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Season pass scam

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by ETatWAR, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. AyrtJ97

    AyrtJ97 Rookie

    Sure you should, in my country it's 5€ cheaper to buy the physic edition. I thought those who downloaded the game were getting the car packs
  2. In the uk the standard retail version was £30 the same version digitally was £39.99 the retail version with the prestige pack was only £37.99. Someone dropped the ball with pricing and digital paid more for much less
  3. Chris726

    Chris726 Rookie

    I must be going mad here. I bought the retail Presitige Pack and redeemed code but each car I choose takes me to the store asking to buy season pass. So where are my cars?
  4. talby71

    talby71 Gamer

    Shutdown and then Restart your console
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2016
  5. Chazz Ranger

    Chazz Ranger Alien

    I have the same issue as OP! Like, sometimes I make a mistake because I didn't take my time and think things through, and even though I really have nobody to blame but myself, I get really frustrated and try to blame someone else instead.
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  6. For the Prestige Edition: After you have entered the Code you have to manually select Install Now for the package later via the XBox One Console. I had to look around for this by myself. After that the addon is installed (10 MB) and you can choose the cars (BMW M4) for example.
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  7. Cdiff

    Cdiff Rookie

    Troll? What? How is it I'm a Troll when I game my hard earned cash upfront 4 months before release... that's 4 months of interest that I have lost along with a game that is so bugged. If I pay for something I expect it to be working to the standard that the game is advertising it to be. There are many vehicles that cannot be downloaded due to the vehicle not being released. What is that? I paid for the game and now I have to wait to drive vehicles until I'm permitted to. What is that, that's what I call ludicrous.

    Maybe the next time I go and buy shoes I should ask if they come with laces or are they separate. If Kuno's are not 2nd grade they would not have released a game that has so many bugs with multiplayer, no private lobbies in the foreseeable future, missing cars, lack of settings to calibrate my steering wheel and pedals, graphics tearing need I go on.

    How dare you even begin to question my concerns on an item I paid for that is not complete.
  8. Tomcul

    Tomcul Hardcore Simmer

    Did you pay for the prestige pack?
  9. Cdiff

    Cdiff Rookie

    Yes I did. It was included in the game when I bought it. On top of that JB-Hi Fi used the prestige pack as an incentive to pre-order.
  10. Tomcul

    Tomcul Hardcore Simmer

    So what happens when you enter the redemption code?
  11. talby71

    talby71 Gamer

    jb hi fi only had the performance pack...not the prestige pack
    3 cars not 9
    only EB games had the prestige pack...only reason i bought from there
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  12. Chris726

    Chris726 Rookie

    I have used Xbox one since launch. Never had a problem enabling game options after redeeming a code. There was nothing to install, Xbox is telling me the code has been redeemed but the cars are still not available and when I click the car it takes me to the shop to purchase season pass - although the other contributors to this site may have gone to far this is now starting to feel more and more like a con to me as well now!
  13. Gie

    Gie Rookie

    Go to games, pres start on Assetto Corsa. Go to game options. Install Prestige Pack. Done.
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  14. talby71

    talby71 Gamer

    Have you tried the suggestions though
    For some reason this is happening with a few dlcs lately..not just here
    Every time i install something i now hard reset the console too
  15. ShredatorFIN

    ShredatorFIN Alien

    Protip -- read the text before pressing button, if it asked your credit card. Applies outside of gaming too

    Personally I think putting essential cars (that are partly free on PC) into preorder edition wasn't good idea, but it's probably forced by 505 Games, not idea of Kunos. Because on PC (before 505 was part of this) everything has always been really fair, and DLC has been crazy cheap. But since they said "Exclusive" it is not really exclusive if everyone can buy standard edition without any drawbacks
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2016
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  16. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    This is so funny, you whinged about having to wait four months and then you go and buy the wrong version and then blame the devs. Classic.
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  17. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    That's a so-called "timed exclusive".
  18. Guukiecrunch

    Guukiecrunch Rookie

    Firstly, I've played racing games for forever. Only thing I like gaming for. Driving. Now this situation has never happened before. Being directed somewhere after clicking desired content, and the redirect takes you somewhere the content is NOT available. I actually did read the blah blah. My bad I had no clue what car pack those cars were part of, and assumed they were the Japanese car pack. Again my bad. So I bought the season pass assuming they were in the pack and it was the first future download. Whatever my bad for not knowing what pack they were part of? I have to Google the cars to find out what pack they're part of? Doesn't seem right at all. The cars should say prestige pack only available through hard disc.. maybe? Or some sort of indication those cars aren't available for anyone. You aren't getting those cars. Unless you bought a prestige pack disc.
    I bought the game digitally, thinking I'd get the extra bonus content like I've gotten before buying games that way.
    Nothing told me I'd be missing several cars cause I bought that way.. why make different game content for digital and hard disc? I bought digitally so a. I can't resell, b. I get less content, and c. I paid more?
    I feel I shouldn't have to come to the Internet, read 6 pages of *****ing and arguing bout reading what you buy, when people selling can very easily describe what's available. Just misleading Bull****.
    My bad I was excited a new Sim was coming out. (Didn't know beforehand) and bought digitally. Ugh.
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  19. Cdiff

    Cdiff Rookie

    How have I been whinging about waiting 4 months? I haven't been whinging about 4 months dude, I've been whinging about the state of the game.

    Obviously you have not been paying attention, have a nice day bro
  20. Cdiff

    Cdiff Rookie

    Nothing, I get booted out
    Wait a sec, I bought the game as a disc and it arrived with a code which I was emailed which did not work. The game came with the 3 cars automatically hich were the Chevi Corvette, Audi V10 and some other car, doesn't matter but anyway they arrived which is fine but then I have noticed the Ford 2015 Mustang and the Lambo and an Audi A1 have a cloud picture at the top of the car picture. What is that? I mean I bought the game but those cars are not included... I bought the season pass and still those cars are not playable or downloadable... What the...
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