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RLM | Coach Dave Academy 12H Suzuka Race 12:00 BST 18th April

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by redlinemotorsport.co.uk, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    Sponsored by David Perel - Coach Dave Academy.
    For all you coaching needs in ACC and GT Sport, get trained by a real Pro GT Driver.

    12H of Suzuka

    52 Teams including Super GT, David Perel, Josh Martin, and James Baldwin, along with Kunos Devs will be competing in this 12H event on the 18th April.

    Super Pole Qualfiying
    11th April 14:00 BST - One shot lap to set the grid! Live streamed with commentary

    12H Suzuka Main event
    18th April 11:00 GMT (12:00 - 00:00 BST) full 12H live stream and commentary coverage

    Live stream channels
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/RLM_SimRacing

    Spotter Guide For 12H Event
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2020

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  3. chksix

    chksix Hardcore Simmer

    Perels flag is wrong. This will be awesome!

    ...and is the RLM team really german?
  4. Even I missed that. But then in our defence David Perel is living in the UK, so it stands... :p

    As for our team cars, what does it matter what nationality a team has? - We are an international community afterall.

    But, once you spot the second car, you may realise that we're not all German team. ;)
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2020
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  5. i cannot wait to watch
  6. Going to be epic this one shot hot lap Qualifying. :)
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  7. I love this format. I think it is the one that entertains the spects the most
  8. Yeah, so do we.
    So much pressure on the driver in the driving seat to get a lap in for their team mates.

    Many things can go wrong, from invalidating your lap time which will start you at the back, to bringing out Sunday drivers, or the aggressive driver that will get that perfect lap to get the Pole for the start of the race on the 18th.

    We really can't wait! So much hype!!!
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    GRFOCO Alien

    Should be very interesting.
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  10. i hope you will use this also in future endurance events like this.
  11. sirgaric

    sirgaric Hardcore Simmer

    This format is great but I would let the drivers do two flying laps as in the real world superpole. But I understand doing this for the entire grid can take too long, in the real 24h of Spa only the top 20 from the normal qualy participate in the superpole.
  12. This is like the early 2000' f1 format. And it is very exciting.
    Consider that for simracers it is even more exciting, because you can actually replicate the same at home. You can watch on board. If you allow 2 laps, you will always miss something. For me this is the best formula, when you can put these time and drivers to do it. Congrats redline
  13. 100% we will. This is where everyone get some screen time.
    Seeing the positivity we got from doing this, we will definitely keep this format, as it just makes it so much more exciting!

    Here's the stream. :)

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  14. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Cool looking event, wish I could get in to these but latency from Australia rules it out really.

    Curious though, how is the quali run order decided? Seems the guys that went first had a distinct disadvantage as they were on a fast track but after the first 20 or so the track went optimal.

    Any consideration to using the experimental server files that allow full static conditions to be set for these quali runs to make it more fair?

    Super pole is usually reserved for the top X amount of cars from standard quali and fastest from normal quali goes last as the reward
  15. Hi Serge,

    The qualifying order is put in a random generator, after the Pre Qualifying.
    This sets the order for the Super Pole type Qualifying.

    Regarding Fast Track, to Optimal Track advantage/disadvantage.
    When you see the times on the board, some of the top 10 managed their times on a fast track. Grip levels seemed to be around 99% at the start.
    The weather was set to random, so there could of been chances of rain later on in the Qualifying which could of washed the rubber away, so it was a complete gamble of luck where you started and what the weather conditions could be like.
    For those reasons along, it made the Qualifying very intense, but very exciting for the viewers.

    We understand the rules of a standard Super Pole, but we wanted to do it this way, as everyone gets screen time, with them knowing everyone is watching you.
    The pressure they feel from team mates being able to see the progress.
    So put yourself in their shoes, of having the build up to being in the driver seat for their team, all the emotions, anxiety, nerves, butterflies, these guys are going through whilst they wait to get called out the pits. Some having to wait around till the end...

    That is entertainment for the viewers, with the positivity we got from running this format from the viewers and drivers ,we absolutely would run this format again. :)
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2020
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  16. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    Some guys got a ballast, +20kgs, depending on what?

    Good stuff :)
  17. Aston and Merc had 20KG BOP added to bring them in line with other cars. A low 1:59 is still possible with 20KG.
    The BOP will really come into effect in the endurance with tyres and fuel,taking away the advantages they did have at Suzuka.

    Our 1.5H Suzuka warm up event saw both of these cars in the Podium spot.
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  18. Tundra

    Tundra Hardcore Simmer

    Roger that!
  19. Cirith Ungol

    Cirith Ungol Simracer

    It's great that you guys run some homemade BoP, the race should be even more intersting ! Good work. ;)
  20. [ATF]Shanti

    [ATF]Shanti Simracer

    This Qualifying format was really great to watch, for me no point that track conditions were "unfair"
    all drivers have to deal with the pressure, some can do that better then other, like irl...
    It's a 12h race, so, everything can happen anyway...
    for broadcasting, splittimes would push the thrill to watch even more imo
    Well done RLM, you set quality of Simrace-broadcasting to the next level! :)
  21. Serge M

    Serge M Alien

    Fair enough on the reasoning, I watched the whole thing, was good. My only actual suggestion would be to balance the audio a bit as the sound of ACC was very quiet compared to the commentators, a shame not to hear the awesome ACC sound more

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