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Season pass scam

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by ETatWAR, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Yes I have tried via my game and as I said before it takes you to the Xbox store page for assetto corsa, once you click on the season pass it does tell you what's included you then have the option of buying or not buying
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  2. Horus

    Horus Alien

    That would be a problem MS have to sort out. You should be told exactly what you are buying, I cannot see them hiding such information away. Maybe one of the XBox users will make a video showing the description available at purchase. It should be there, but that is still not Kunos/505 Games issue.
  3. For the record I have complained that digital buyers have been screwed over by paying more for less content than retail and that digital owners should be given the prestige pack at no cost. For this I don't blame kunos I blame 505 games as they are the publishers
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  4. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    I work in IT an so I don't want a pc at home so I have been waiting for long time for the best sims to come to console, pcars is very good and nice but the car handling from assetto is so good, it feels much more real, its epic, so I stick with assetto even if I can only drive a fiat 500 on zandvoort
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  5. I'm not on my console but the description on the Xbox store is the same as the Xbox.com store
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  6. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    Like this you mean:
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  7. Cdiff

    Cdiff Rookie

    I feel the same. I've seen this type of behaviour from 2nd grade developer's before and I'm hoping it's not the case and they are going to deliver but if I don't see something out in 4 months I'll be contacting the Australian Consumer Watch Dog ACCC complaint against 505 games. They better get their **** together because owner's of the game are beginning to speak up about a class action that will turn the video game industry into a spin.I hate to see people being ripped off as it sets a bad precedent for the industry.
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  8. Yes once you click buy you can check the description before finalising purchase
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  9. AyrtJ97

    AyrtJ97 Rookie

    In the page it says "Works with" you can scroll down the page, and it will show you the description
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  10. TNTNitro

    TNTNitro Gamer

    that's what I'm trying to say!

    I want the DLC code Prestige!!!!!!
  11. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    I did click buy in the video, there is no description.
  12. Which is not available to buy
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    You can obviously scroll down the page before you click on buy. In the video you can even see the scroll bar builds up on the right hand side when the page loads in.
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  15. Horus

    Horus Alien

    2nd grade developers? WOW! You are the best troll so far. There is nothing 2nd grade about Kunos, they do sort bugs and problems out. It might not be to alls wishes, but they work hard as they are racers not just keyboard monkeys. Very disrespectful tone.
  16. ETatWAR

    ETatWAR Gamer

    I understand what y saying, but..

    1st it's not freeware and 2nd there are besides a lot obvious options missing (some very basic and important) some big bugs/performance issues (seen the amount on both PS an xOne very strange this not seen in (beta) testing) that to say the least does not make them look very professional.

    I did not hope for this, I knew they had a good reputation in the race sim world and the main part of the game the driving physics is the best I have seen since I started racing on my C64 by far but the first experience with assetto corsa is not really good again to say the least
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  17. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    So you can, sorry hadn't noticed that. It's obviously not numptie proof!

    But we still have the issue that the Game/Microsoft/Gremlins direct you to buy DLC that does not provide the item you are clicking on in the game. In fact as far as I can see you just cannot but the DLC for the cars in the game that direct you to the store and I'm willing to buy them!
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  18. AyrtJ97

    AyrtJ97 Rookie

    Well, yes, that's still a problem. I hope they short it out and give you a refund/give the cars with no extra payment. Let's see how things evolve
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  19. digital purchasers should get the prestige free but ill be amazed if we do
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  20. Eero

    Eero Hardcore Simmer

    Hello ETatWAR, I suggest you to contact Microsoft support in order to get refund.
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