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Season pass scam

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by ETatWAR, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    I buy and download a race sim, i start the game and it looks like a demo version a zillion normal options are missing ( a sim without split times with driver in front and behind, really?) Oke the driving is brilliant pCars eat your hart out but then I click on a car and it brings me to the xbox store and for half the price of the game i can buy a season pass but then the car is not downloaded. After reinstalling ect you find out on the site that quote;

    PLEASE NOTE – The Assetto Corsa Season Pass DOES NOT contain the additional bonus cars seen in the PRESTIGE and PERFORMANCE packs.

    So why am I redirected to the xbox store to buy a season pass when you click the car, even do you cant get the car with the pass?

    Why did I already buy a season pass when there is no content available ?

    It seems clear that with the unplayable graphics on xbox and PS that the game was released to early, collecting money for a season pass that has no content I START TO THINK THAT THIS IS A SCAM AND THE CONPAGNY NEEDED MONEY QUICKLY TO NOT TO GO BANKRUPT OR WHATEVER.
    anyway love the handeling, its epic, but i cant help feeling that i'm beeing scammed
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  3. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    So... the note is there on the stores site but you bought it anyways and are now complaining? Or is this note somewhere else? Honest question, I don't own an XBox.
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  4. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    If you think its a scam then sue them. I'd personally love to see you lose money for immaturity and guess what once you sue them for some silly reason they can countersue.

    Gosh you are like one of those people that just complain to the manager at every shop they go into.

    You cant complain for your own foolishness learn to read before you make accusations.
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  5. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    I click a car in game and from there i got redirected to the season pass and bought and installed it like i'm doing for years. Why redirect ingame to the season pass if you cant get that car with it?
  6. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    Look, I see where you're coming from, in a way. But why buy something without knowing what you receive with it? Don't assume, inform yourself ;)
    But, again, was that note on the store page for the season pass or not?
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  7. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    You don't get it kiddo, you click a car ingame, you get redirected to a season pass, you buy it (there is no warning in the store) but you don't get the car. You buy a season pass for NO CONTENT for now atleast , and who was talking about going to court?
  8. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    Without knowing? 1 more time for the kids that cant read, I CLICK A CAR INGAME , IT SHOWS A CLOUD LIKE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT, YOU CLICK IT, YOU GET REDIRECTED TO THE SEASON PASS IN THE STORE, YOU BUY IT, IT SAYS INSTALLED, BUT YOU DO NOT GET THE CAR! dunno how much race games you pay or any other with extra content but i never got redirected from ingame and then not getting it after spending money again
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  9. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    If i pay in a store and i don't get anything yes i go back and want to speak to the manager, and you find that very strange? So lets forget the misleading ingame redirect to a season pass when you click a car while that car is not in the season pass (you get this ?)
    Why make the season pass available while there is no content (yet)
  10. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    Yet another fanboy answer from someone who has not got a clue what they are talking about.

    This forum is amazing, surely if you haven't a clue what you are talking about you shouldn't be answering posts?
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  11. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    I want to love this game, simming ever since micropose grand prix 1 , the car control physics are epic but i do not like to be screwed when i have my eyes open
  12. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    I own lots of DLC, but not on console. I click on the DLC, I read what I get with it and then decide if it's worth my money.
    A season pass entitles you to included DLCs in the future. Can you refund the Season Pass in the XBox store?
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  13. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    Thnx exactly,
    You want me to explain console DLC? Cant you guys read? The cars showsup in game, the GAME REDIRECTS me to the season pass, there is NO WARNING and even if there was, why would the game redirect to a pass that not includes the car you just selected???
  14. Doppelganger

    Doppelganger Rookie

    You got a point sir.
    But that's not a classy way to behave.
    Ask the community manager if they're ok to refund if you're not interested in the upcoming content and also ask how you can access the cars with the little clouds over them.

    It will be quicker and less stressful for you and tell them to add some written note on the XBox Live thing so it's not misleading.

    I'm sure they'll be glad to help you.
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  15. talby71

    talby71 Gamer

    Season pass is usually for content that is yet to be released
    And it does state what's in the season pass too
  16. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    Please answer me this because i seriously dont understand and no im not trying to defend AC here because ultimately that link is going to the wrong place its kunos at fault there, im trying to understand a thought process. Before you buy something do you read the name of the product, do you try to find out what it does or just buy it
    So does it just go tot a payment page right away, so description or anything. Thats pretty horrible then
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  17. Rex

    Rex Racer

    I'm sure they did not do it on purpose, It's a mistake from Kunos. It's a serious mistake, they need to correct and refund, but they didn't do it intentionally.
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  18. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    You are right about the classy part, that probably the frustration of this epic handling driving that i can't really enjoy becuase of some mayor release flaws

    So sorry for that to everyone
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  19. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

  20. TNTNitro

    TNTNitro Gamer

    I agree, this also happened to me

    within the game, I clicked on one of these cars with the cloud symbol.

    I was directed to the store xbox, directly to the season pass

    I bought the season pass, when I came back to the game I saw that the car was still unavailable

    that's a shame!

    If the cars can only be downloaded for dlc codes prestige, because I was directed to the season pass?

    in any game the season pass is the purchase of all content

    developers should send dlc code prestige to those who bought the season pass
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2016
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  21. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    Lets it explain this simply for the PC users.

    On the XBox when you are in a game if you select something that is DLC it takes you to the store to buy the DLC to give you the thing you selected. This is totally standard, everything works like this (apart from AC).

    On the Xbox store there is NO descriptive text about the season pass, but as every other Xbox game ever made works in the above manner you purchase the season pack.

    Then you don't get the car.

    How this is the users fault is beyond me?
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