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Set ups - console to PC

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by DD_Friar, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. DD_Friar

    DD_Friar Simracer

    If I watch a video of a player explaining their car set up in the console version, do the values work the same in the pc version?
    For example I am trying to wring the last bit out of an amg gt3 at Barcelona. I seem to have a glass floor of 1.50 (others in my group have got into the 1.48/9's in the same car). I know this is not all set up and my driving style/skill level has a lot to do with it but in a video for the console the driver gets down to a low 1.49 with a wing setting of 5, I have mine in the pc at 2, is my setting wrong or are the calibrations different in the two versions?
    Many thanks for any advice and guidance provided.
    (Roll on the 12th!)

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  3. DD_Friar

    DD_Friar Simracer

    Please close this thread. I realised that I was wrong in my set up.

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