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Roadmap | Content | Circuit | Car in Year 2020

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Afif, Jan 22, 2020.

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  1. Afif

    Afif Rookie

    I noticed on the main ACC Website there's no more updated Roadmap or news about upcoming content.
    So, perhaps we can get more upcoming content news either on main website or forum.

    Since this game based on Blancpain GT3 Series, I'm curious if all the Circuit involved will be in the game.
    How about the car that will be competing in year 2020? Will it make into the game? I'm happy to spend money on upcoming DLC either a car or circuit for ACC since it's undeniable that the Dev creating a solid content.

    What about GT4 Series. Will it be covered on ACC.

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  3. There already is a thread about this topic (ACC Content) discussing exactly that. Please post your posting there as a new thread will confuse people otherwise.
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  4. Oh come on, not again, another wish list,
    The thing is Kunos probably don’t even have a roadmap and DLC plan for next two years, there surely are things they want to do but let’s face it, they can’t tell us about it anyway, they don’t have those deals and licenses as of yet so they just can’t do such roadmap considering content,
    And please respect rules that are clearly written, we don’t need threads about thing that are regarded to already have existing things in other threads, especially wish lists, just be patient, we will see
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