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Setup Guide for Beginners

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Skaven Zverov, May 9, 2020.

  1. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    You are welcome :) Enjoy! :)
  2. giustino

    giustino Gamer

    Are there some good news about italian translation?
  3. Yisus

    Yisus Gamer

  4. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

    This is great. I can't imagine the amount of hours and research put into this. Brilliant work.

    this should be a sticky
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  5. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    FYI this link doesn't work for me. I get this message: "{"message":"token expired","code":401,"payload":null}"
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  6. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Glad you like it :)
  7. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Thanks, i don't know why it stopped working, i removed the link. You have the link above, scroll down and load full rez image, then right click, save as.... or take PDF file from OP :)
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  8. dek

    dek Racer

    Great stuff.
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  9. eRacer212

    eRacer212 Racer

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  10. Thank you very much for this brilliant guide ;)
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  11. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Glad you find it helpful :)
  12. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

    Glad you like it, hope it helps :)
  13. Mjolnir1

    Mjolnir1 Rookie

    Thank you!
  14. alexpass80

    alexpass80 Rookie

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  15. giustino

    giustino Gamer

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  16. Skaven Zverov

    Skaven Zverov Simracer

  17. De Breuk

    De Breuk Gamer

    Hi All,

    On the bottom of the sheet it states that the bump setting should be lower than the corresponding rebound setting for dampers.
    I always use this rule of thumb to setup my car but now I see that all BMW M4 Aggressive setups have it the other way around.
    Or could a 12 bump actually be reflecting a lower setting than a 10 rebound? It's a higher number but not necessary higher setting?
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  18. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    @De Breuk well in my opinion this setup guide is for GT3 with much aero, much downforce and cars are very pitch sensitve. GT4 do not have these features/issues and require a complete other setup strategy, more like a "normal" road car.

    I think for GT4 would be better to have a separate sheet.
    Don't know if @Skaven Zverov wants to do that.
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  19. C#27

    C#27 Gamer

    That is very much possible. There are different valves used inside a damper for bump and rebound, which means that the damper forces vary naturally between bump and rebound, where usually rebound gives much higher forces. The settings we get most likely are the clicks you can set on the damper, that let you open or close those individual valves in discrete steps to influence the damping forces.
    So due to the different base geometries of the valves it is very likely that a higher setting on bump still gives less damping forces than a lower setting on rebound.
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  20. I hope he will, i'm gt4 addicted in a way i never thought possible!
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