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Sbb: eventday year:one - tournament

Discussion in 'Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Moritz Löhner, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Moritz Löhner

    Moritz Löhner Simracer

    Hello Community, Hello friends of the Schwarzbierbude (SBB),

    With a SpecialEvent and the EventDay "YEAR:ONE"
    celebrate we our first year anniversary.

    first information you need:

    Wednesday 11.11.2015 - 8 pm - 10 pm
    rerun our first Event from 17.11.2014
    GT3 auf Donington GP

    EventDay YEAR:ONE
    - Saturday 14.11.2015
    - Audi TT Cup & GT3
    - Practice 10 am - 1:45 pm
    - 2x3 Runs 2 pm - 11:30 pm
    - in 2 Tournaments :ONE & :TWO
    - in 6 different motorsport arenas respectively track layouts

    - from Run 2 Tournament splitting :ONE & :ONE “Best of Losers”
    - Run 3 - Finale of :ONE & :ONE “Best of Losers”, depending a server
    - Registration is needed (info at end of article)
    - GT3: only 1 vehicle selectable for all 3 runs (AudiTTC also [​IMG])
    - Server without a password, reserved for registered (entry_list.ini)
    - joining to the server any time in qualifying possible, in the race closed
    - :ONE-participants automatically at take the tournament :TWO part

    - no registration
    - involved Server …..
    --- Run 1, 2: 1 - 4 ( :ONE) + freely accessible server 5, 6, +, +
    --- Run 3: 1 - 2 ( :ONE) + freely accessible server 3, 4, 5, 6
    - freely accessible server with password
    - 5xR8, 5xZ4, 5xHuracan, 3xMP4-12C, 2xSLS, 2xGT-R, 2xCamaro

    Server & Timeline
    (point of departure: must four servers for "T: ONE" reserved)

    Registration conditions for the tournament: ONE
    - in the period from 01.11.2015 to 13.11.2015 possible
    - The following information is needed from you:
    1. DriverName (AC-Profile)
    2. SBB forum nickname (only if from Drivername different)
    3. Vehicle (GT3; one for all 3 runs)
    4. CarSkin (folder name or name in the pit lane)
    5. SteamID (GUID) * FAQ.4
    6. live streaming?, then please indicate your channel.

    Your registrations (separately for GT3 and AudiTT) please send to the email address:


    Subject: "ET:JE GT3:ONE" or "ET:JE AudiTTC:ONE"

    Here you can see who already signed up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rhCpBEs-QpZZ18rxDz4KrU3-xtcmxOp_Ts30tCrE0kg/edit#gid=0

    Also visit our Website www.schwarzbierbude.de if you are interested.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2015

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  3. I don't get the setup.
    You need to explain that for dummies maybe :confused::D
  4. Moritz Löhner

    Moritz Löhner Simracer

    We have our one year anniversary and therefore we want to drive our very first event again.

    And we run a tournament with the GT3 and Audi TT class. You can sign up for one of this tournament (GT3 or Audi TT). You can sign up for both too if you have the endurance to drive without a break.
    Example: Server 1, 2, 3, 4 is full of drivers. First race: The first half from each server comes into the next round. Best half of server one and two come together for round 2. Best half of server three and four come together for round 2. The second half is driving the "Best of losers final". Second half of server one and two come together and drive the "losers final". Second half of server three and four come together and drive the "losers final".

    Last but not least the real final. First half of round two come together for the final. Second half of round two come together too for the "losers final" of round two.

    I hope you understood it now. A bit tricky but I think you can understand it. Take a look at the picture of the servers while you read the explanation.

  5. Moritz Löhner

    Moritz Löhner Simracer

    Registration has opened now!
    Added Email address, new timetable with tracks and a google doc where you can see who already signed up.

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