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Setup Guide for Beginners

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Skaven Zverov, May 9, 2020.

  1. planinggg

    planinggg Gamer

    I would like to save in high quality, because I can’t read anything with the current quality!

    thNk you for your hard work!

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  2. pgreenwo

    pgreenwo Rookie

    Thanks for this. A great deal of work and much appreciated
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  3. kickers2k1

    kickers2k1 Rookie

    Thanks for this, but can anybody explain what TC2 does?
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  4. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    TC1 sets the limit at which the engine cuts power to the wheels losing traction. TC2 sets the level to which that power is reduced.
  5. sps_for_race

    sps_for_race Alien

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  6. mashmashbeep

    mashmashbeep Gamer

    Excellent idea, thanks for doing this and posting.
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  7. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Hey, thanks! Let's see what @Aristotelis say about the brake pads, i will gladly make the change, of course.

    About second part, did you meant rear ABR too soft can cause entry oversteer due to diffusor stall? It is an excellent tip, i will add it.
  8. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Glad you like it :)
  9. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Not a problem, if guide can help, i am glad :D

    Will post more updates these days, how to approach setup from start.
  10. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    You can download it, go to the link, example, https://sta.sh/01xbr64ne7dr , it should look something like this:


    then you have download button on the right, size is 1888x8618, good enough to read, or you can click on the image strip, and you get something like this:


    just right click, save image as, and that should work too.

    Let me know if it works. If it doesn't i will make another link with WeTransfer.
    Last edited: May 11, 2020
  11. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    No problem, glad to be of help :)
  12. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Np, and yes, i should add TC2 explanation, thanks for reminding me of it :D
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  13. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Thanks for simple explanation, i will add that to the guide :)
    tjr likes this.
  14. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Also, can anyone check what i've put as Steering Ratio? Is that correct, or can i change it somehow to represent ACC values better? ( 12.0 in guide )
  15. Rasyid

    Rasyid Rookie

    Thank you! ;)
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  16. If I’m not mistaken I think yesterday I saw tire temps and pressures are inverted. Less air = less temps. You have it the other way around.
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  17. P308R

    P308R Hardcore Simmer

    I linked my steam-account yesterday to simply say thanks for putting this together. I am waiting for ACC on PS4 but the guide you have made, makes a lot of stuff understable. Thanks for making this handy guide and thanks to all who contributed :)
    Skaven Zverov likes this.
  18. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    I am not sure i understood what you meant. Can you be more specific?
  19. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    No problem, glad you like it :)

    And welcome to the forum :)
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  20. In Solutions to handling issues section in the column Other you say if the tires are overheating to increase pressure, and if they're cold to reduce pressure. It is the other way around. If they're overheating reduce pressure and if they're cold increase it. More molecules of air more molecules bouncing of each other, more friction you get more heat ergo if they're cold increase pressure and vice versa.

    Otherwise great job, that must've taken lots of time.
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