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Rseat rs1 review

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by SimRacer925, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. SimRacer925

    SimRacer925 Simracer

    A good racing cockpit is essential for every serious SimRacer. There are a lot of racing cockpits available on the market and today I will review one of them - the Rseat RS1 racing cockpit in color option black seat with black frame equipped with the (optional) Fanatec Shifter adapter.

    This cockpit is actually my third one. Previously I owned a Speedmaster v2 and a Rseat RS Evo v3. This Evo v3 was now 4 years old and as I had the white seat which became yellowish with the time I thought it is time again to upgrade my cockpit and I decided to go with the most current GT style design by Rseat - the RS1 after I got in contact with the Rseat support team to get a lot of measurements. First pro here: GREAT customer service! I asked for 5 measurements (wheel deck height, seat height etc) and the support gave me all of this asked measurements within some hours!

    Basic Instructions:

    The RS1 is available as a frame only solution if you already have a nice seat. It is available in black or white and goes for 459,00 € excl. TAX or 550,80 € incl. TAX.

    Of course you can also get it with a seat installed. That package will go for 529,00 € excl. TAX or 634,80 € incl. TAX and is available in different colour options as well.

    You can choose between the following colour options:

    • Black frame / black Seat
    • Black frame / white seat
    • Black frame / red seat
    • White frame / black seat
    • White frame / white seat
    • White frame / red seat
    As one of the main features of the RS1 is its modular design you can also choose between a lot of optional upgrades like these:

    • Buttkicker Mount – 79,00 € excl. TAX or 94,80 € incl. TAX
    • Tablet/Buttonbox mount – 89,00 € excl. TAX or 106,80 € incl. TAX
    • Keyboard and Mouse tray – 108,00 € excl. TAX or 129,60 € incl. TAX
    • Speakers Mount (Logitech® Z906 Support) – 79,00 € excl. TAX or 94,80 € incl. TAX
    • Clubsport Shifter and Hotas Warthog Upgrade Kit – 99,00 € excl. TAX or 118,80 € incl. TAX
    • Full motion Dbox System with 3 Actuators – 9.299,00 € excl. TAX or 11.158,80 € incl. TAX and the 4 actuator system goes for 11.999,00 € excl. TAX or 14.398,80 € incl. TAX





    Delivery was made with Ziegler Logistics. Package arrived in excellent condition.

    As you can see on the pictures everything came nicely packaged and padded. The seat couldnt move at all in that package because of all the cushion etc. It even took me quite a while to get that seat out of the box because it sits that tight in the package.

    After removing all the cushion etc I could only find one little scratch on the pedal plate (but as it is the pedal plate and the pedals are placed there the scratch is not visible at all). So Quality there was very very good as I assume it is not easy to deliver such a piece without scratches from transport etc.

    Here you can see all the parts unboxed:




    Well, coming to the assembly ... As I am not very skilled with technical assemblys it took me a lot of time.. In total I needed 5-6 hours to get everything placed right and doing cable management etc.

    The instructions are really not the detailed ones I have ever seen but at least the seat came with all the screws and tools you need to assemble it. I like to build together a IKEA furniture more than building together this seat... It is really tough in my eyes and you should do it together with a friend or so, not alone and you need to have some basic skills at least in building together furniture. As I bought a whole new kitchen last year I got some skills in building together those things - otherwise I would have been in trouble^^

    Some things I had trouble with:

    • Attach the Shifter and HOTAS upgrades to the seat. This definitely must be done BEFORE you attach the seat to the frame because of the placement of the mounting holes. My HOTAS kit was assembled by factory in the wrong way so I had to move it around. Unfortunately I saw that after I mounted it to the seat .. :D
    • Mounting the pedal deck to the frame is also a bit of a challenge. I needed my father to assist me there.
    • Mounting the seat to the frame is a challenge also. The last screw wouldnt fit into the mounting hole so I needed a second person who gave pressure from the other site so the two holes are lined up and screw fitted into them.
    But all the effort was worth it as the result is a great racing cockpit.



    Build quality, adjustability and comfort:

    To fit all the different sizes of SimRacers this seat/frame is very adjustable.

    The seat itself has 3 holes in the front and 2 holes in the back to allow vertically adjustment of the seat in different combinations. The seat also comes with a seat slider to move the seat closer to the wheel or move it further away of it.

    This seat slider is very important because there is one thing which is not adjustable: to move the wheel deck itself closer to you. This has to be done with the seat slider. If you also have attached the Shifter on the right site you are also limited in moving the seat forward because the shifter would hit the wheel deck arm otherwise.

    The wheel deck itself is adjustable in height and angle only and is pre-drilled for all the major wheel brands, including Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Logitech.

    The stock shifter adapter is compatible with the Thrustmaster TH8RS and TH8A shifters as well as Logitech shifters and even DSD shifter. If you have a ClubSport Shifter you will need the optional Fanatec ClubSport upgrade kit by Rseat. Both shifter adapters can be placed in two locations and then you can tilt the shifter as you want it.

    I am 1,75 m and have the seat slider on it's closest position to wheel without hitting the wheel arm with my shifter so my arms are bend a lot (which is good for me!). The wheel deck is on it's highest position with a flat angle because I use the Fanatec CSW v2 Base with the adapter which gives some natural angle.

    The pedals are also pre-drilled for all the major brands, including Thrustmaster pedals, Logitech pedals and of course every sort of the Fanatec pedals (CSP v1 and v2, CSR, CSR Elite). The pedal deck can also be moved closer or further away from you. You can also adjust them in height and angle so you can have it mounted flat or angled. I have my CSP v2 mounted with a little bit of an angle (not too much) and I moved them as far away from me as possible. Would have liked them 5 cm even more away from me but it is comfortable enough to race with it for hours.

    This position suits me very very well.

    I have mounted the seat in the middle hole in front and upper hole back so I dont have the seat angled.

    The seat itself is comfortable. As I had an RS Evo v3 before which had not enough cushion I expected to have a way more comfortable seating position as I read the seat cushion is more than in the Evo v3. This is correct, but it was still not enough cushion for my liking. I decided to take the cushion from my old Evo v3 and put it also into the seat cushion of my RS1 so I have doubled the seat cushion and now I feel very fine with it. I can sit in the seat for many many hours now.

    The overall build design is very high quality. Once everything is in place and the nuts are locked down there is no flex/movement in the pedal deck or the wheel deck. Based on the construction of my old RS Evo v3 the wheel moved a lot on that rig . No movement with the RS1 now. The only thing which is flexing a bit is the Shifter upgrade kit but you wont notice that while driving. One very interesting thing is that I can feel the FFB of my v2 Base through the whole frame which adds a lot of immersion!

    Which gave me more a problem was to attach my CSW v2 Base to the wheel deck. I wanted to use it without the angle adapter first because between angle adapter and wheel base you WILL get some sort of flex. But I noticed that the holes for the v2 Base were misplaced (or the wheel deck isnt pre-drilled for that base but based on the instructions from the website it is pre-drilled for ClubSport Wheels and v2 base has the same holes..). I needed to drill 2 of the 3 triangle holes by myself to get it mounted to the wheel deck.

    In the end I noticed that the wheel is not sitting high enough for my liking without the adapter so I finally mounted the base with the adapter and that holes were drilled without an issue.

    Pros & Cons:

    + rock solid wheel deck and pedal deck plate (NO movement or flex)

    + Fully modular, customizable and adjustable paired with luxury comfort

    + it is one of the coolest looking rigs you can find in the web without making a DIY

    + pre-drilled for all major brands

    + tools and screws to mount everything together included so you dont have to go to your local hardware store to buy bolts and nuts

    + nicely packaged so nothing can be damaged during transport

    + FFB from the wheel can be felt through the whole frame

    - not correctly pre-drilled for newer Fanatec wheel bases without the angle adapter

    - still not enough seat cushion

    - tough assembly, not the detailed instructions you would expect

    - can be a little bit pricey with all the modular upgrades

    Final thoughts:

    I am more than happy that I did the move from the RS Evo v3 to the RS1.

    This rig is perfectly to all of those SimRacers who dont have the skills/time to build a DIY rig but want adjustability, a modular design, comfortable driving and stability. This seat gives you all of these aspects paired with a stylish GT racing rig and it should fit pretty much everyone easily because of the seat sliders.

    To end my review I would like to thank the Rseat Support team again for alle the measurements they took for me.

    As a "goodbye" here are some shots of the Seat placed in my gaming room.

    Thanks for reading.



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  3. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Get the spare room ready, I've got my adoption paper ready for you to sign. :D
  4. TDS

    TDS Alien

    Witch monitor are you using there? 21:9 superwide? Is it good for sim racing? Thx
  5. SimRacer925

    SimRacer925 Simracer

    It is the LG 34UM65. It is a 21:9 monitor anthI love it for SimRacing. Triple Screen setup needs too much power, I like eye candy in games so I crank up the graphics options always to ultra settings and the gpus these days cant handle that actually so I went back to 1 screen. Coming then from a 24 inch monitor to this ultrawide monitor reminds me of having a triple screen fov. So yes ultrawide is perfect for racing :)
  6. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

    Great Review :)
  7. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    Nice one, what keyboard tray do you use. It doesn't look like one from Rseat, or is it?
  8. SimRacer925

    SimRacer925 Simracer

    No, it is the RaceRoom keyboard holder, mounted to the side of my desk :)
    I had that one installed before, otherwise I think I would have also bought the RSeat Keyboard holder which looks great.^^
  9. TAM Spencer

    TAM Spencer Simracer

    Looks like a great rig, but i laughed when i saw the following:

    • Full motion Dbox System with 3 Actuators – 9.299,00 € excl. TAX or 11.158,80 € incl. TAX and the 4 actuator system goes for 11.999,00 € excl. TAX or 14.398,80 € incl. TAX

    if i had 14 thousand euros i wouldnt be buying 4 actuators, I own sim racing equipment because real racing is too expensive but other than the fact that my wife would castrate me if i said ive spent 14 grand and had 4 actuators to show for it, i would go get a Caterham and a trailer and go to Brands hatch for my motor sport fix !

    The rig does looks nice though, and good value minus the actuators obviously !
  10. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    D-Box systems are expensive in general. It's not just RSeat.
  11. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    Very nice!
  12. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

    DIY motion, 1200$ compared to 6000$ retail version

  13. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

    how much would we have to pay you for you to build one of them?

    Nick Moxley and myimac like this.
  14. petesky

    petesky Simracer

    Thanks for the review, was shipping included in the price?
  15. Tucker73

    Tucker73 Hardcore Simmer

    i am bang 6 ft, and i like my wheel close...my inside leg is 33" will this rig fit me ok? i hear the pedal plate is limited.
  16. myimac

    myimac Alien

    Any thoughts on the omega gt setups? I'm thinking of getting one and going with a three display setup.
  17. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    There is not a lot of rigs with so many levels of adjustments that are rock stable at the same time, but everyone's build is different, Ricmotech can build a rig to your dimensions.
  18. Nick Moxley

    Nick Moxley Alien

    Shipping across the pond would cost a fortune ;), Build it yourself. Check the build thread, Its not rocket science and the DIY community is there for help if you need.
  19. I can agree on almost all pros & cons except that building part was not that hard actually. There are not that many parts and I built it myself in about 2h with csw and csp pedal mounting & cable management.
    And I haven't built anything like that in last 15 years except few PCs.
    For LOLs you can check out Linus building Obutto Revolution - that seems a bit trickier :D

    Back to topic - major thing for me was that RS1 passed GF acceptance factor - so it can stay in living room.
    That was the only one from all available simrigs that seemed ok (not totally terrible I guess) to her .
  20. Patrik Marek

    Patrik Marek Alien

    looks really cool, but since I don't have spare room, it's only something to dream about - sadly
  21. Andrew_WOT

    Andrew_WOT Alien

    Second on the build time, took me about the same, I think the unpackaging took longer than actually putting it together. And I did it by myself, no extra helpers, including Buttkiker mount.
    Didn't see that video of Obutto, surprised it's one of the most popular rigs, definitely not something I'd want to be in my living room. Ozone looked more tidy.

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