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Should i upgrade from g27 to t300rs ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Sen Dewael, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Sen Dewael

    Sen Dewael Racer

    Hello guys, i recently found out that Thrustmaster has a new wheel, the T300rs..
    About 4-5 months ago i bought my G27, so it's still in perfect condition but as some of you may know the g27 doesn't have much ffb strenght, isn't really smooth, dead center and makes a lot of noise.
    The T300RS should be strong, smooth, and no dead center and no noise, is it worth the money ?
    Maybe i get a PS4 later but that's not sure so for now i will only use it for pc :)
    I'm keeping my G27 so i will buy a adapter for the pedals and shifter since the T300RS doesn't come with a shifter and good pedal set.. Also the T300RS has a quick release system wich is another plus point.
    I'm really tired of my g27's lack of ffb, this huge dead center and noise, feeling the gears etc.. When somebody is sleeping i can't drive because of the noise..
    But it works perfectly fine since my g27 is not old yet so is it worth the upgrade ?
    Do any of you have a T300RS or tested it ?

    Thanks :)

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  3. JyriK

    JyriK Gamer

    Haha, I'm pondering exactly the same issue. If money grew on trees it would not be a problem...;)
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  4. DeM69

    DeM69 Racer

    I've had the T300 GTE version for a few days & I'm happy with it so far, nice & smooth, good ffb etc ......pedals are junk though. I covered my GTE wheel rim in leather which helps with the feel a lot (bit plasticky ) - I also use the F1 add-on (good) & a Sparco Andros wheel with a Derek Speare adapter. Is it worth the money?....what is these days? - the fact that you have a shifter & pedals already I would say it's worth it for you as there is a big gap in price to everything else & it's about the least you can spend for a good wheel. I do recommend getting the Derek Speare adapter though & fitting a wheel of your choice.

    I had the Thrustmaster TX before but it was recalled due to being dangerous apparently (wrong plug supplied on some UK models) - Amazon swapped it over to the T300 for no extra charge:cool: . I was happy with the TX also.
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  5. Yes.... and no.

    I like T300 FFB, but wheel itself has a terrible quality. It is unpleasant to the touch (especially coming from a G27) and driving with gloves or modding it is a must.
    I modded mine. Changed to a OMP superturismo and now is ok. Lost maybe a 10% of force and is a bit slower, but a lot better and stronger than my old g25. (about +200€)
  6. WildStyle*

    WildStyle* Racer

    Uhh...No, no real difference between them...More than likely G27 will serve you more better, if you want an upgrade you better off picking up t500 or simply sticking with G27...
  7. shiftA

    shiftA Racer

    I'm thinking noise is your main issue here so I can tell you the T300RS is a lot quieter, smoother, a more refined and defined FFB, a similar foot print to the G27, you will loose the dead spot around the center. The only thing to keep in mind in terms of noise is that the T300RS does have a fan in the housing that will come on shortly into your driving session and stay on about 10 to 20 minutes after you stop driving. Of course the fan can't be heard with the speakers and or headphones on.

    I own both the G27 and the T300RS, definitely an expensive upgrade but not as dear as say a csw v2.0 yet the improvement in the feel of the car your driving is immense.

    As far as the feel of the wheel is concerned, for me at least, I find the T300RS is more comfortable because it fills my hands more than the G27's wheel.

    So if you use your wheel a lot than I say go for it.
  8. Sen Dewael

    Sen Dewael Racer

    Ok, thanks guys! @DeM69 I may get one of those dsd adapters but if i get a new wheel does it need to be similar in weight so i won't lose any ffb ? But first i'm gonna stick with the stock rim i guess, maybe buy that GTE rim as it looks better :p
    @WildStyle* Darin Gangi from Inside Sim Racing did a review on this wheel and if he could choose between a t500rs and a t300rs he would get a t300rs because it's smoother, quiter and has more strength, a lot of other people will choose the t300rs to.
    @shiftA I think this fan will be no problem at all as you know how much noise a g27 makes :p I use my wheel a lot.. minimum 2h a day :)

    So i think i will go and buy this wheel around christmas :) Thanks guys! :D
  9. DeM69

    DeM69 Racer

    The Sparco Andros wheel I use is 350mm & only a bit heavier than the GTE wheel, I use slightly higher ffb with the Sparco but still only about 70% settings & the thing feels fantastic to me. You might be disappointed with the feel of the plasticky GTE wheel, I don't see why Thrustmaster haven't released a high quality wheel to go with the excellent base - I added a leather cover to mine & it helps.
  10. Sen Dewael

    Sen Dewael Racer

    Ok, i've had a Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel and it look's like this is the same grip as the GTE rim has..
    Did you have a G27 ? After 30min of racing my hands are sweaty as hell with the G27, with the Thrustmaster i could race without sweaty hands, so this will be better then a g27 atleast for me but i think i'm gonna stick with the stock rim's and after maybe get a aftermarket wheel :)
    Aftermarket wheels don't have button's, but is it right that the buttons from the GTE rim can come off and mount to a other wheel ? Or will they stop working ?
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  11. DeM69

    DeM69 Racer

    I used to use a G25 & then changed to a Fanatec GT3 wheel which felt like a big upgrade, the Thrustmaster TX felt like a huge upgrade after the Fanatec wheel & the T300 feels about the same as the TX to me. You can modify the GTE wheel to add an aftermarket wheel but I chose not to, I use the Sparco but have no paddles/buttons - I use it for cars like BMW M3 E30 & it's great, you just attach a DSD adapter to the steering wheel & attach it to the base as you would the other add-on wheels.
  12. I have a T300, with the Ferrari GTE rim. It's my first wheel so I can't compare to anything, but I can only recommend it. Really strong and fast feedback, lots of fun. Works great in AC. The pedals are fine with me, I just put a box behind it against the wall so it doesn't slide. Obviously no clutch or H shifter included but I can add those later if I wish. I mostly drive supercars anyway.
  13. Skazz

    Skazz Racer

    Personally I like the rubber grips on the Thrustmaster wheels, they may not feel as luxurious as leather or alcantara but they are comfortable to use for extended periods and they are very hard wearing. And the rim ergonomics are excellent (for my hands at least).

    Is the T300RS a direct upgrade from the G27? Yes, in terms of FFB, power, smoothness, lack of cogging, almost no notchiness and low spinning resistance.
    Will it make you faster? I'd normally say "more expensive wheels don't generally make you faster", but I moved from an old G25 in my PC rig to the T300, and was surprised to find myself beating personal best laptimes pretty much immediately, despite temporarily using the crappy stock T300 pedals!

    T300 versus T500 (since I own them both):
    - The T500 is more powerful (around twice as powerful as the G27), but while it's a lot smoother than the coggy G27 it has more internal resistance and isn't free from motor-related notching (older belt drive system, older brushed motor). I personally like the big chunky fixed paddles and larger (30cm diameter) rim, especially on rally and drifting. And the fact that you can fit a GTE or F1 (both 28cm diamter) rim with paddles should you need to, without the fixed paddles getting in the way, gives it a lot of flexibility (although those rims cost extra of course).
    I really like the T500 stock pedals, they work better for me than my Fanatec Clubsports (this is personal preference, everyone has a different requirement).
    - The T300 is around half way between G27 and T500 in pure FFB power (felt and measured), but is as free spinning as the G27 and clearly has less resistance than the T500 (due to the more modern belt drive getting close to cogs in freedom of movement). The T300 also has no notching due to the brushless motor. As a result, you can feel tiny FFB nuances nicely and it feels great to flick it around.
    But on the downside the stock pedals are really mediocre: Better than DFGT ones, but for serious brake control you need something better. The G27 pedals and ricmotech adapter is one option, or the T3PA pedals as another option (if you can actually find them in a shop).

    I think the T300 is the better overall wheel base than the T500 for PC sims, because of the agility. But the pure power of the T500 is also very nice and actually gives it an advantage at times. My T500 is generally used on the PS3 and my T300 is purely for PC use, but I sometimes try the T500 on the PC and it's a lot of fun, especially in sims which maximize the benefit of the larger FFB power in terms of a greater dynamic range of forces. RBR, for instance, feels great with the T500.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2014
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  14. Sen Dewael

    Sen Dewael Racer

    Thank you for this hole explenation! The T500RS costs again about 150 euros more then the T300RS.. You get better pedals but i don't need pedals because i'm gonna use my g27 pedals.
    As you say the T300RS has brushless motors, newer internals... wich makes it better feeling then the t500rs, so i'm gonna go with the T300RS :) Thank you :)
  15. Sen Dewael

    Sen Dewael Racer

    @DeM69 Is the only diference between the TX and the T300RS that the tx is compatible with the xbone and the t300rs with ps4 ? And also TX has 900°degrees and T300rs 1080° ?
    Is this the only difference ? No difference in smoothness, strenght... ? Because i might get the TX and later a xbone :p Forza Horizon 2 looks so fun, and won't Forza always be better then Grand Turismo ?
    So if these are the only differences i might get a TX with a GTE rim :p
  16. patrod

    patrod Simracer

    If you're gonna use your g27 pedals with t300, i must warn you that it is preferable to keep your g27 base pluged. The USB adaptator for g27 pedals is weird and doesn't always work.
    The best, imho, is buy a CSR elite Pedals or better a Clubsport Pedals V2. Loadcell for both and brake vibrations & degressive clutch for the second one.
  17. Sen Dewael

    Sen Dewael Racer

    Ok, i will buy another set of pedals if money grew on tree's but it doesn't so for know i'm keeping it with my g27 pedals :p
  18. shiftA

    shiftA Racer

    Yes there where some reports of the USB adapter not working consistently but as usual it's just a case of making sure any other calibrating software like dxtweak and diview are all set to default if using the bodnar calibrating software and vice versa then all "weirdness" disappears.
  19. DeM69

    DeM69 Racer

    Yes I think those are the only differences - I guess if you were going to use the Xbox then the TX is the obvious choice, I was happy with mine until it got recalled. The T300 is PS3 compatible as well.
  20. Sen Dewael

    Sen Dewael Racer

    I'm going with a TX since i like to play Forza again :) I'm also buying a set of TP3A pedals from Thrustmaster
  21. Skazz

    Skazz Racer

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