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Generic REMINDER - Community Behavior

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by AC_CM505, Nov 6, 2016.

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  1. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    Alright Ace, let´s not jump any conclusions either.

    As pc users, let´s respect what 505 tried to tell everyone with this thread.

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  2. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Yah, right. The last part was unnecessary, point given.
    But those twitchy fingers.... ;)
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  3. Larryf1951

    Larryf1951 Hardcore Simmer

    I've just gotta throw my two cents into this. For those who want to criticize console players for expecting an arcade game, or those who say that the PC players are just pompous, and therefore we'll never see eye to eye : look in the console lounge for the weekly hotlap challenge.
    Every week, for six weeks now, PC, XB1 and PS4 players have been racing cars and posting times. In the same thread. All three groups are getting along, paying compliments, trading setup information... etc.
    We can all get along. And we do.
    Thank you to Graveltrap and all of the other adults participating in the weekly hotlap challenge.
    Rant over, we now return you to your regular scheduled programing. :cool:
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  4. Ace Pumpkin

    Ace Pumpkin Alien

    Well said, m8!
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  5. Steven Watson

    Steven Watson Rookie

    What he's talking about is why they did not port over the current pc build. Why start over?
  6. Exage304

    Exage304 Gamer

    I didn't argue with certain [previous] members because at the end of the day all they are looking for is a reaction.

    The best course of action is report post and if the behaviour continues (multiple threads) report member. I have found it's actually very effective. Helps the mods and admin out possibly saving a thread locking.

    I don't expect sunshine and rainbows but if you're going to argue or complain do it with respect and have a point.
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  7. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Amazing to see a post like this in this thread, pretty sure its exactly what was asked of us not to do then he goes and does it only a few posts later.
  8. The apparent 'Divide' between Console and PC users should not even exist, we are all into AC for the same reason, and one's choice of platform is just that, a personal choice.
    A comment such as "A blanket ban on PC goons" is an indictment on the posters lack of maturity, which would apply if the same attitude resulted from a PC user posting "Console Goons".
    It costs nothing to be polite.
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  9. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Dear @AC_CM505,

    I appreciate how you keep fighting for good behaviour in here...also @AC Support.

    Now here comes the "but". But you are burning the neighbour's barn to find the penny in the hay by closing entire threads due to individuals and creating a broadcast thread like this one.

    The problems are caused by a quire small group of individuals and I recommend to target those.
    So you made this announcement here loud and clear and stickied. Everyone that now misbehaves must be insta-punished with no warning. That guy who called people goons in this very thread - give him a 1 week ban right away. Keep a list and if it happens 3 times, perma-ban him...maybe with rehab option when personal unban request is sent.

    Everyone on either "side" (PC or console) has seen how fires get started, everyone has read that it's not tolerable so have courage and get out the ban hammer.

    And +1000 for the post regarding the cross-platform hotlap challenge - that's the spirit...and proof that I can have my a$$ handed to me by PS4 and XBOX racers :)
  10. Lancaster

    Lancaster Gamer

    If I'm upset, it's because of this buggy game.
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  11. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Because it's not that easy?
  12. Hello everyone!! first I want to apologize for my English, I am Brazilian and not English and my primary language. Speaking on the issue, confusions occur through the fault of the system that the team Kunos implanted in the forum. I recommend Kunos more hot issues are answered and not you did answer as it is today. I took a scolding by posting topics in the wrong topics, but this was the lack of an objective response. I console User have questions that seeing what is going want an answer by the responsible game.Vejo out DLCs and no updates when updates, upgrades and PC platform that light years ahead of the consoles, in my opinion you prioritize platform more problems, serious problems of frame rate of simulation elements or lack of them, I'll read the news and giant updates for pC Assetto, while I think not anyone in lobbies when I think the players have stark falls of frame rates while the pc ... a wonder, am not against the pC, but I think the time and to prioritize the islands. If Kunos not want discusoes problems, first answers in the game users want to know, a preview of an update, what they are planning to improve, but an answer. According to prioritize the consoles, because this online too bad, A User pc Assetto play console Assetto will realize how much the game is unfinished on the island. If agreed to enter the world of the islands, they should be prepared to work and a lot of criticism for the product that is unfortunately incontra today unfinished. But highlighting and a fantastic game, but this is not taken so would the islands by the team Kunos ... unfortunately.
  13. Only answer we have and (when we communicate news) will be what and how you should treat your players the staff who supported believed in your work?
    If you have news only here one year, we stay in the waiting sitting still? while PC updates, upgrades and DLCs? Let's rethink things?
  14. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    You guys on console have a patch incoming, its not Kunos or PC players fault that it needs to go trough Microsoft and Sony before it can get released.
  15. okay I agree with you, but that prevents the team from Kunos go anticipating something like (we plan to fix this or that in the next updating) is not possible? I think so.
  16. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    Yet everyone else manages this supposedly 'difficult' feat of pc and console parity whether we are talking just car related or more general games...F1 2016, pCARS, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4 etc etc etc, they all work just the same out of the box. If you want examples of small studios releasing games on console after successful pc launches take the likes of Prison Architect or Rocket League as examples, they worked on day one, they didn't release the pc beta complete with all the previously discovered bugs and slowly update it to current pc spec. The game spec they released was the same as the pc game with a UI redesigned for the console (mostly due to the pad) and these companies didn't leave out half the on screen information, controls or control assignments and forget to support official peripherals like certain wheels either...

    The version of AC released on console was a significantly older build than the pc version of the time and has still not caught up. Does that help explain my comments, of course if you have played the console version I'm sure you'll understand all of this.
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  17. I understand that the staff and small, and everything else, I believe in bringing a little version less than the PC, but today the release this much but far behind the PC, and problems of lack of important information for a simulator as telemetry and status of tires to technical problems such as falls and framerates not find your friends in the lobbies, fine and understandable, but you question and nothing so (when we communicate news) and PC upgrades and DLCs 2 times a month and very hard to accept ... .me descupem by my frustration bought the game, the seanpass and so far only a Japanese pack, an update without major effects, or say something here that does not happen to anyone? only with me? please tell me ...
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  18. MBK72

    MBK72 Hardcore Simmer

    In a thread about community behaviour in the console section the Pumpkin strikes again.

    As for my thoughts on AC you are wrong again. The pc version of AC is exceptional,(especially with early VR support) and made the price of the Oculus Rift worth it for this one game alone. I'd give much more praise but until the console version matches the pc experience, with the some graphical limitations, I won't be doing so. So it turns out it's just you I don't like and I know that is entirely mutual.

    However, for all the praise I could give the pc version the console version is a disgrace, certainly the worst console game launch of the year and remains so 2 months after launch. The AC console version is still significantly behind the pc version, missing advertised features and full of bugs that were resolved in the pc version a long time ago. The console version was released as a full launch not a beta or development game.

    As for Forza Horizon 3 that is also a spiffing game but killing defenseless animals with cars is probably much more your sort of thing as you suggested it. If I want to pick on defenseless computer generated villains who deserve to die the Wolfenstein games are always quite satisfying.
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  19. I think some people here must have a different version of Assetto Corsa islands ... her to be perfect and without falls framerates bugs with full of players lobbies with fully configurable controls and with all the information that a simulator player need to know the situation of your car and tire on your game screen ...
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  20. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    What you describe is the pc version. I keep my fingers crossed for you guys to also get that.
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