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PS4 Server Downs, and non-responsive

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by GiocatorePS4, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. GiocatorePS4

    GiocatorePS4 Rookie

    My first post: the multiplayer server does not work properly. It is often down, it is always too slow to give the list of rooms, and it is too slow to allow entry to the room. I would like to know if the game I bought yesterday is already abandoned, dear 505 Games
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  3. flashat69

    flashat69 Gamer

  4. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    AC won´t die THAT easily, console brothers, especially since you guys came a touch later to the AC party ;)
    The issues encountered might be a mighty Ffffffffff-up entirely unrelated with KS or 505 Games .
  5. flashat69

    flashat69 Gamer

    Could it be a responsibility of a Kunos supplier? I do not know the responsibilities, and as an end user, I personally do not care. As a player, I'm only interested in the server working well and not being an obstacle. Is not it still a game? So, I wish I could play for fun and not stress.

    Then you say "...unrelated with KS or 505 Games...". I could think of only two alternatives. One, a problem with my internet connection, but I do not think it's a 1,000 Mbit / sec FTTH fiber optic, and the problem we mention is only present on AC, while Gran Turismo, and PC2 have never presented this problem. This explanation also eliminates the second possibility, which is a problem with the Sony network. But to solve these doubts, as the administrators of this forum do not give answers, I will open a ticket with Sony itself. I'll let you know
  6. Radfahrer

    Radfahrer Hardcore Simmer

    Keep us in the loop please !
    Yummy, that´s a pretty monstrous line you´ve got there :)
    And yes, it could be practically anything or anyone causing trouble for you on the consoles to find servers, from human error over technical difficulties on the server farm to routing of the datatraffic .
    Can you diagnose traffic on consoles in any way ?
    Other than that could we have someone official chime in here with some help or explanation please ?
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  7. Xherdani

    Xherdani Racer

    I think KUNOS is to busy with ACC :/ Really frustrating becauase we can´t enjoy multiplayer anymore....
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  8. flashat69

    flashat69 Gamer

    Surely they are engaged in the development of the new game. But can a server administrator check it at least once a week?
  9. Xherdani

    Xherdani Racer

    apparently not... I really lost the motivation to play AC multiplayer...
  10. flashat69

    flashat69 Gamer

    Nothing again
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