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RTX 3080 or RX 6900 XT for triple 1080p

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by MSR | Grimjaw, Dec 23, 2020.

  1. MSR | Grimjaw

    MSR | Grimjaw Rookie

    Hi guys,
    Need advise as per the thread title.
    Currently I am running triple 1080p 144hz, with Epic settings i am getting around 90+ fps, when the track is clear. During race starts it would go down to 70ish and then gradually increase.
    I am just wondering would RX 6900 XT perform any better than my RTX 3080, as i have a buyer for my current RTX and also access to a ready stock for RX 6900 XT.

    Yeah im on Ryzen 9 5900x too btw.

    Would appreciate all the feedback i get.

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  3. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    GPU chip performance should be close.
    Where it gets interesting is:the 6900XT has 16GB of VRAM whereas the RTX 3080 only got 10GB.
    But the 6900XT has "only" 256bit memory bandwidth whereas the RTX 3080 has 320bit, but the 6900XT has a 128MB very fast cache...

    Don't know for sure, but I would say with 16GB VRAM it should perform a little better on triples.
    If you get it barely "for nothing" I would go for it but I wouldn't spent additional money on it.

    Oh, forget one thing: ACC loves to run on nvidia gpus, amd performance (before RX 6000 series) was always worse.Don't now how the new generation does on ACC, maybe someone already got one and can tell?
  4. jbbrans

    jbbrans Rookie

    Check the video memory usage, if it's around 9.5 GB or more, it's worth to go 6900XT. Otherwise stay with the 3080.
    Please let me know what the usage is, because i've the same cpu and monitor setup and want to upgrade my 2080Ti. I'm also deciding between a 6900xt or 3080.
  5. jbbrans

    jbbrans Rookie

    Wait for february and the release of the 20GB 3080 (ti).
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  6. moeppling

    moeppling Gamer

    Really depends on if you want to deal with either Eyefinity (AMD), Surround (Nvidia) or go borderless window. Imho AMD's implementation is ~ 2 decades ahead of nvidias. In fact, i prefer AMD drivers overall, but thats another story.

    Surround was and is unusable (GTX 780ti, 980 & 1080ti) with constant crashing, bluescreening, resolution mismatching and lost video outputs. Barely works with custom resolutions. I always use borderless window with nvidia. Some of these issues are decades old and have never been fixed.
    Eyefinity worked flawlessly in the past (HD6870, HD7970, Vega56). Switching it on/off is rapid (by comparison), custom resolutions are fine and i never lost video outputs.

    If AMD actually had a gpu on par with nvidia's 3080 & at a reasonable price... i would switch camp in a heartbeat.
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  7. jbbrans

    jbbrans Rookie

    Yes Eyefinity is the better/more developed of the 2 solutions, but I don't think that's the problem here. Also in many games the 6900XT varies between the 3080 and 3090 in performance and it likes higher resolutions more than the 3080.
    BUT the Unreal Engine, on which ACC runs, likes NVidia more than AMD.

    I've used NVSurround for a couple of months now, but haven't had any crashes, bluescreen or lost videooutputs and i have a rather particular setup. 3 x 1920x1080@144 (in surround) + 1920x1080@60 + 2560x1440@75. I know 1 user isn't equal to everyone.

    My advice for Grimjaw is to monitor the memory use and wait, if neccessary, for the 3080Ti 20GB which is strongly rumoured to be announced in february.
    The only review i've seen about the 6x00 XT in ACC is that the framerate is lower but it feels smoother.
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  8. MSR | Grimjaw

    MSR | Grimjaw Rookie

    thanks guys for the replies. really much appreciated. I guess waiting for the 3080 Ti would be a wiser option.
    I managed to get hold of a RTX 3090, and the performance gain is about 10 - 15 frames more than the 3080..
  9. Dexter28

    Dexter28 Rookie

    If you still want to change your display then I suggest you wait till next month because Dell Refurbished Coupons offered the cyber-sale next on all electronic appliances and items.
  10. Gobrel

    Gobrel Gamer

    You should also consider SAM (Smart Access Memory) on the AMD system. I have the Radeon RX6800 and an AMD Ryzen 3600X. Currently I play in FullHD and I tested the impact of SAM. I got a 13% increase in FPS. That is a really good gain you should also consider.

    Radeon RX6800 16GB without SAM:
    2021-02-16 15:26:26 - AC2-Win64-Shipping
    Frames: 7393 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 123.217 - Min: 87 - Max: 205

    With SAM:
    2021-02-16 15:30:52 - AC2-Win64-Shipping
    Frames: 8379 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 139.650 - Min: 91 - Max: 227
  11. hellfrog_ACFR

    hellfrog_ACFR Rookie


    Some fresh feedback, to update if more optimized later...

    I just installed a brand new RTX 3090 24 Gb + R5 5600X @4.7 GHz + 32 Gb RAM (before that had an old i7-960K @4.4 Ghz +16GbRam + crossfire of 2 R9 280 3 Gb : lack of VRam on ACC !!!! )

    (wanted a 3080 but couldn't find < 1900 €, so decided to buy an available MSI Gaming X trio 3090 24 for 500 € more... expensive but last big change was ~10 years ago...)

    playing 5760x1080 on 3 x 1080HD 60 Hz (therefore not revealing FPS above 60)

    AC : 60 FPS stable allmost everywhere with a lot of mods and shaders

    ACC : can have almost everything maximized and 45-60 FPS and night and rain and 28 vehicles and textures maxed... Whaouuu.... and you know what : just after that change, 6 hours of driving, and I reduced my times lap times from average 3 sec on all circuits and cars.... before I was less precise, suffered from lag and so on.... It is nice smooth and a pleasure now !

    FPS are relatively stable... & no graphic artifacts like I had a lot with AMD drivers...

    VRAM filled @12 Gb GPU used @95% main time CPU 6 cores 12 threadds @45 % RAM @ 12-15 Gb
    GPU temp stays below 80° (GPU stock air cooling on modded old Cosmos case with 3 ventirads x 140 in and 3 x140 out) and very silent !

    I am happy... (should be @ the billing ! )

    (for other sims : not so bad on DCS 2.7 : i achieve ~50-60 FPS stable on first tries )
  12. jbbrans

    jbbrans Rookie

    Little update from my side.

    As i said before i have a triple monitor setup with 3 x 1920x1080@165Hz. My cpu was a 5800X with 3200C16 mem.

    Had a reference AMD 6900Xt for a month, but still had to tune down some settings to get >60fps and even then still was in the low 50's. With SAM, the VRAM was filled up to 16GB and when the gpu needed more i had stutters, so switched it off again.

    Could sell the the 6900XT for what it had cost me.

    Now i have a Gigabyte 3080TI. The settings are on EPIC and i get >65 fps (@start and busy single player moments). VRAM usage is ~10GB.

    Second upgrade was faster memory (3800C14) which give me better single player framerates.
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  13. its.me

    its.me Racer

    Which Gigabyte RTX 3080 TI do you have in use exactly?
  14. jbbrans

    jbbrans Rookie

    I’ve got the Gigabyte 3080 ti gaming oc. It was the cheapest i could find on stock.
    Temps are good, but because of a 100% powerlimit in the bios further overclocking isn’t possible. Maybe in the future with a bios from a different card.
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  15. its.me

    its.me Racer

    Thanks for the feedback. I've waited for someone to provide results with a 3080 TI and triple setup. So this will be my way to go as well. Just waiting for prices to drop (hopefully)!
  16. Stains

    Stains Simracer

    Just picked up my Gigabyte 3080 OC after playing at 5760x1080 for years on my 1080ti, will post back thoughts after some testing. Hopefully now I can use G-Sync and be more than 60fps on my 144Hz screens.
  17. Stains

    Stains Simracer

    Turns out my 10600k isn't enough for my 3080, usage is around 65-90% often and framers gets limited to 85-100fps. I've tried lower and epic settings but the 3080 isn't being leveraged fully all the time. I wonder how much more I could get from a 11700k and or faster RAM?
    Still a much nicer experience than playing on a 1080ti without G-Sync.
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  18. DCN

    DCN Rookie

    too many ai?

    Switching to 11700k won’t improve GPU% much but switching to triple 1440p will. BTW, why you want higher GPU%?
  19. Stains

    Stains Simracer

    I usually run 19 Ai, is that too much?

    I dont necessarily want higher GPU load but if i did have it i would know my CPU could keep up. I run res scale at 120% to load up the GPU more, no point having it drop to 60% hey, feels like a waste :p
  20. DCN

    DCN Rookie

    if you get more FPS by reducing no of AI, then yes, 19 is too many to your CPU

    nothing is free, higher GPU%, higher the bill.
  21. Stains

    Stains Simracer

    Aris said a 7700k was good for 24 Ai so I don't think asking for 19 is an issue. Then again I think most people aim for 60 fps, so me getting pretty solid 85 fps is not bad considering it's maxed out at 5760x1080 and 120% res scale.

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