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[RELEASED] ACC support in RaceApp

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by ChrisRacki, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    As promised not so long ago, there will be full ACC support in RaceApp.eu. Testers are already checking out features in their early access account so it won't last too long for bringing it all to the public!

    What can you expect?
    RaceApp.eu is a free to use simracing league management platform. Our mission is to work closely together with communities in order to deliver exceptional experiences for drivers and organizers. Since we started in 2016 countless features were added as direct requests from our users - which count 2200 by today.
    Simracing communities are our partners and not our competitors, so their presence with their series will always be in the focus of the audience.

    What will RaceApp do for you?
    1. Fully fledged booking system: self-service, car selector, teams, limits for same car/livery/class count, multiclass, safe password distribution, ...
    2. Racing results and statistics: multiclass, chart diagrams, incident statistics, sector time analysis, ...
    3. Series Scoring: scratch results, team score, endurance score, VLN scoring schema, rookie score, penalty management, multi series score, ...
    4. Long time statistics: driver event history, leaderboard of community drivers, etc.
    5. ACC specials: livery picker, entrylist generator
    As framework aspect we manage data privacy aspects for you.
    There is a long list of features we will deliver in the upcoming months. But that is a different topic and too much for here.

    If you want to know more, visit raceapp.eu or our discord server. Our fb/t social media channels will get some more love too in the future so I will be glad if you join there aswell ;-)

    I am looking forward to see your feedback, questions and thoughts. I am here to hear you!

    PS: You may already try our established AC support

  2. Wutzmann

    Wutzmann Rookie

    Hello Racki, that's good news!

    We are looking forward to using the RaceApp as much as possible with ACC, as we have done in the past with RaceRoom.

    Let us know if you need any kind of support, we would be glad to help you to further your great RaceApp!
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  3. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    If you can provide some sample logfiles in the newest v1.0.7 format that would boost QA for sure :)
  4. Wutzmann

    Wutzmann Rookie

    Am Dienstag haben wir wieder ein Rennen, dann sende ich die die Daten!
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  5. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    Update News! Version 1908 is online now!

    Early Access Accounts will experience:
    • ACC: Entry List Generator, Livery Browser, Log Import with Result Analysis
      (Driverswap is supported but only primary driver will be listed in the App)
    • rF2: Log Importer finetuning to latest feedback and bug reports
      INFO: Complete Mod support. Unknown mods will be automatically added to the database upon logfile upload. Then cars/classes/tracks are available in the booking system.
    • R3E: Quickresult Report working just in local browser without anything else (experiment for future)
    • Event Scheduler: Which community is driving which series on which days? Available through Button on the What's up page Appart from early access we have some

    News for all users:
    • NEW: Fairness Rating table on series statistics page
    • R3E: United WTCR 18/19 performance classes
    • R3E: Entry List csv report with R3E UserIds available from the event page
    • FIX: Series scoring happend to produce duplicate drivers in some cases
    As testing goes on we are optimistic to release early access features in September.
    Any feedback appreciated. I am here to hear you :)
  6. Zadra_SCM

    Zadra_SCM Rookie

    How Can I participate in ACC tests?
  7. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    You need to fill out the community registration form from the start page and then I can enable the preview features for you. Simple as that ;)
  8. Wutzmann

    Wutzmann Rookie

    Hello Chris,

    can you add to the entrylist.json "defaultGridPosition" please?

    Would be helpful if you want to do reverse start order.
  9. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    Which values do you suggest for this property?
  10. Wutzmann

    Wutzmann Rookie

    I imagine it like this:


    "forceEntryList": 0,
    "entries": [
  11. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    It is time to give you some insight on the current progress and also some background information.

    When you start an event it is recommended to use the booking system with livery picker and participation confirmation. The logic behind calculates everything to give you a ready to use entrylist.json:
    2019-09-06 11_15_23-RaceApp.png
    The livery picker currently supports only original liveries but not custom designs.
    I am thining about an interactive livery designer which integrates in this process well and gives the admin a ready to use set of configuration files. But this will not happen in 2019 anymore.

    The logfile import is straightforward and provides important information in the side column:
    2019-09-06 11_29_20-RaceApp.png

    After logfile import you get the race result table:
    2019-09-06 11_07_56-RaceApp.png

    Interactive Lap table where you can filter for best laps, theoretical best or individual sorting/filtering on drivers:
    2019-09-06 11_09_09-RaceApp.png

    The statistics tabs starts with the position diagram:
    2019-09-06 11_09_24-RaceApp.png
    Unfortunately the gap diagram is not useful right now on flying starts because the laptime counter seems to run when the lights go green and not when the participants cross the line for the first time. Therefore the gaps are wrong. I hope the devs can improve that.

    In the lap diagram you can compare two drivers performances. In this example @Wutzmann won the battle for the faster lap count against me (congrats!). You can also see that there is no drop of performance during the race distance:
    2019-09-06 11_10_43-RaceApp.png

    Next table are the performance statistics. You can show whole laps or only single sectors. The calculation method is explained below.
    2019-09-06 11_11_00-RaceApp.png

    The race progress table shows positions gained compared to qualifying and the number of lead laps. On other sims we also show pit count but on ACC I do not have this information in the logfile:
    2019-09-06 11_11_26-RaceApp.png

    After the race you do the scoring per autocalculate. You can have individual scoring tables, guest drivers, penalties and all other things you expect:
    2019-09-06 11_11_58-RaceApp.png
  12. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    For an interactive experience you can check out the source of these screenshots here:

    Wanna see more what is happining in the series view?

    Here we go with the series scoring:
    2019-09-06 11_14_11-RaceApp.png

    Series statistics provide you with interesting details:
    2019-09-06 11_12_52-RaceApp.png
    2019-09-06 11_13_09-RaceApp.png
    2019-09-06 11_13_57-RaceApp.png
    The last two columns are empty (CollisionsPerHour / IncidentsPerHour) because there is too less information for that in the logfiles. Hope to get more data here in the future.

    The interactive page where these screenshots are taken from can be found here:

    Hope you like it.
    Think we can go public with that soon :)
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  13. Vasracing

    Vasracing Gamer

    Awsome work here Chris, looking forward to setting up my next series through RaceApp.
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  14. DiRTyDRiVER

    DiRTyDRiVER Hardcore Simmer

    Hello Chris

    I informed bout your website a few days ago. Would it be an option for your project, that in the future also teams can register or organize there? Have often searched for such an offer and found nothing.

  15. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    What do you mean exactly by teams?
    RaceApp is community centric because thats where all the series and events are organized and these people need to take the honor for that :)
  16. ChrisRacki

    ChrisRacki Gamer

    Good news everyone! The newest RaceApp Update 1910 has just been published to our servers. And it's a massive one!

    NEW 1) Assetto Corsa Competizione support is now available for all RaceApp users. Many thanks to the supporters in the early access program for providing valuble feedback! I hope you all like the comfort of the livery browser. As Kunos introduced custom liveries with a later patch, they are not supported yet. However there is the idea for an interactive livery designer on my desk. Keep tuned...

    NEW 2) A brandnew Event Scheduler is available at the What'up menu page. See which communities perform which events in a nice monthly scheduler view. You can filter the view by using the Community Id in the URL.

    NEW 3) The logfile upload routines have been enhanced to give you a lot more feedback about the file uploaded. For example you get information which driver names fall into the anonymization.

    NEW 4) At the Series statistics page the performance table was enhanced with an additional column comparing the average Q positions with the R positions as +/- value.

    NEW 5) At the series settings I have added a button to add a complete performance class to the selection (i.e. for Raceroom you can add all GT3 which includes GTR3 and all GT Masters.) This feature becomes more relevant with rF2 support, because as we have already seen content modders often use the car name also in the field for class name and so you do not have the comfort to select the whole class.

    NEW 6) Confirming/Cancelling event participations has been improved on the What's up page. If you have several runs on one day the app asks you if you want to confirm all other runs aswell.

    NEW 7) R3E Entrylist Exporters: They provide simple csv files which can be opened in for example in Excel. There are several places where you can find the button with slight nuances in the content - Take the one which fits your needs: Logfile/Event View at the info tab (drivers in the logfile with UserId and ingame name), Event participants tab (only confirmed drivers), Series booking tab (all drivers of the series)

    NEW 8) ACC Entrylist Exporters: Similar to the R3E exporters you can download entrylist files. However ACC delivers a json file which can be directly used at your dedicated server configuration. Driver Names, Steam ID, Car, Livery and Server Admins are taken from RaceApp ready to use in your server configuration. Comparing to latest early access version there are additional property fields in the file which bring more comfort for editing (customCar, defaultGridPosition, overrideCarModelForCustomCar)

    NEW 9) Team Scoring: There are multiple options in the series settings to configure scratch results in team scoring. Either take the scratchers from the drivers results and apply them to the team score or scratch the worst team result(s). Furthermore it is possible now to manually override team score calculation at the event scoring page.

    NEW 10) The driverprofile now has the option to store Raceroom UserIDs. This is a direct integration with the official Raceroom servers. Please ask all your drivers to fill out this additional field. This value will bring additional features in future like automatic application of performance weights in the dedicated server (spoiler!) The errorprone maintenance of the list of in-game names will hopefully be transfered to UserId logic aswell some day. For many users the Id was automatically extracted from the logfiles already.

    There are some minor fixes aswell:
    - preventing duplicate Community Ids at the registration page
    - driver statistics background calculation is more cpu friendly and should not slow down App usage anymore
    - German Umlaute were not correctly displayed at eventlogs
    - slightly reducing ads
    - Time penalty was not correctly calculated if the lap counts where not the same

    For feedback, critics, questions and ideas just drop me a line!
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