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Screenshots (ripped content = ban) - gifs not allowed

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Juandi Sanchez, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. BariCZ

    BariCZ Rookie

    Thank you, Ill try it.
  2. Speeder

    Speeder Rookie

    Exactly, any Hex editor will work (and also you have to know the header of the file you want to extract).
  3. marcocale

    marcocale Hardcore Simmer

  4. marcocale

    marcocale Hardcore Simmer

    Can you post this skin, also the metalic texture? The metallic effect is perfect, far better than the one I succeded to obtain.

    Thank you

  5. ProTraX

    ProTraX Racer

  6. ProTraX

    ProTraX Racer

  7. rhombeus

    rhombeus Rookie

  8. rhombeus

    rhombeus Rookie

    my first test
  9. paulieGTR

    paulieGTR Alien

    Hi Juandi, thanx for releasing the templates.
    What DDS and PNG format should these files be saved in from your files.??
    ie. DXT5... also what PNG specification.??

    tia mafrien'.
  10. Stereo

    Stereo Alien

    For DDS from GIMP's exporter I had most success with DXT3, generate mipmaps selected. I didn't try every compression option though.
  11. Vitor Costa

    Vitor Costa Gamer

    Just a basic team color test :)

    Sauac likes this.
  12. marcocale

    marcocale Hardcore Simmer

  13. marcocale

    marcocale Hardcore Simmer

    Try these, converted in Photoshop .psd format, but inside PaintShop Pro X, not really sure it's working in the proper way. Let me know!

    Attached Files:

    ProTraX likes this.
  14. I did not understand how I have to copy the various files in skin folder.
  15. marcocale

    marcocale Hardcore Simmer

    in the directory of the skin.
    look in AC_TechPreview>content>cars>lotus_elise_sc>skins
    Create there a directory with a proper name and copy inside the files.
  16. Vitor Costa

    Vitor Costa Gamer

    I copyied only the "CAR_chassis_D" file into a new directory and it works fine.
  17. ahhhh ok, i copyed all file :p
  18. Vitor Costa

    Vitor Costa Gamer

    Any chance of zoom in and out, right and left to take a screenshot in a replay?

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