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Setup Guide for Beginners

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Skaven Zverov, May 9, 2020.

  1. oldgeezer61

    oldgeezer61 Rookie

    Super job, I printed it at work in high resolution, very handy to adjust a setup during races.
    Thanks mate
    Skaven Zverov likes this.
  2. WhiteVsBlack

    WhiteVsBlack Rookie

    Idk if someone posted it already but i found that this guides are very helpful also in ACC. They allow you to understand basics. In PCARS 2 it's explained better what what will happen if u change specific setting. I found it quite usefull in ACC since im quite new in sim racing.
    What do you think about it guys?

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  3. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

  4. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    It will be hard to get people to admit they own pcars 2. :D
    Skaven Zverov and WhiteVsBlack like this.
  5. WhiteVsBlack

    WhiteVsBlack Rookie

    already watched them before posting that ;) every info was very useful, form Aris' and from Yorkie065
  6. WhiteVsBlack

    WhiteVsBlack Rookie

    Probably you are 100% right :D
  7. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Glad you like it mate, glad it helped :)
  8. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    That's true but i don't know much about that. And i think it would help, for sure. If anyone would like to share a light on it, i would put into v2.0 for sure.
  9. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    THat is what i should add to the setup guide, too, to check histograms, and it is a "general rule", with exceptions, of course. :)
  10. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Glad it helped mate :)
  11. Boonatix

    Boonatix Racer

    I saw the written guide on the blog https://trinacriasimracing.wordpress.com/acc-beginner-setup-guide/ is using some pictures of my beginner guide tyre and setup videos ^^ it would be great if you could link to me / my channel on youtube please... I am really happy that you liked what I did there, it would just have been great to get in touch before you screenshot the stuff. Thanks ^^
  12. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Hey mate, i didn't write that blog, but i did do the guide from original post, and i would be happy to add you to credits, and to add your links to my original post. As i already wrote it on OP, what i collected is a bunch of info from other people, some i forgot where i took from, and that was guide just for me.

    It happened to be "published" because it was needed by community, i don't take credits for anything except for compiling info.

    I will add your YouTube link to original post so people can check those too, that will be helpful, thanks for your help :)

    Did you checked my guide? Did i took anything from your videos? Because, i just checked, i did the guide before you made the videos. Probably that blog is updated from a guy who made it with your info.

    But, anyway, even so, i would be glad to put your link into OP.
    AndyK70 likes this.
  13. Boonatix

    Boonatix Racer

    Hey Skaven I just saw the screenshots on the website and was just surprised ^^ Your setup guide is awesome and very helpful, I link it actually a lot when people ask about setup help :) You are very kind, honestly you do not need to link to my videos as your setup guide is your own work and all the info is out there from many different sources... but if you want, feel free, I am happy if I can help ^^

    Thank you so much!
  14. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    For sure i will put it, this is the Thread for helping people, and i think your videos are helpful.

    I am now working on v2.0, and i may take something from your videos and put in next version :p

    Link is in OP now :)

    Thanks for the help :)
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  15. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

  16. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Poguinhas likes this.
  17. Nirvaesh

    Nirvaesh Rookie

    your compilation is great, check it for updates every now and then and it's permanently pinned on the leagues discord channel that i'm part of :D
    Skaven Zverov likes this.
  18. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Thanks, hopefully it will be even better in near future :)

    Great to hear about that pin, glad people find it useful :)
  19. cconti

    cconti Rookie

    I didn't read all 14 pages of posts, but I was wondering if there was a print friendly PDF of the setup guide. By that I mean one that doesn't have a black background and red text. I pulled it up on my iPad, but the text is hard to read and not as easy to scroll (also hard to make notes on it).
    I guess I could create a print friendly version myself, but I wouldn't want to duplicate the effort if someone else already did it.
  20. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron Simracer

    You should’ve at least read the first post , it’s there ...(the guide you want)
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