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Rumor: Private Lobbies will never be added ?

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by saeidj, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. saeidj

    saeidj Gamer

    Could anyone from Assetto Corsa team please confirm that the private lobbies are being worked on since there has been a rumour that this feature will never be added since it's larger than what Kunos expected it to be.

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  3. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    nice way to try and get a answer - starting a rumor about a rumor. :)
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  4. eSEA One

    eSEA One Hardcore Simmer

    Could you show us the facts for the rumour? where is the source for this information?
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2016
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  5. Jebus

    Jebus Alien

    I smell PRC as a origin of that rumour.
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  6. Suffolk-Wal

    Suffolk-Wal Gamer

    My mate told me that his mates mate told him that his mate heard from his mate
  7. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    We might have the same mate because my mate was told by his mate that this was the case.
  8. Bo-Göran Larsson

    Bo-Göran Larsson Hardcore Simmer

    I would be surprised. In that case they have to implement that system to the pc ASAP.
    We have had this inferior system on how to create a lobby for a while now.
  9. Festa_PWR

    Festa_PWR Alien

    I heard a rumour AC was moving to DX7

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  10. saeidj

    saeidj Gamer

    I am not trying to get answers by stating the post nor start a rumour but that's what the communities are discussing about. So , to end those discussions it would be great to bring it up here rather than keeping the talks going and going.
  11. Posted 1 September. There has been no additional information released. I know you want them to say more, but I seriously doubt they will provide any further information in this thread. When they are ready to provide more information they will.

  12. AC_CM505

    AC_CM505 Staff Member

    Guys, as we've said earlier this month, we know and recognise that this is a massive talking point across all our community channels and please be rest assured, we hear you! We respect your frustration and are fully aware of this request. Whilst we have no news to share right now, what we can say is we are evaluating the available options. Please be patient with us and as we've said, we’ll keep you updated. Thanks!
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  13. DON'T DO IT. You guys of all people know the player counts online right now. If you allow private lobbies, you will murder an already small community.

    Let us pick track and car combos, but please, don't allow private servers until the community is big enough to survive even after being segregated by private lobbies.

    Leagues can easily be run without private lobbies. R3 is the button to vote yes. We can easily kick players who join that way, AND they can't join during the race so the only real risk is unwanted players joing during practice and qualy. That can be handled with ease.

    Also, Kunos, don't turn off mechanical damage. It is crucial that mechanical damage stay on in ALL servers to teach everyone how to drive cleanly. People won't ram others as a habit once they realize their car will be done the second they do it. That's why AC so far has been the cleanest racing I've seen on console, outside of leagues.
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    DUNKY- DOPEUS Simracer

    the reason there is hardly anybody online is because there are no private lobbys
    as a member of a racing community this is exactly why none of us will race online
    like kudos said they are looking into it
    because if private lobbys dont come
    the games going to fall on its arse
  15. Nope. I think it's laughable that you pretend like league racing isn't possible without private servers. There's a dedicated button for voting to kick people, and the person that starts the vote doesn't even need to leave the track. You can't do that, yet you expect Kunos to spend time on a patch, and money on servers just so you don't have to hit your R3 button?

    Also, no one can join during a race session so there's nothing stopping league racing right now other than ignorance and a simple lack of players in general.

    It's also laughable that you think people that race leagues are the majority. The only time that is EVER true is when the online community is completely dead, which is exactly what I'm talking about when I say private servers will kill the community. Look at rfactor 2 and Automobilista. Completely dead outside of leagues and it's 100% because of the existence of password locked servers.

    You'd rather kill the community other than yourself, than simply have to vote to kick people while running your league. That's incredibly selfish.

    Most people aren't going to visit a forum just to get into a race. Most people go online, and try to find something. Not that many people are playing AC online right now. It's as simple as that but the few people that are online, will be reduced even further if Kunos ruins it by allowing Private, or invite only servers.

    Custom servers would be fine as long as they're not too custom, but Private servers have no place in AC until there's more people online.

    Another good idea would be to allow us to name the servers as well to let people know that it's a league server and not to join unless you're in the league.

    All of this can be done without segregating and effectively murdering an already tiny community. The community will grow eitherway, but if they add private servers before it has a chance to, it would be a death sentence for AC online.
  16. Jaye

    Jaye Alien

    @Mattbeastblood sorry but what you write is completly wrong.

    Running a league on a free to join server? When you have got full grid season with several cars how long do you only want to need for the people join? Making couple of votes until everyone would be able to get the car he wanted? Vote three out and two new wrong joined?
    How often do you want to restart a league race because of one single person can destroy the whole rac in turn one? And when after half of the race the leader is kicked out by a non-league member? No problem you just vote a restart?

    The kick vote system at public servers only works for hardcore wrecker and there it also lasts about couple of laps until enough people will know about the reason why somebody should be kicked. Most time you drive and see a vote popup without knowing why. has somebody done a wrong a click? Or just somebody who thinks the other one is too fast? Or somebody just thinks he is right in his little racing rule world?

    And you forget one important thing: Leagues are most time also communities, providing a couple of well maintained servers. And from my point of view the communities were and are the engine of AC multiplayer success on PC. And when there will be dedicated servers for the console version, there you will find a much better racing experience than the one of normal public servers.
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    DUNKY- DOPEUS Simracer

    anyway mattbeastblood
    if and when private lobbys come
    I hope theyll be like pcars
    where you can join public lobbys or privatise your own
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  18. Bibbles

    Bibbles Simracer

    I belong to a quite big racing group/league of around 24 players and not a single one of them play AC anymore simply because we cannot set up our own private race championships .

    We hold a race meet most friday nights on Pcars not because pcars is the better game but because it allows us to custom configure our races/cars/tracks/etc etc .

    I know through online chat that many other keen racers also stick with Pcars for the same reason.

    Adding private lobbies will only improve player base for this title, online is dead because of its current situation, having a small online player base does not bring in revenue . This game already has a very small place in the market I cannot understand why some members do not want to see that grow.

    Sim racing is all about leagues its what keeps the game alive without private lobbies this game regardless of how good its physics are will simply just fade. Releasing it without private lobbies has already done serous damage to what could be the best racing sim on console, I'm just hoping many of those that have turned there back on the game jump on board once word gets out that Kudos have implemented such a feature ( if they ever do ).
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2016
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    DUNKY- DOPEUS Simracer

    spot on bibbles
    our community is dying to get a leauge/ tournament going but
    too be kicking non descripts every minute is unthinkable
    because to 1st vote such person you have too pause the game and then klick on session then choose the said person then klick vote off
    it just equals ball ache
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2016
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  20. Bibbles

    Bibbles Simracer

    Its also not fair on the poor guy just looking for a game, Ive been kicked from a few lobbies now simply because Im not part of there little group.
  21. Suffolk-Wal

    Suffolk-Wal Gamer

    The moment private lobbies are introduced it will become by far the best racing sim on the ps4
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