Glickenhaus SCG 003C
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  9. Sba

    Sba Racer

    This is an information thread for the Redline Racing League GT3 Series - Season 4. Please read this carefully before signing up, as enrolling implies full acceptance and complete understanding of this document. Dream Packs 1, 2 and 3 are required.

    - 24 available slots. Drivers signed up after the maximum amount of available seats has been reached will be put in a Reserve list. These drivers may be able to join the race if conditions allow it (tracks with more than 24 slots, or another driver signing off)

    - Custom skins are allowed. All skins must be available 1 week before the beginning of the season. A skin pack will be provided for easy installation of all skins.

    - Teams of 2 drivers are allowed. Teammates must share the same car and the same basic skin, small personalisations are allowed.

    These races will be open to the public (Minorating grades allowed: A B N). It is not mandatory for drivers enrolled in the series to participate, but still it's highly recommended since it will give you an idea of what the races will be like.

    Test 1 - March 20 - Endurance race - Paul Ricard (click to download)

    Test 2 - March 27 - Mugello

    Test 3 - April 3 - Zandvoort

    Races are held on Sundays, there will be 8 rounds of which 2 will beEndurance races.

    - Normal races: 30 minutes Qualify session, starting 19:00 GMT - 1 hour race starting after Qualify
    - Endurance races: 30 minutes Qualify session, starting 18:30 GMT - 2 hoursrace starting after Qualify

    Round 1 - April 10 - Imola

    Round 2 - April 17 - Barcelona

    Round 3 - April 24 - Endurance race - Silverstone

    Round 4 - May 1 - Spielberg

    Round 5 - May 8 - Bathurst

    Round 6 - May 15 - Endurance race - Spa

    Round 7 - May 22 - Monza

    Round 8 - May 29 - Brands Hatch

    Track conditions will be simulated realistically (temperatures and grip), fuel usage will be increased to 180%, effectively making at least one pit-stop necessary for each race.

    Number of laps will be communicated in the week preceding each race.

    A practice server will be available in the days before the race. The practice server will be open (no password required) and the minorating system will be implemented (allowed grades: A B C N). Practice servers will have the tag "RRL GT3 S4 - Rnd X - Practice"

    Race servers will be password-protected. It is mandatory to be present in ourTeamSpeak server (address: ts3.redlineracingleague.co.uk) for race communications, a microphone is not required but it is recommended. Race servers will have the tag "RRL GT3 S4 - Rnd X - Race"

    The Helicorsa app is mandatory, it must be installed and active during all events. To set up your pit-stop strategies we recommend installing PitConfig.

    If available, the driver's real (full) name will be used. Please change your in-game name to your full name. If you don't want to use your real name, please change your in-game name to your forum nickname.

    - RRL General Rules apply.

    - It is NOT allowed to ESCape to pits BOTH in Qualify and in Race when on track. During the Qualify sessions you must drive back to the pit lane and ESCape only after the speed limiter turns on. During the Races you must take your pit-stop by driving to your box and carrying out the usual procedure. ESCaping to pits will mean immediate disqualification from the race.

    - Race servers might only be restarted in case the server crashes and all participants get disconnected. In this case, the amount of lap already completed will be subtracted from the restarted race.

    - All attendees should be online and able to enter the online server fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of the race.

    - Those unable to attend a race must report it in advance to an Administrator or a Moderator, ideally by contacting Luca via private message or post in the sing-off thread (to let reserve drivers know they can race).

    - Three successive absences without signing off will result in removal from the standings unless admins are notified otherwise.

    1 - 35
    2 - 27
    3 - 22
    4 - 18
    5 - 15
    6 - 13
    7 - 11
    8 - 9
    9 - 7
    10 - 6
    11 - 5
    12 - 4
    13 - 3
    14 - 2
    15 - 1

    Points will be awarded to the drivers who completed at least 75% of the race.

    - Audi R8 LMS Ultra
    - BMW Z4 GT3
    - Lamborghini Huracan GT3
    - McLaren 650s GT3
    - McLaren MP4-12C GT3
    - Mercedes SLS AMG GT3
    - Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3
    - Nissan GT-R GT3
    - Glickenhaus SCG-003C

    The winner of the Drivers Championship and the winners of the Teams Championship will earn a free copy of the Assetto Corsa URD EGT Pack developed by United Racing Design!

    Visit the official signup thread at http://redlineracingleague.co.uk/forum/m/35078184/viewthread/26497689-rrl-gt3-s4-signup-thread
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  10. Danabanx

    Danabanx Rookie

  11. Sba

    Sba Racer

    We have very fair drivers of all skills, so if you're looking for a realistic and competitive league this is it! You'll always find someone to battle with during a race!

    Don't miss this chance! Sign up now!
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  12. Ibrahim Atta

    Ibrahim Atta Rookie

    Booked in and really looking forward to the league especially the endurance races.
  13. Sba

    Sba Racer


    Pre-season testing race servers will no longer be open to public due to a good turnout for this season. If you want to join, you'll need to enrol in the series! :)
  14. Sba

    Sba Racer

  15. Sba

    Sba Racer


    - 10' Qualify
    - 8 Laps Races
    - 100% fuel and tyre usage
    - 50% damage
    - 100% grip on track


    - April 2 - Monza
    - April 9 - Mugello
    - April 16 - Magione
    - April 23 - Vallelunga
    - April 30 - Imola

    The Ferrari 599XX will be the only available car.

    Server will not be password-protected and will have the tag "RRL 599XX Cup - #TRACK#"

    The server will be put in loop mode for the whole afternoon and will be open to Minorating grades A, B, C, N.

    No signup is required, everybody can join freely.
  16. S Eefting

    S Eefting Rookie

    Amazing community with friendly people and clean driving. Really worth a try for someone who's looking for GT racing in AC
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  17. Sba

    Sba Racer

    Redline Racing League is proud to present the RRL Grand Prix League!
    This is league is a full championship of 10 rounds with prizes going for the first place driver of each race and aoverall championship prize for the winner of the series! The prize for the winner of each race will be a Humble Bundle Package. The championship prize will be announced closer to the end of the season. We will be using the Williams FW-31 car as it has recently been updated and meets our requirements for enjoyable competitive online racing!

    Preseason testing sessions


    Race Calendar

    Rnd 1 - Monza
    Rnd 2 - Silverstone
    Rnd 3 - Zandvoort
    Rnd 4 - Spielberg
    Rnd 5 - Spa
    Rnd 6 - Barcelona GP
    Rnd 7 - Nürburgring GP
    Rnd 8 - Mugello
    Rnd 9 - Imola
    Rnd 10 - Road America


    1.1 - Custom points system will be used.
    1.2 - Restarts will only be permitted under the following circumstances: Mass disconnection of participants due to server failure.
    1.2.1 - In the event of a mass disconnection the race, the number of laps completed will be deducted from the full race distance and restarted with the remaining laps left.
    1.3 - All attendees should be online and able to enter the online server fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of the race.
    1.3.1 - Those unable to attend a race must report it in advance to a Administrator or moderator, ideally by contacting NakedSquirrel or Muffin via private message or post in the signoff thread.
    1.3.2 - Three successive absences without signing off will result in removal from the standings unless admins are notified otherwise.


    RRL General Rules apply

    Penalties / Infractions / Reporting of Race Incidents:
    If you deem it necessary... Reporting incidents should be done via PM (private message) to an Admin in the following format:

    Parties involved:
    Lap number:
    Picture or video evidence:
    Brief description of the event(s):

    Ideally supplying this via zipped Dropbox link included in the PM - where a decision will then be decided upon by the Stewards and/or a team of admins.

    Individual offenses will not necessarily be deemed worthy of penalty and a quick "sorry mate" and obligatory giving back the position will often suffice, however repeat offenders will be penalised by one or a combination of the following:
    1) A grid position penalty (grid demotion: prior to race result, or next race qualifying denial and possibly start race from pits)
    2) A drive through penalty (drive through the pits, likely losing time and position)
    3) A time add-on penalty of 20 seconds (after the race, likely affecting finishing position)
    4) Black Flag and Disqualified
    5) 1 Race Ban (in the most serious incidents)
    6) Expulsion from the Series (a last resort)

    It is not required for an incident to be reported for a penalty to be incurred and incidents and/or infraction reports will be collectively decided by the same team of Admins and Moderators where possible to give credibility to the decision making policy. A history of incidents will be maintained.

    Penalties are there to protect the driver not ruin his day. Ideally we don't want to have to penalize anybody, but occasionally incidents do happen which dramatically affect the outcome of a race.

    Every effort will be made to keep any and all reporting of incidents strictly private and confidential.

    Practice, Qualifying, Race and Further Information

    During a Race

    You MAY NOT use ESCape to Pit during a race.
    If you decide to pit, you must drive back and use the in-game Pit menu
    Replays will be closely monitored for infractions.
    You may pit using the correct procedure (details above) at any time during a race. Pitting is not mandatory.

    Retiring from Race / Severe Damage / Out of Fuel]

    Stopping on track and ESCaping back to pits is allowed only if you are retiring from the race due to a car problem and to vacate the track.
    Please find a safe and sensible place to pull over and use ESC to return to pits.
    You MUST NOT return to track after retiring.

    Under Practice YOU MAY use ESC to Pit as time is precious.
    You shall continue to be in compliance with correct and safe procedure and find a safe and suitable place to pull off track.
    Under Qualifying you may NOT ESC to the pit! You must drive to the pits. If you crash. You cannot set another lap during the rest of the session.

    Community / In-Game Apps, & Custom Skins

    Mandatory: Helicorsa app must be used at all times.
    Mandatory: Required Custom Skins - Everyone Must Install
    Mandatory: Teamspeak 3 - to Coordinate Race
    Address: ts3.redlineracingleague.co.uk
    (Please keep chatter / external noises to a minimum so not to spoil others concentration ... a mic is not required but is reccomended)
    Not Mandatory: Default track map (useful to see approaching cars)
    Not Mandatory: PitConfig App

    Trackday Info

    Fuel usage will be modified so a full tank won't last for the whole race
    Tyre wear and track conditions will all be simulated realistically.
    Traction Control and ABS will be turned on, however, you can turn them off if you wish.
    In game penalty system will NOT be used.
    Number of laps will be communicated before the race

    Race Format:
    Practice: 10 Minutes (19:00 GMT)
    Qualifying: 20 Minutes
    Races: 50 Minutes long races

    Point System:

    1 - 25
    2 - 18
    3 - 15
    4 - 12
    5 - 10
    6 - 8
    7 - 6
    8 - 4
    9 - 2
    10 - 1

    Note - Sometimes race timings may have a bit of leeway of 15 minutes. We ask all members to come on Teamspeak at 18:45 onwards for a 19:00 GMT start.

    Custom Skins: Drivers will be able to select a skin from the default skin pack included with the car. Sorry we do not accept custom skins for this series.

    Driver List:
    If you change your mind about team choice, please alert NakedSquirrel via PM as it's not always easy to recognize old edited posts, thanks.
    Please specify a team you wish to drive for 1 week prior to the first race to help with Server setup.
    Livery choice may not be changed once season begins.


    Click HERE to sign up to the league officially

    Teams Available:

    Brawn GP
    BMW Sauber
    Force India
    Torro Rosso
  18. Sba

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