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Redline racing league [gt3 series/cups/endurance events]

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Sba, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Sba

    Sba Racer

    Last test race at Estoril this sunday, the season will begin in September!
  2. Sba

    Sba Racer

    RRL GT3 Season 5 - Round 1 - Tor Poznan

  3. Sba

    Sba Racer

    (British Touring Car Cup)

    We will use the Triple7Racing BTCC mod. Races will be held on Saturdays and the Cup will consist of 5 rounds. The server will be set up with the tag "RRL - BTCC - Round X" and will be password-protected.

    - 45' practice, starting 16:00 RCT (Race Clock Time)
    - 15' Qualify (starting 16:45 RCT)
    - 12 Laps Races (starting 17:00 RCT)
    - 100% fuel and tyre usage
    - 50% damage
    - FAST setting for track grip

    - Ford Focus ST
    - Honda Civic
    - Toyota Avensis
    - BMW 125i M Sport

    1 - 10
    2 - 8
    3 - 6
    4 - 5
    5 - 4
    6 - 3
    7 - 2
    8 - 1


    Round 1 - Donington (national) - September 10th
    Round 2 - Brands Hatch (indy) - September 17th
    Round 3 - Spielberg (national)- September 24th
    Round 4 - Nurburgring (sprint) - October 1st
    Round 5 - Silverstone (national) - October 8th

    SIGN UP HERE: http://redlineracingleague.co.uk/forum/m/35078184/viewthread/28362155-rrl-btcc
  4. Sba

    Sba Racer

    RRL GT3 Series - Season 5 Round 2 - Brands Hatch

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  5. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer

    Go watch the race highlights of the first #endurance race of our GT3 Series!

    Italian McLaren driver Luca Babetto got his first pole position of this season, but can he defend well enough and bring home his first victory?
    2 hours of tight racing surely got its highlights!

  6. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer


    P/GT Multiclass Racing!

    We most likely will pause our succesful GT3 league, once its finished (Round 3/8 done) and launch an all new P/GT season, featuring these cars:
    Corvette Daytona Prototype

    The races will feature a rolling start, controlled by an own developed AC racecontrol app, and will be between 60 and 90 minutes long.

    We have 32 drivers enrolled in our current GT3 season and hope to transfer all of them into the all new racing experience, but we are always happy to welcome new people to our community.

    If you are interested in P/GT races, simply let us know in this thread and you can get in touch with us via Steam ( http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198102963564/ )

    On 2nd October, we have a first test race to see how things work out, so if you are a consistent and safe driver, you can sign up for the event :)

  7. Sba

    Sba Racer

    RRL GT3 Series - Season 5 Round 4 - Algarve

  8. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer

  9. Sba

    Sba Racer

  10. Sba

    Sba Racer

    RRL GT3 Series - Season 5 Round 5 - Silverstone

  11. Sba

    Sba Racer

    RRL GT3 Series - Season 5 Round 5 - Silverstone

  12. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer

    Sign up for our PGT Series starting in November are now OPEN!

    Check our all details here: http://redlineracingleague.co.uk/forum/m/35078184/viewthread/28748700-pgt-s1-sign-up-thread/page/1

    Short Info:

    - Corvette Daytona Prototype (P Class)
    - Ferrari 458 GT2, BMW M3 GT2, Corvette C7R (GTE Class)

    - Rolling starts controlled and managed by an own developed APP
    - 1 mandantory pitstop
    - Race highlight videos of each race
    - Race control/stewarding for every race, to offer clean racing

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via this thread, in Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198102963564/) or on our Website redlineracingleague.co.uk.

    Sign up and join our community, you will enjoy yourself!
  13. mtz.enjoi

    mtz.enjoi Racer

    Little Fun Event next week (3rd November)

    Track: Spa-Francorchamps / 30 Minute Race

    Car: Carrera RSR 3.0

    Schedule: 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST - 3rd November
    10 min. Qualifying
    30 min. Race

    Server will have Minorating enabled, allowing MR-ABC only, wont be password protected.
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