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Generic Reporting Console Bugs

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by AC_CM505, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Jon Legg

    Jon Legg Racer

    PS4 Pro - T500rs
    The wheel sets its self to the shortest range every time the game boots, I have to manually set it every time. I cannot make the wheel match the onscreen wheel on any of the cars, The degrees of rotation slider does nothing, it has no effect on steering lock or the wheel animation. The FFB feels awful!!! It was far better in original AC.
    Is any of this ever going to be addressed or even acknowledged by the devs?
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  2. Brooker0013

    Brooker0013 Gamer

    I've given up on any kind of response from this company. They got our miney and it's clear they don't care abiut us. I've since been in contact with PLAYSTATION and after saying they would escalate the matter it seems like I'm now going in circles. So I will see what citizens advice have to say. Hopefully I can take these 3 go now is to court, PLAYSTATION, 505 games and Kudos. I have screen shots of all the transcripts between these companies and myself. Aswell as some screenshots if other people reporting different bugs. We've been sold a faulty product. Simple as that. I suggest others do the same unless they want companies to keep getting away with this. It will only get worse✌
  3. Chreos

    Chreos Gamer

    PS4 Pro, Careermode 24h Spa simulation. I had pitlimiter and several driver aids at auto, during the first 3 stints all worked well with the pitlimiter, but the 4th time it didn't work and caused a DSQ after a bit over an hour. Very dissapointing. Oh, and the lights are really bad, yesterday I drove Paul Ricard in Career and some parts of the track you have to drive almost blind.
    But despite these issue's I'm really happy with the sim, it sounds great and looks good. The only track I really miss is the Nordschleife, that would be great if you'd give us that as DLC with 24h and VLN liveries. GT-3 and GT-4 cars fit very well to the Green Hell.
  4. Jon Legg

    Jon Legg Racer

    Any idea when the next update will come and what it will fix?
  5. Brooker0013

    Brooker0013 Gamer

    Even the developers admit they don't know. So I doubt there will be a fix any time soon if at all.✌
  6. Jon Legg

    Jon Legg Racer

    I’ve just installed the latest update to find it makes things even worse.
    Now my T500 is not recognised by the game, there is no FFB and the DOR slider is set to zero and I can’t change it. I couldn’t comment on the graphics because I spent about 20 seconds on track, 5 mins in menus and then ejected the disk in frustration.

    I rely regret buying this game, total waste of time and money.
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  7. Brooker0013

    Brooker0013 Gamer

    I would still ask for a full refund
  8. finky

    finky Rookie

  9. finky

    finky Rookie

    After update I won a single player race but after slowdown lap and returning to pits, I was placed second, a lap down from new "winner".
  10. Dante Jimenez

    Dante Jimenez Rookie

    I finished a 3 hours race on championship mode after it, the game gave an error about a corrupted replay file i had from a special event, I opened it to see if it was working and it did, and then i checked if my wheel settings and all that were ok (they were) then I closed the game, later i opened the game and again on the main menu it gave me the same message about the replay but this time I realized I had lost my whole game saved data, and all progress and more importantly setups and settings with It.
  11. ApexGun

    ApexGun Rookie

    I have had several bluescreens while racing after the patch 1.5.4 on PS4. they seem to happen on formation sequence/lap. let me know what info you need. i have submitted the crash report several times via PSN on the bluescreen
  12. Chreos

    Chreos Gamer

    I've experienced a "controls locked" bug on the PS4 Pro, both in the launch version as in the latest update. I also hear this from several other friends around me. When you are lined up before a race you get the message "controls locked for 30 seconds" If you are on the front row or somewhere in the middel of the field the other cars will bump into you and this effects your SA rating massively. In my case I went down 25 points, which costs me a long of time to get back to that level. So I really hope you're gonna fix that. It happens on several tracks, seen it on Silverstone, Spa, Zolder, Zandvoort, Monza.
  13. X3C-T0R

    X3C-T0R Rookie

    PS4 standard
    Lot of issues

    - AI is often very blind and drives wildly in curves and rams the player away - SPA last curve
    - AI drives / jumps before the race starts wildly over curbs - Barcelona
    - AI drives badly before the race starts - gaps - SPA ...
    - AI is definitely missing fair play parameters
    - controls lock at race start (single player)
    - activated pit limiter at the start of the race (single player)
    - setup menu bug: no navigation possible (save)
    - setup menu bug: background color of the lines remain
    - performance of the multiplayer main menu is miserably slow
    - the replay and highlight function often causes ACC to crash - multiplayer
    - error in the livery menu - saving is not possible because ... special vehicle ?! (not 720S, e.g. R8 ...)
    - I don't know if it's a bug ... but I think the rating system doesn't work properly anymore
  14. Kazabubu

    Kazabubu Rookie

    PS4 Pro, AC Ultimate Edition, Logitech G29:
    In many tracks with various Ferrari F1 cars (don't know if its a more generic issue), when timing the lap from the video replay is always faster than the in-game timer value (e.g. 1:26.8 in Nurburgring GP timed from the video replay, but 1:32.2 on in-game timer. The same happens in Spa, Laguna Seca, Austria etc.). The video replay is in normal speed. Is this a bug? Anyone else experiences the same behavior? Which time should I trust?
  15. Console: PS4

    • The game is always crashing while Youtube streaming
    • Without any running stream it's ok
    • While streaming using Twitch it's also ok

    This is a known problem or maybe something wrong with my PS4 / game?

    Kind regards.
  16. edel001

    edel001 Rookie

    Hi, yesterday my fanatec V2 pedal throttle doesn't work properly on Assetto Corsa, not reach 100 %....BUT on Assetto Corsa Competizione work very fine...
    only on Assetto Corsa doesn't work fine.......
  17. Herr_M_Anski

    Herr_M_Anski Rookie

    Console: PS4 pro
    Wheel & pedals: TM t300rs & t3pa

    Since update 1.07 launched I'm having the following issues:
    - in career mode when I save mid-session to return later. Whenever I resume the event, the fuel-indicator is stuck on the amount of fuel left at the moment of saving. During the following pitstops when refueling it fills up to the maximum and will stay filled up for the rest of the event. As a matter of realism this breaks the experience so hard.
    It also turns out that when it saves in between sessions, also since update 1.07, this bug also occurs for the entire remainder of the event, every session to come.
    - at start-up of the game, any input of my pedals won't be registered by the game. However when I use them with any other driving/racing game (like PC2, GTS or Wreckfest) they register without a problem. Only after trying them with any of these games first they will also register in ACC.
  18. Diego L.

    Diego L. Rookie

    Console PS4
    Volante e pedali: G29
    in Galleria i Replay registrano gli ultimi 3minuti circa e non tutta la gara, e gli Highlight da sempre errore e non li register.
    e possibile modificare i parametri replay e una soluzione per gli Highlight.
  19. Console: Xbox One S
    Wheel&Pedal: Thrustmaster TMX PRO & T3PA

    Updated to last 1.72 version a couple of days ago. But since then almost all my lap times for every circuit are gone, my fastest laps, my average lap times, the number of laps done, number of races and podium...
    The oldest are gone, and the new version doesn't records the new races, laps, laps time...
  20. E30WOLF

    E30WOLF Rookie

    PS4 pro.
    Just bought this awesome game and so far I just want to keep racing but the following are bugs I’ve encountered...

    * constant jump/skip for a second which sometimes puts me further out in the track or turns...

    * setups do not save. I have a notebook I always keep my setups from other games like Grand Turismo, Project cars, and real life application. so I’ve been able to recall my set up manually. Time consuming, sure... Even after turning it off same day-setup lost.

    that’s it, honestly not bad, but threads from 2017 tell me the “saved” setup issue has been an old tale... why is it not fixed?
    The intermittent jump/skip during races-I get it, maybe it’s my connection to the internet, maybe not.
    I just downloaded it, so I’m guessing it’s a current version.

    rant over.
    thanks in advance for taking the time to read this, maybe this issues are already been looked at.

    P.S. As a Bentley Tech, and track day junkie, it’s good to see the current GT3 getting its well deserved game appearance. Keep it up, sound is spot on!
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