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XB1 settings logitech g920

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by angio94, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. angio94

    angio94 Rookie

    does anyone have any good settings to use with this weel??

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  3. Jamesgrainge

    Jamesgrainge Gamer

    I turned FFB to 100%, kerb as I is and slip effect upto 50%. Seems quite good
    angio94 likes this.
  4. Peter Dee

    Peter Dee Gamer

    Yep. This feels good
  5. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    What is the slip effect?
  6. FFB=45
  7. Just modified it again.
    ABS - OFF
    SC - 100
    TC - OFF
  8. Jamesgrainge

    Jamesgrainge Gamer

    Terrible dude.

    FFB weak, Stability Control, really?
    No under steer effect, how do you know when the grip is maximised?
    Won't even be trying your settings, sorry.
  9. del
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2016
  10. I guess I'll try some experiments to see if it suits me with the FFB higher & Undrstr ON. Have yet to understand correctly what SC amount does. If you understand it, please explain.
  11. Jamesgrainge

    Jamesgrainge Gamer

    Stability Control is it not? Unless I'm mistaken
  12. FFB 48
    Understeer ON
    SC at 20% for now, until I can slowly reduce it to off.
  13. Updated my settings for a much improved result.
    FFB 55
    Curbs 15
    Raod 30
    Slip 55
    Understear ON
    SC 20%
    TC Off
    ABS Off
  14. Mattburnout

    Mattburnout Rookie

    I use this setting... but I think is possible to make better result with an update of the game to have more setting... now when the car go in oversteer is impossible to control

    Attached Files:

  15. TeKnO-_-91

    TeKnO-_-91 Racer

    He took the time to share his settings and you have the cheek to criticize them plus you haven't even tried them, as you so nicely explained!?!?
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  16. SC 100% is even on gamepad not necessary. If I'm honest I set even on the xbox controller down to 0 and it's possible. So back to the whheel. I drive without sc, tcs on my g920 and its much more fun but I can understand you, when you need time to become familiar with the physics
    I hope that whe can calibrate our pedals with the upcoming update.
  17. DeltaderF

    DeltaderF Rookie

    I can not brake. Is there any configuration? The brake is very hard. There is no sensitivity setting even after the updates. Disappointed.
  18. I think you may have a problem with your pedals, do you get the same thing in other games? If so I have seen others on Youtube and maybe in these forums that have a problem with the Rubber in the brake pedal spring, i think maybe it gets caught up, google it and you may find the answer on youtube.
  19. BobTheDog

    BobTheDog Hardcore Simmer

    You need to remove the rubber on the 920 of you want to play AC as there is no sensitivity setting in the game like there is in every other racing game.
  20. MakaveliA7X

    MakaveliA7X Hardcore Simmer

    Ya I have the g920 and I understand that the rubber block is quite intrusive and very hard to get a good feel under hard braking.
    I refused to take out the rubber block as I find it was just to weak after and even less realistic.
    The best thing I did was buy the gt eye brake spring mod and replace the original spring n block with this much stiffer spring. I must say that now braking hard is awesome now that I can modulate the brakes and control pressure so much better.
    Definitely recommend the gt eye brake mod!
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