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Shared Memory / UDP request

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by itsjustdel, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. itsjustdel

    itsjustdel Rookie

    Dear Kunos employee who may read these forums,
    Is it possible to have an entry in shared memory which details all the car's positions on the server, instead of just the player's. Basically, I'm looking to get to the data which the python API allowed me to get to in AC1.
    Or alternatively, enter more info in to UDP? I'm specifically interested in car position and wheel contact point for each car on the server. It's possible I can recreate Car Radar for ACC if I have this info.
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  3. MakeMeLaugh

    MakeMeLaugh Gamer

    This would be great!
  4. sr bubbles

    sr bubbles Rookie

    All my simHub cockpit are waiting for this too.
  5. menos | M6

    menos | M6 Hardcore Simmer

    This would be absolutely amazing! I cannot live without CarRadar with Assetto Corsa and really miss CarRadar with ACC especially with the current situation of lack of triple screen support which really hurts your awareness for close racing.
  6. Baikal

    Baikal Simracer

    For me and millions :) of future ACC users is impossible to imagine ACC without brilliant CarRadar app. It helps a lot in clean racing and brings huge overall safety for all users in result. I hope , Kunos will help here and Blorg will recreate Car Radar app for ACC. Seriously. :)
  7. MiroZG

    MiroZG Rookie

    Yes something like HeliCorsa is what absolutely missing right now in ACC

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