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Rent4Speed SIM Challenge Parcmotor 18/05-20/06/2020

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Trackrat, May 30, 2020.

  1. Trackrat

    Trackrat Rookie


    Hi everyone!

    We are Trackrat Club , a trackday organizer from around Barcelona. Becausse on the actual circunstances we all know, going to the track was not possible and as many of us on the staff we were already long run SIM Racers, we thought to put together some alternative for our local drivers...And the original idea went growing...

    So, it has ended up being 1 month long Challenge trying to connect both worlds, virtual racing and trackady driving and giving participants from each one of them the chance to do what they normally can't.

    Trackday drivers do their thing with real cars on real tracks, but at least on our country, get involved on actual competition is a huge, difficult and very expensive step. Meanwhile on SIM Racing, is what the whole thing is about.

    Instead ,on the other side of the mirror, do the real stuff is commonly just a dream, as it was for me 14 years ago. I guess being a national finalist on GT Academy's first edition, it meant getting too close to the border to just let it go, and I could do no other than cross it.

    And maybe because that, because how important that moment was for me, our challenge is priced based mainly on giving the chance to the winners to come to our trackdays and drive a track ready rental car, provided by our partner Rent4Speed, receive driving instruction from our coach and do all that for free.
    Obviously we have alternative prizes for those who are not able to come to Barcelona and enjoy the track with us.

    So in our servers there is a funny mix of drivers, Sim Racers getting the chance to come to a trackday, trackday drivers getting the chance to race, and also some of those who have done everything...and want to do it better than the others, lol.

    Our dreamed goal is to put together a seassonal championship through which final winner gets to join our Racing Team and take part on Ascari´s 24H Race, an amazing Old School cars endurance race taking place every May on an astonishing race track on Malaga, South of Spain.

    But before than that, our first target, as we did on our trackdays several years ago, is to gather good drivers, willing to have fun and only putting their competitiveness behind the respect for those who share the track with them, no matter if it is a virtual or a real one.

    So, I hoping to be around for a while, I introduce you the RENT4SPEED SIM Challenge Parcmotor.

    As soon as I have lunch I'll be back with some more detail!​

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  3. Trackrat

    Trackrat Rookie


    So, what is it about?

    On real and virtual versionwe have same track, Parcmotor Castelloli, and same cars, R4S 207, some servers in which the only combo available is that one and also we have a trackday on that track by June 28th.

    The challenge has started with a first stage on hotlap mode from May 11th that lasts until June 18th, while that you can join the servers 6 days’ week, 22 hours a day and try to set the best possible lap time.

    From Monday to Saturdays is just that, and you can get one of this 2 prizes, a 50€ Steam card for the fastest lap time or another one for the driver achieving more laps for that period of time.

    And what about Sundays? We train on racing. The final Stage on June 20th will be a race in between the 24 drivers achieving the best lap times during the first stage. And every Sunday we do the same configuration race as it will be on the final so we make sure everyone is ready for it when it comes.

    And what are the prizes for the final race winners?

    Fifth and Fourth classifieds get a beautiful and exclusive Trackrat Petrolwear T-Shirt

    Third classified gets a Turn One jet helmet for trackday use.

    Second Classified, a set of Fanatec CSL Elite LT pedals

    and finally, the absolute winner gets a driving experience on the real Parcmotor Castellolí track driving a real S4R 207. Depending if winner has experience on the track it will be a 12 lap experience or if it is a SIM Racer with no previous experience, 6laps plus complete training with our professional coach.

    So if you want to join, just have to fill up this form and drive it like you stole it...

    We hope to see you around!

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