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Running AC Ultimate edition on PS4

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Wobbleguts, Oct 18, 2022.

  1. Wobbleguts

    Wobbleguts Rookie

    Really like it, but have a big problem in the early career mode. I got gold in all my training challenges up to I3. The next stage (T1) has all the races locked out. Why?
    I noticed that stages beyond T1 (T2 and T3 etc) have a race open for me. Why is T1 locked out?

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  3. Wobbleguts

    Wobbleguts Rookie

    Ok, quick update. My problem is with the T1 career stage. In all the other career stages to date, you win a race (or finish well) and unlock the next race as you would expect. Then when you finish that career stage, all those races in that stage are unlocked. That means you can go back and race in previous stages to improve times etc.
    This makes perfect sense, and after I win everything in I3 and progress to T1 only race 1 in T1 is available to me, which also makes perfect sense - you have to do well in race 1 before you can try race 2.
    What I don't understand is why when I win race 1, race 2 becomes available but race 1 (which I just won) is locked out.
    I just finished T1 and was brilliant. In the last race I got shunted off the track by the AI 3 times and was only able to finish 2nd. I would like to do that race again but can't, because all the T1 races are locked again despite the fact I won the whole thing. WTF. Am I missing something? All the previous stages will let me race again. V Confused.
  4. IamCraiger

    IamCraiger Rookie

    That's just the way it is in career mode. If you're approaching the end of a race and dont want the result to be "official", just pause then quit the current session, or restart the current session. If you complete the race, you live with the results. At least that's what I've discovered.

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