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Seriously poor physics

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Jamesgti12, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. I played other sims like Project CARS and RaceRoom before i really tried Assetto Corsa. Thought that the physics in Pcars were pretty good. Then i really went all in for Assetto Corsa as many seemed to like it for it's physics. And i must say the physics and handling of the cars are really top class! Now i am only playing AC because i like the realistic handling, the overall good graphics and sounds not to forget the awesome FFB. Great job Kunos! Looking forward to more upcoming DLC-packs with cars and tracks!
  2. Skemekos123

    Skemekos123 Racer

    I seriously had tears from laughing so much when I first read this guys comment to my friend lol!
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  3. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    You're the one sticking your nose in, all you're doing is insulting and driving new people away, they are rightfully upset no matter what you and your Martian buddies think.
    When you buy a game you expect it to work in a certain way, if it doesnt you get upset and let your feelings be known. I've read the blurb on my Xbox, it looks as if its not living up to those expectations.

    Maybe Kunos should put up a warning note to new buyers making them aware that this is not a game in the normal fashion, that it's a sim and only partly finished at that or a work in progress.

    Even the PC version has problems, since version 1.75 my setup has been running pretty well, now all of a sudden after 1.81 my frame rate has seriously dropped and my cars are sliding off track again, I can certainly understand why these new people are upset.

    One last thing, when all the stars are alligned and all the settings are correct for your particular taste, this game can be a very good experience, sim.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2016
  4. TheGT500

    TheGT500 Racer

    ^ That quote sums it up nicely.
    I've only ever been a console gamer, never owned anything other than a basic PC. A lot of the complaining from the console fraternity is due to the way we've been cosseted by having games 'dumbed down' so they're easy for controller users. Take Drive Club as an example, with a wheel it doesn't seem to play as well as with a controller (well, to me at least). Even GT6 is closer to arcade physics than it likes to admit. There's always a compromise the devs have to make to make their game appeal to pad users, so when a realistic feeling sim such as AC comes to console, it's a shock to the system !
    A lot of gamers have only ever known the pad as a control device, some even have never driven a car in real life so cannot adapt to, or expect what a car with cold slick tyres feels like so will understandably say the cars are too difficult to control and not handle like they do in say GT or DC !
    If a game is billed as a racing SIMULATION the clue should really be in the description ! It won't be and shouldn't be compromised by optimising it for controllers. If we had to collect power-ups or drive through animated timer gates in AC I'm sure it would be optimised for pads, but it's not. Driving a race car on a track in real life is not easy and it shouldn't be in a sim !
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  5. I agree what TheGT500 says. Many console-people are used to games like Need for Speed where you can take a 90 degree turn in 250 km/h or slam into the wall and just carry on as if nothing happened. This is a sim, try to drive a real car with a controller. I don't think you would get very far until you crash.
    For best feeling and control the game should always be driven with a wheel, not a controller.
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  6. Theobris

    Theobris Racer

    Like I said before there should be a warning a very stark warning saying THIS IS NOT A GAME ITS A SIM, lots of people dont understand the difference, and the latest console people don't like crap graphics and things that dont work either, its a bit hard to change things on a console.
    Dont forget that a lot of kids use consoles as well, most of them arent going to go out and spend heaps of money on wheels and stands and seats and all the rest of the gear to get the most out of the game.
    I'm not sure that a whole lot of thought went into this port, or maybe there was but it just hasnt worked out like it should.
  7. Yes, i agree that the game should have some sort of notice saying that this is a sim and is best experienced with a wheel even though you CAN control it with a controller. But in the end of the day this is business/money and Kunos as well as other studios wants to make money. And they hope that as many as possible is buying the game, even if they shouldn't have.
  8. Raikku

    Raikku Racer

    There is something strange in console versions physics which makes driving more difficult than on pc. Like ie F40, I can drive it just fine in pc-version but in One version I mainly just spin all the time. And this with wheel(on Xbox One CSW v2 with CSL P1-rim).
    Of course all of that could be result from console version's bad fps's and quite severe performance hickups, while on pc I have nice 150-200fps all the time and ffb is on totally different level.
  9. L2D Godzilla

    L2D Godzilla Racer


    Read that and try it, i'm dead certain it's backwards and partially(fully?) solves the steering 'confidence' as I would now like to call it.
  10. Spoolin_Turbo

    Spoolin_Turbo Rookie

    Dude just chill, tune your car and it will act how you want it to.
  11. Miizoo

    Miizoo Rookie

    Best solution, buy the Thrustmaster TMX wheel and a wheel-stand pro.

    Until you do that...

    I have been a Forza and GT player with both a PAD and a wheel, I understand that people get upset.

    I guess what you look for is progressive response when using the analog stick on the pad - the way it's setup now will scare people away from experiencing the greatness of this game. So..

    What drove me crazy whas the erratic response it had as standard, turning in, counter steering, and just how I could f** up in a straight line just by touching the analog stick slightly.

    My pad settings.

    Vibration, 80%
    Speed sens. 30%
    Steering speed 0%
    Steering filter 60%
    Steering gamma 350% (try 400% if you want more smoothness)

    Looks weird, I know. If you're used to Forza you will like these. Be sure to use cockpit view as it helps following wheel movement.

  12. Steering speed 0%....... it would be hard to take the first chicane in monza. Specially in a formula car. Because you need there a quick response. 10 or 15 are more practical I think. With 0% it's take much to long to steering quick from right to left.
    0% works maybe on streetcars with 900 or 540 degrees

    If it must be a thrustmasters than pay 50 bucks more and get the tx wheel. Have a better ffb and very important you can change the wheel.
    After a year you upgrade your tmx with pedals and shifter and then you feel angry that you can't use the f599 ( the best wheel imo) or the f1 wheel. Only because you want save 50 or 70 bucks.

    The tmx is a good entry level ffb wheel and when you happy with the base setup than fine take it.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2016
  13. WagnumPI

    WagnumPI Simracer

    How did you manage to take this video without the mouse pointer and video controls appearing considering your using the mouse to move the camera i presume? Thanks in advance!
  14. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    I normally use shadow play but i used Fraps to make that one IIRC. Fraps has an option to hide the mouse ;) if you keep the cursor away from the bottom the replay options don't appear. as you might of seen the side bar activates a couple of times during the video :p it is tricky to get it right as the mouse will go out 1 side of the screen and back in the other when the mouse button is held down. What i should have done is used the buttons on my mouse that slow the scroll speed but didnt think of it at the time.
  15. GRD 4 3L

    GRD 4 3L Rookie

    Similar to PCARS, the pad ADVANCED setting requires a lot of trial & error tweaking. I'm still fine tuning it but it's at a point where the setting works for many of the cars, even in drifting.

    To use PC settings on console, simply multiply by 100%, i.e. 3.0 = 300%

    XB1 settings I have currently:

    Speed Sensitivity: 55% (0% very slow, 100% is very fast)
    Steering Speed: 25% (0% very slow, 100% is very fast)
    Deadzone: 10% (not sure what this does. Tried it at 100% and felt the same)
    Filter: 80% (at 100%, the steering does not turn. I think this should be called 'dampening', not 'filter'. Adjust until you can counter steer.)
    Gamma: 220% (this is steering linearity. 100% is 1:1. 400% is very slow. 200~250%, I found, was good for pad)

    If the car is not behaving to your expectations, it is likely to be the ADVANCED settings, not the actual car. Depending on the ADVANCED settings, the car could drive great or feel undriveable. Don't give up; you must put in a lot of time for finding your settings then Assetto Corsa will feel great.

    I use KTM X-Bow for the trials. Lotus 49 for verification #1. Ferrari 599xx for verification #2. If the ADVANCED settings are good, it should work for all 3 cars with no other changes. Put in the work and one will be rewarded with magical experience.

    N1 cars, Abarth and Giulietta, were two of the great FWD's I've felt on a console with good ADVANCED settings. If the ADVANCED settings are off, the cars will feel crap.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2016
  16. People who are struggling with steering should go back to basic mechanics, adjust tyre pressures. Reduce psi to stick to track, reduce psi on the side going into bends like right cornering tracks (Clockwise)reduce o/s(front and back) or left hand cornering tracks ( counter clockwise) reduce n/s (front and back) reduce 5psi from side to side. Only use this as a baseline,then start fine adjusting the toe or camber I found this a game changer. I still can not win but I'm getting better
  17. Bibbles

    Bibbles Simracer

  18. JoeAC3

    JoeAC3 Gamer

    the physics on xbox or PS is quite diff from PC version? I found the PC version is pretty good though:
  19. At release the physics where different. But since the last two updates I think the physics on Xbox make a huge step forward. Before I always got the feeling there TCS and stability control on even everything was deactivated. Now you feel the momentum of the car when you break into corners. You must must be more gentle with acceleration.
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