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Season pass scam

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by ETatWAR, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. I recommend you to read the posts before. Season pass is not available yet. But that's by nearly every game the case that season pass is for upcoming content. That season passes are available with release is even usual.
    And season pass not included every car who's been released for a racing game. I know nearly none racing game that didn't have exclusive pre order cars. That's part of the buisness since years.
    Maybe 505 gave microsoft wrong description. So far I know are the descriptions buisness of the publishers not microsoft. They only paste the game descriptions from the pr material.
    So when the same description in sony store than 505 games didn't clarify that the content are not available. Because there is room for misinterpretation when you read it. Because for red and Japanese pack are no times but for porsche pack. So people think that this will be know available, but at the other side like I wrote is season pass for upcoming content.
    I'm sure microsoft will give refund because the description was not clear. But who want really miss the red pack and porsche dlc's. At the end most of us will buy ;)
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  2. Cdiff

    Cdiff Rookie

    Thanks for clearing that up. Thanks for doing 505 games and Assetto Corsa's Forum's job and saving me a headache. Much appreciated.
  3. To answer such questions is job of the publisher in my eyes. Kunos is very small developer. So it can happen that answer take some days time.
    But I know there is a support. But I don't know the contact.
    All what I can say is that I don't think that kunos want lead us in a trap.
    So far as I know are some updates nessasary for the red pack. Console version are not on the same build than pc version. So it's maybe two months behind.
    So I count not before mid September with a dlc. Maybe later or sooner.
    Main focus should be that the game runs stable before any dlc pack been released.
  4. I got had too. Season Pass should mean everything, game is good but the admin side of things is a bit of a sham. trying to sign up for the forums was a major headache which 505 games eventually sorted
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  5. nope season pass should not mean you get everything. forza6 had a car pass yet there are more car packs after that finished. fallout 4 had a season pass all the content included with that pass is now complete and they have mentioned the possibility of another season pass with yet more dlc... The packs included with the season pass content is good value and its only by releasing car packs that they are able to continuously make the game better as it cost money to license the cars then create virtual replicas to put in game, each car takes time and time costs money
  6. marlo0081

    marlo0081 Hardcore Simmer

    'The DLC Season Pass gives you access to the following future downloadable content - the JAPANESE PACK DLC, RED PACK DLC, and the upcoming PORSCHE DLC packs. In total over 30 new cars, as well as the Red Bull track, and also includes an exclusive livery.'

    Its right there in the description..
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  7. yep people dont read things before buying
  8. Sorry guys but in the german description was different in xbox live store at release. Some people should not think that the english description is the only one.
    It was in the german description not clarified that the japanese and red pack are in the future available. The description say that porsche dlc would come end of september. They use simply the pc description.
    The word future was never in there. Or do you think I will write here something if the description was like the english. You must keep in mind that not everyone here is english and in not every country are the descriptions in english in the store.
    Two guys from my friendlist bought the season because they thought it would be now available. And when they wrote that the porsche dlc starts in september and for the other two no time clarified. Then people simply thought that the console version is on the same level as pc and the dlc are finished. Because most knows that this dlcs came out on pc. The last one in july.
    And that the porsche dlc come in september for console is even wrong. I think they have changed it now. It was a fault from 505 games in my eyes. Life goes on
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2016
  9. don´t know whats your problem is with my post. i wrote it in the post above this one why people in germany missunderstood the german description in the xbox store. did you read the german description at release day?
    did i wrote in the quoted post that i do not know this now or why you see the need to mark upcoming and future read....like i wrote upcoming and future was not part of the GERMAN DESCRIPTION
    only what i want was to explain why people missunderstood it and i wrote even in the quoted post that the description was wrong. so why you two gus road then people should read?
    the best thing from all that you from the pc section. so i´m sure that you dont read the description in german xbox store.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2016
  10. Snoopy

    Snoopy Alien

    I think it can be easily declared that the preorder-dlc-season pass scheme kunos rolled out is a complete mess.
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  11. L2D Godzilla

    L2D Godzilla Racer

    The game rollout was the mess. Firstly releasing two different pre-order bonuses, one being exclusive to a single store was a big mistake especially when the both similar names too. Most people that pre-order go to their local game store and see all their options on the shelf right next to each other or on advertising material. Very few games other than the AAA titles can get away with this because they have such a huge fanbase and budget to advertise these promotions enough to get the word out the to the average joe. Kunos did put in a big effort with their advertising(had a big cut-out in my local store for almost a year before release) but they don't have the console fanbase to get the word of mouth spreading on these things.

    Ultimately it was a bad marketing decision that wouldn't have had the backlash it did if there wasn't so many standout cars in the DLC and not in the game. The only problem I see about the season pass is that because of the numerous release issues found we will now have to wait longer for the car/track packs due to devs having to work on the much needed fixes for the game to survive into the coming months.
  12. Yes I have no problem with the season pass and can't wait for the red pack and first porsche dlc. But at the other side I see the need that the game runs more stable before they sell the first dlc.
    It's really a shame because not less people are really unsure what ac belongs.
  13. season passes have always been for future content. Its the same with every game you buy the season pass as its cheaper than buying the dlc's individually
  14. Yes nothing other I wrote.
    But the german description say
    The dlc pass give you access to follow downloadable content:
    The japanese pack, the red pack and the coming soon porsche dlcs..........bla bla bla

    So if you read that you can get the imagination that the first two are available because they only write the coming soon porsche dlcs and for the first is no time window.
    For sure experience says most season pass dlcs are future content. I had it explain it in the threads before. Nearly 75 % in germany i know thought that the first two maybe available or where confused.
    The easiest way is to wait if some people buy it and thats is what I've done. But the description of the season pass is still the same.

    The result is that it get 2 from 5 stars. Nobody ask who see that 2 stars, that the people are simply upset because they feel trapped. At the end the people see that 2 stars and say hmm better not. Nobody cares if the reason was a confusing description. And thats makes me angry.

    That's a shame because the season pass offers great content to fair prices. And deserves 4 - 5 Stars.
  15. protonv5

    protonv5 Racer

    I'm just curious...How come when Kunos wants to respond to a post, when usually saying "Everyone, let's not argue be nice" and all that, they do it.
    Yet I've noticed that for this type of post, they have no response. I really like this game, don't get me wrong. They've done so many things right. I think overall it's awesome and they are on the right track. Obviously there are some issues, but I think they can fix them without much trouble in the near future. So, I'm a huge fan. But, no comment from Kunos on this? That's annoying. Just tell us what's going on Kunos. Say something about this one.
  16. They have done it on facebook. There you can comment to and they answer to a lot of posts. Then one marcos Facebook account you can read about the progress of the console versions. So I think they are really open and they said that they not count with that issues. It's there first console port and even the hardware is similar to a pc the operation systems are not the same.
  17. SwissWeed

    SwissWeed Gamer

    What if u dont use social media like facebook and so on..
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  18. The offical arsetto corsa website inform too. This channels are the best way to inform. You can't hope that the devs write here daily. The most work 12 hrs and more. And when I see how much people are reading the posts and compare it with facebook and twitter. Than it's a logical step to use this channels. I'm hoping that the devs read here the posts. So I think whe are not ignored here.
    Then most of them are italians and can't maybe not write very well in english. It's not like in other games where the head of the studio have time to write hours a day in the forum.
  19. Snoopy

    Snoopy Alien

    True, but also season passes are announced and sold with preorders so all dlc is future content then. Is there a game that has dlc that's not in the season pass?
  20. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    Yeah, The Crew. I remember the sh... storm when they announced that Wild Run DLC won't be free for season pass owners.
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