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Shared Memory / API ?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by SteelyEyedMissleMan, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Hi Team Kunos - is the shared memory API approach going to be retained for ACC? I understand the API is unlikely to be exactly the same - just if the general approach will be supported. And/or if in game apps are supported.

    I want to build a "live timing board" for the garage for when my mates are around... have a Raspberry PI server that is collecting laptimes which get pushed from a client running alongside AC (and ACC in future). perhaps with a touch interface so as "competitors" jump in and out of the sim rig that tap their names- captures their best times in a live leaderboard.

    [would open source this for any other keen people]

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  3. stryder-it

    stryder-it Rookie

    I'm interested in that as well. Are there any news if a telemetry interface is planned?
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  4. TriGgeR

    TriGgeR Rookie


    I built a small digital dashboard (rev counter, speedometer, gear indicator, etc) using an arduino-like board, and I feed it with information from the shared memory interface in AC.
    All the sims I use either have shared memory, or a UDP server we can pull realtime information/telemetry from.
    This is a feature I'd like to see in ACC :)
  5. stryder-it

    stryder-it Rookie

    My Android Companion App SIM Dashboard now supports Assetto Corsa Competizione.
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  6. aotto1977

    aotto1977 Simracer

    So does SimHUB.
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  7. Wotever

    Wotever Hardcore Simmer

    Indeed :D

    For those who may ask the ACC telemetry is a clone of AC telemetry (you can see some projects like this one to know the structures and shared memory names :https://github.com/mdjarv/assettocorsasharedmemory) Data is really light now and most of the graphics and static info are place holders right now. But it works for most of the "physics" data. I guess kunos did not released the structure as it looks and it is not finished. So I guess it's subject to change at anytime. But in the wait .... it works ... partially :D I was really happy to get a lap with my dash and my shakers working :D, everything feels so flat without it :D
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  8. MOBB

    MOBB Rookie

    Thanks for the link to the git repo! Came here because I want to make my wheel button box with LCD screen compatible to ACC as well.
    My demo unit already works with iRacing so maybe ACC will be next. Perfect!

  9. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    In AC I used i2 Motec pro to record and show live telemetry, will ACC include the features for that application to work?
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  10. Would like to hear devs comments here too. Would be nice to add CC support for ACC, but richer shared memory is necessary for quality in depth support.
  11. JumpIfBelow

    JumpIfBelow Rookie

    I've just finished a way to share the data through Express as JSON server and Angular as client. It works pretty well by connecting to the UDP server, it would be nice to see an UDP server like the one we have actually.
    Maybe with a few more data, like electric engine support (power, remaining battery life, mode, ...), turbo compression, tyres informations, transmission, etc

    Would love to see this and just have to port some of my code too see it working in ACC too :)

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