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Screenshots (ripped content = ban) - gifs not allowed

Discussion in 'Screens & Videos' started by Juandi Sanchez, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. ProTraX

    ProTraX Racer

    Thank you, its working now!

  2. paulieGTR

    paulieGTR Alien

    thanx for the .psd's and the info, very much appreciated mafrien's.
  3. cstibikeee

    cstibikeee Simracer


    Attached Files:

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  4. SimRacer925

    SimRacer925 Simracer

    combination of the classic Lotus Skin and some nice red rims

    AC TP Lotus red rims.jpg
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  5. Marcel Pfister

    Marcel Pfister Simracer

    my rims i think ;)
  6. Vitor Costa

    Vitor Costa Gamer

    TMM style :)


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  7. I could do better if only I knew draw :confused:

  8. Riccardo

    Riccardo Racer

    Skin WIP




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  9. Riccardo

    Riccardo Racer

    I love AC!!!


    Help me: how can I get a matt paint? Thanks!!
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  10. Bleifuss

    Bleifuss Gamer


    Download of this skin HERE
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  11. all this for only one car, i'm excited to we could be do with the final version of AC :rolleyes:
  12. Riccardo

    Riccardo Racer

  13. Bleifuss

    Bleifuss Gamer

  14. Total racing...
    I wonder if it is better to continue with the red line above the door!? :confused:

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  15. Xtreme RPM

    Xtreme RPM Rookie

    If I had to express my driving skills with a picture...

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  16. BATINA74

    BATINA74 Racer

    thx for template, Juandi Sanchez;)
    A12.jpg A14.jpg A13.jpg
  17. Repyeah

    Repyeah Racer

    My first skin on AC (Thanks Juandi ! ;))

    acs 2013-03-04 18-03-18-35.png acs 2013-03-04 18-03-24-69.png acs 2013-03-04 18-03-41-22.png acs 2013-03-04 18-04-12-37.png
  18. Riccardo

    Riccardo Racer

    color change

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  19. marcocale

    marcocale Hardcore Simmer

    Do you mean all the car or only the black parts?
    I was able to obtain a total matt texture, but I'm not convinced it's the right way to work. I think you can't work only on textures, I think you should also work on material properties and shaders.
    The result of my experiments for the entire car is not really acceptable, because you should at least rework the color texture to adjust the shadow layer (without reflections the car body seems "flat", so you need to increase at least the contrast). And it needs some time to find a good compromise (I tried yesterday evening for an half hour with a total matt black texture, but was not able to find a satisfying solution).
    Nevertheless making matt only the black parts could make easier to find a realistic look. I can try.
    Unfortunately I'm not on my home computer, so I can't do anything, but this evening I'll try to find the time to make some experiments and post your skin with the matt black parts.


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