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Restart career sessions test result in lower ai times. (MAYBE NOT)

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by MsportDAN, May 30, 2019.

  1. MsportDAN

    MsportDAN Alien

    I found that the first time I did the first career test I was 3 sec off the AI, so I restarted I got the same time but I was only 1.5 sec. Same for the wet and dark tests - a restart causes lower more realistic ai times (I was on hard).

    I did a 1;54 in the 1st one the Ai did a 1;51. When I restarted the AI did a 1:53. ..

    As far as I know it doesn't get quicker at every restart it just takes one restart to normalise them.


    I think there times are random as I did a restart and they still hit a 1;51 (by the end of session night/day doh!) in the dark I got a 1;52 .. so maybe this restart issues ISNT an issue.

    Last edited: May 30, 2019

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  3. Glk73

    Glk73 Rookie

    Same here
  4. MsportDAN

    MsportDAN Alien

    also restarting the game and resuming career gets the fast ai until u restart sessions.

    and I just had a crash in that session in the dark..!!
  5. Yeah I thought that is was going to be a walk in the park with my 1 sec lead in the first "pratice session". Then 2 of them came up with 1.51.00 in the dark loll

    My 1.51.300 was not bad I think, but its maybe on purpose just to make sure what your real pace is and make the career more challenging and/or less grinding. Or maybe just a bug too!
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  6. MsportDAN

    MsportDAN Alien

    yeah I agree Lud, I think there times are random as I did a restart and they still hit a 1;51 (by the end of session) in the dark I got a 1;52 .. so maybe this restart issues ISNT an issue

    Am worried about their wet times vo as I was way off and I was pushing hard!

    Got a gold in the end and offered pretty much all the cars, so I helped myself to the porca!
    Last edited: May 30, 2019
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  7. Wet preset are super conservative! I manage to finish 1st in the wet, but with huge ride height modification and a lot less rear wing, especialy at monza. I guess its not the best to be safe for a 1hour race buy definitly faster to hotlap or stint! I had almost all car (except ferrari, lambo and audi) and decided to go with mclaren for the challenge!! Damnn what a bitting ***** it is!!
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