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Revs-simracing uk - driver training school - 21/02/15

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by SimRevs, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. SimRevs

    SimRevs Racer

    REVS Training Program Begining Feb 21st (Saturdays at 8pm GMT)

    In the world of sim racing, when a new sim like Assetto Corsa is released new players join the community who have never had the experience that comes with a full sim. Now not everyone was born with a steering wheel in their hands and sometimes that is hard for seasoned "pros" to remember.

    We at REVS would like to offer help to bring your on-track skills up to a level where you will enjoy the game more, be more competitive vs more experienced racers and have fewer people screaming at you because you "ruined my flying lap"

    To do this we are setting up a drivers school with dedicated instructors who will aid and guide you through the difficulties and trials that online racing has to offer. A brief rundown of what we intend to show:

    1: How to set your game up to get the fullest experience of the sim, FOV adjustments and general performance tweaks.

    2: Car control on a race track, some of the real world techniques that translate well into sims.

    3: How to overtake and defend your position correctly and safely.

    4: Racing etiquette, understanding how to not be "that guy"

    5: Car setups, how each setting makes the car feel and what effect it has on your times

    Now this is not a judgmental program, and we understand that not everyone wants or needs this help. It is however going to be there if wanted.

    What we offer:

    A great set of drivers that can show you how to do things and not just read them from a book.
    A closed server that is stable and well run, this way you can practice and not worry about the actual racers you are around.
    Teamspeak 3 server.
    Tuition on a one to one basis if asked for.
    A brilliant community with extremely approachable people who love to help.
    A well moderated forum where questions and queries get answered quickly and professionally.

    *Everything at REVS is Free, there is no charge for this Service.*

    AC - Driver Training - Lesson 1 - 21/02/15


    REVS Driver Training offer's a Series of lessons aimed at helping new drivers get the skills and the confidence to drive safely and competently online.

    Important Information

    1. This lesson will cover how to set your rig and Assetto Corsa up for maximum performance. (FOV management, GFX details etc).

    2. On track we will cover Braking techniques and stabilization of the vehicle in turns using the throttle and brake.

    3. Could you please be aware your PC's Specifications so we can assist you in your GFX setup, this should be a short process meaning we can get on track for plenty of practice.

    4. Chose the BMW as you would any car, follow the instructor through the lesson and then practice practice practice

    Server & Lesson Details
    Server Name: REVS: Driver Training School
    Server Password: Usual Password
    Booking: Non Booking Server
    Start Time: 8:00pm
    Lesson Length: 120 Minutes

    Server Configuration
    Car / Mod: BMW M3 E92
    Traction Control: Factory
    ABS: Factory
    Damage: 100%
    Fuel Usage: 100%
    Tyre Wear: 100%

    Traction control and ABS will be turned off and on again manually during these lessons

    The Server is up all day.

    For more information, sign up to our website at http://www.revs-simracing.co.uk/

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