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XB1 Server Issue

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by HLR Ghosty, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    I'm only guessing here but could it be that your version installed isn't patched? I assume if you don't have the current patch you may not see the servers, I don't have the console version but I thought it might be a good suggestion.
  2. HLR Ghosty

    HLR Ghosty Gamer

    The xbox usually updates games or will inform you when there is one. The version I have installed is v1.20.0.0 according to the game hub
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2018
  3. gene0514

    gene0514 Rookie

    I have the same version so thats not the issue, unfortunately.
  4. Dezzie420

    Dezzie420 Rookie

    I'm having same exact problem for about a welt now tried everything like you have to no avail
  5. HLR Ghosty

    HLR Ghosty Gamer

    No idea sorry. Have never got the issue sorted out so stopped playing game. Support were no help and neither were kunos
  6. Dezzie420

    Dezzie420 Rookie

    Actually devistated
  7. HLR Ghosty

    HLR Ghosty Gamer

    Funny thing is I also have it on pc with no issues but disconnects from the server on xbox as soon as I boot the game. It seems others are having the same issue on console as I have had a few messages now asking if I fixed it
  8. Dezzie420

    Dezzie420 Rookie

    Almost a month later still here no fix ><
  9. HLR Ghosty

    HLR Ghosty Gamer

    Nope, still no joy
  10. Dezzie420

    Dezzie420 Rookie

    Mind me asking who your internet provider is mines Ee

    Less then helpful don't recommend
  11. HLR Ghosty

    HLR Ghosty Gamer

    I am on sky fiber , have been for years.
  12. Dezzie420

    Dezzie420 Rookie

    At least we ain't the same rules that out ..... I have officially given up as soon as 505 reffers me back to here again
  13. HLR Ghosty

    HLR Ghosty Gamer

    I keep getting the same run around, yet apart from a few members who tried to help we get none here either.

    Makes me wonder what the support forums are for
  14. Dezzie420

    Dezzie420 Rookie

    We might be getting somewhere folks !

    Attached Files:

  15. xMinxg

    xMinxg Rookie

    Could you mention me i have the issue too
  16. Dezzie420

    Dezzie420 Rookie

    He asked for links to other threads I incudled yours from what he's told me so far the process blem actual lies with xbox
  17. HLR Ghosty

    HLR Ghosty Gamer

    I contacted xbox and they stated that the problem is not their end and to contact support on here
  18. Ciccina2016

    Ciccina2016 Simracer

    why the 505 service desk marked the ticket "on hold"??
    It should be marked as "open" and he or she should be chasing Kunos to get this fixed..
    Instead they basically said, this is not our problem ,Kunos will need to sort this out.

    Very proactive approach.
  19. taylorp85

    taylorp85 Rookie

    Hi, great to find someone else with the same issue as me! I started playing Assetto Corsa about 6 months ago on Xbox One.

    To start I did see servers but around October/November they stopped being available.

    I also posted on the same topic in another section of this forum, stupidly I referred to it as ACC, but I was definitely referring to AC. Link to my post below

    As you report, all other games work fine, no connections issues. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling AC, no change. Mine was a download version of the game, no physical disc. Additional bits of info, my broadband is provided by Sky, not down a conventional line, not fibre.

    Shall I raise a separate ticket with 505 service desk?

    Let me know if there is any info I can provide to help.

  20. WoodyLizard

    WoodyLizard Gamer

    This has happened to me here in Australia around the same time in September October last year. One week it was working with myself hosting lobbies then nothing the following week. This was after an Xbox update and every new Xbox update I get excited to see if finally AC will work again but to no avail. Sad face downunder.

    So reading some of these above comments I do agree that maybe an Xbox update has caused the issue and without Kunos not providing a fix to run the game with whatever has upset the game with the last 3 or 4 console updates.

    This is the only game that can not connect to any servers for me in Australia.

    Now the weird thing, friends of mine in Victoria and South Australia (I leave near Sydney in NSW) with the same Xbox 1 X with current console update as me and internet provider can connect to servers and play online.....Go figure, too hard basket I’d say.

    Anyway would be great to hear at least a developer acknowledge our cry’s and let us know that they have tried or are going to look into it for our small tight knit Xbox AC community that have stuck by them.
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