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Redline Sim Racing - Season 1 Formula 3 Championship

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Jordan McDonnell, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Welcome to Season 1 of Redline Sim Racing’s Formula 3 Championship.
    Our Website: http://redlinesim.weebly.com
    A little about Redline Sim Racing:
    Redline Sim Racing is a Online Racing Community which was started in 2017 by Jordan McDonnell, and Liam Young. The 2 began this project to produce an elite form of racing on rFactor related to Dirt Speedway. Recently they have started their Tarmac Championships as Jordan and Liam have both been incredibly successful in karting since they were 4, and wanted to create a Tarmac Racing Environment

    Championship Information and Structure:

    Car Download: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rsr-formula-3.8040/
    Championship Commence Date: 27th - 28th May 2017
    Season Duration: 11 weeks (10 Championship Rounds + 1 Official Test Night)
    Team Member Limit: 3
    Team Livery / Skins: Email them to redlinesimracing@gmail.com SUBJECT: F3S1(TeamName) before 22 May 2017.
    Official Test Night: 13th - 14th May 2017

    Round Night Proceedings:
    » 30min Practice Session
    » 15min Qualifiying Session
    » Race 1 (Laps will be confirmed on the night)
    » Race 2 (Laps will be confirmed on the night) (Grids based on Finishing position from Race 1. Top 8 will be reversed)

    Lobby Settings:

    The following lobby settings will be used for the Formula 3 Races

    ● Maximum Grid Size: 26
    ● Car Class: F3


    ● Rolling Start: No
    ● Practice: 30 mins
    ● Qualifying: 15mins
    ● Number of Laps: Depending on track


    ● Weather: Clear
    ● Date Type: Custom (Day of race)
    ● Starting Time: 12pm
    ● Track Grip: Dynamic


    ● Tire Blankets: Yes
    ● ABS: Not Allowed
    ● TC: Not Allowed
    ● Stability Aid: No
    ● Auto Clutch: Yes
    ● Force Virtual Mirror: Yes
    ● Force Default Setups: No
    ● Damage: 100%
    ● Tyre Wear: 100%
    ● Fuel Rate: 100%
    ● Flags & Penalties: On
    ● Jump Start: Drive Through

    Track Selection:
    The following tracks will be used in our Championship.

    Donington Park:

    Malaysia GP:




    Nurburgring GP:
    Comes with Game

    Comes with Game

    Silverstone GP:
    Comes with Game

    Comes with Game

    Spa Francorchamps:
    Comes with Game

    Thanks for Reading, feel free to Sign Up on our Forums: (PS Forums is new to our community, so if you have any criticism regarding it, let me know!

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